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    I read this book in honor of my dear friends Omar and May May they be safe and happy and may life in their country improve for the better for all.

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    I heard an interview with the author John R Bradley right after the Egyptian uprising revolution began and found his book at the library Bradley s credentials as a middle eastern reporter and writer are pretty exceptional This book is very easy to read and put a lot of meat on the bones of what led up to the current unfolding of social revolution in Egypt The book was researched and written during 2006 2008 and is based on interviews and the author s experiences with people at all levels of Egyptian society But his description of the economic and social problems could be applied to many developing countries today and anyone who has traveled in Central America or Africa will see the parallels, especially in the chapters on torture, corruption and loss of dignity, particularly when it comes to the tourist industry I would recommend this book to anyone interested in Egypt and getting a much deeper look into the current state, and also why it will be much harder to eliminate the deeply entrenched military rule.

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    After 91 pages Since I was in Egypt for eight months but am in no way a specialist in the region or country, I thought this would be a good way to fill in my knowledge which otherwise seems to fragmented to fell like I know anything of significance.I was amused by the jacket photo that shows the right two thirds of Mubarak s face in a way that presumably is supposed to make him look sinister Somehow it reminds me of Nixon than Mubarak Generally when Egyptians portray Mubarak as evil they flatten his face to look like a toad, they don t elongate it I think Mubarak might be OK with the cover other than the dark colors.The author is determined to use lots of value adding adjectives and adverbs I m kidding they don t add any value A terrible indictment of the print media not simply an indictment, the rotten authoritarian system established by Nasser rather than the the authoritarian system The author comes across as judgmental than I am I m curious who this fellow thought his readers were going to be He seems to assume some level of familiarity with the Middle East and the Arab world he doesn t explain some Arabic terms that he uses and isn t expansive about some matters that I think the people reading such books would prefer to have explained in enough detail to understand what s going on For example, in various places he talks about the differences between what has happened and is happening in different parts of the country and the contrast between Cairo and much of the rest of the country but he didn t bother to spend a paragraph or two summarizing Egypt s geography and where the people are and who they are A book organized and presented in this way isn t useful for someone who doesn t know that much about this country I have finished this I wanted to learn what I can since there don t appear to be any other 2008 books with a similar scope for Egypt but I would not recommend this one In addition to the problems I describe above, there is a serious problem with balancing the time spent on certain subjects on the book There is a twenty page chapter Sufis and Christians but a thirty page chapter Torture Then there is the thirty two page chapter, Lost Dignity that has twenty two pages about British older women who buy relationships, including marriages, with young Egyptian men in Luxor and another ten pages about Egyptian homosexual prostitutes who have relationships with foreigners.In the last chapter Egypt after Mubarak the author complains a lot about U.S foreign policy I have no problem with that but has no insights whatsoever as what might happen next Most oddly, unless I missed it, he never mentions that as of 2008 Mubarak is 80 years old, so despite the youthful photograph on the dust cover, presumably this question is going to be resolved in the relatively near future.

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    A book that predicted the eruption of the 25 Jan Revolution in Egypt a couple of years to come after its publication The reasons of the author s prediction are very well founded, and presented the underneath causes.The problem is that the media has been focusing on some precise cases, such as the illegal murder of Khaled Saeid by the Egyptian police, as a direct cause of the Revolution.Bradley,however, drives you to the general mood in Egypt that truly paved the way out for the Revolution, in a way that is exceeding the tips of the icebergs Khaled etc that the media attributed this Revolution to.I m just astonished how on earth hasn t the Mubarak regime alerted by such works, before the Revolution outbreak

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    a good view of Egypt by an outsider eye,there are things that I agree with , things that are new to me, things that are absolutely wrong about Egypt.A great precise prediction of the revolution in 2011, I certainly admire J R Bradly for the investment in knowledge about Egypt.

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    Insightful, informative and, having been originally published several years before the 2011 uprising, downright prescient in its examination of Egypt s recent history, state at the time of writing, and where things seem to be heading.

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    A very depressing experience, the writing style was simple and easy to follow, I loved it and enjoyed every chapter but I was sad to know for the first time what was really happening in Egypt especially Luxor.

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    All the respectable people are on the bottom, and all the trash is at the top.

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    This review will be biased as I tend to favour Western journalists living in the Middle East for their relatively objective views of the culture John is a great example, check out the second page where Egypt is summarised in one sentence, This country from which almost all the young people long to escape, their last hope for a better future to leave their loved ones and travel in search of work and dignity Not only does this concise sentence describe Egypt, it all epitomises the miasma prevalent in most Islamic countries like Pakistan Egyptian army in colluding with the Islamic Brotherhood is following the example of Pakistan in the 1980 s, where the army came to an understanding with the Islamists for power sharing It was only after sustained efforts by the politicians and death of at least one of them Benazir Bhutto did Pakistan saw the completion of one full term of a civilian government followed by a smooth transfer of power Unfortunately, the failure of Arab Spring is exactly due to its much vaunted reason of leaderless success The various chapters explaining ordinary life in Egypt were superb, the only weak one was the one on politics of the country It didn t seem to rhyme with the rest of the book for me The chapter on male prostitution was the best for me The Arabs have somehow discovered to use their charming personalities to woo older Western, mostly British women into short term and long term marriages In fact not only women but men are also serviced as long as they are not the passive partners What a combination of male chauvinism coupled with Middle Eastern charm All in all, this book is the best book on Egypt I have come across this far.

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    Actually this book is very good, the writer shows a great knowledge about Egypt and its political situation before the revolution But this is not intended to be a book for Egyptians and I m one of them as they most probably know nearly all the info stories if they have read current periodicals then Finally, Bradley clearly predicts the uprising of Egyptians, although if you are following Egypt s news now you would not say anything except EGYPT IS UNPREDICTABLE If, whoever reads this review, wants to know what preceded the 25th of January revolt, then you are looking at the right book.

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John R Bradley A British reporter was born in 1970 Established in the Middle East in the period between 1998 and 2010 Bradley speaks Arabic fluently, and wrote four books dealing with the situation in the region and are based largely on the personal experience Among these books in the heart of Egypt Land of the Pharaohs on the brink of revolution , which was published for the first time in