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Dragonquest ❮PDF❯ ✭ Dragonquest ✩ Author Anne McCaffrey – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk DragonfireAnother Turn and the deadly silver Threads began falling again So thebold dragonriders took to the air once and their magnificent flyingdragons swirled and swooped belching flames that destr DragonfireAnother Turn and the deadly silver Threads began falling again So thebold dragonriders took to the air once and their magnificent flyingdragons swirled and swooped belching flames that destroyed theshimmering strands before they reach the groundBut F'lar knew he had to find a better way to protect his beloved Pernand he had to find it before the rebellious Oldtimers could breed any dissent before his brother F'nor would be foolhardy enough tolaunch another suicide mission and before those dratted fire lizardscould stir up any trouble Cover art by Michael Whelan.

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  1. Judah Nielsen Judah Nielsen says:

    So this is the second book of a trilogy and then there's another trilogy and then some other books and when you've tallied it all up you have something like 27 books in the series And I've read the first two but unless I get pneumonia and my reading time suddenly uadruples I'm probably done and I feel strange about it because when all is said and done I don't hate these booksThe setting is imaginative The stories move along at a good pace The stories are interesting If that was all their was to a book this would be a pretty decent read But it isn'tThe characters are garbage They're cardboard The heroes never make any mistakes but they also never do anything interesting If anything they do is surprising it isn't genuinely surprising it just wasn't foreshadowedThe writing the style? Also largely nonsense When I got to the end of the book and I found myself wondering what happened in the next one I had a flash of inspiration I would much rather read the plot summary than the actual plot What I like about this series is the hierarchy the relationships between people the structure of the world and how the events in the story impact that society But since I don't like or care about any of the individual people it's than enough to just read what happened next in bullet points or on a timelineSo fuck it

  2. Jerry Jerry says:

    In my review of Dragonflight I compared that starter Pern novel to a series premiere of a television show; although it was a bit rough around the edges it showed some signs of promise Dragonuest although still not perfect was an improvement over its preuel The story was just as good and the writing was better Now I just hope that the upswing continues throughout the rest of the Pern series as long as it is

  3. Punk Punk says:

    Fantasy Again this book teaches that the way to a woman's heart is through dubious consent This time it's just F'nor being a dick; horny telepathic dragons had nothing to do with it Apparently our hero sees nothing wrong with having sex with a woman who is fighting him He's also a big fan of domestic violence It was too bad you couldn't beat a Weyrwoman with impunity Her dragon wouldn't permit it but a sound thrashing was what Kylara badly neededLook I didn't like Kylara either No one likes Kylara because McCaffrey didn't want us to like her The woman is extremely unsympathetic But oh my god that does not make it okay for the hero to want to beat her Ugh Anne McCaffrey Your IssuesDespite Anne McCaffrey's issues which I knew about going into this I like this world enough to keep reading until she really pisses me off In this book she addresses the tension between the modern and the old weyrs They have different ways of managing their societies and of course those ways clash so there's some political maneuvering and palace intrigue type stuff while F'lar tries to rule all of PernThree stars I liked this one for the science the problem solving and the fire lizards The plot's pretty engaging too when it isn't broken up by pointless ramblingeBook Lots of OCR errors and the section breaks aren't marked; still it was in better shape than Dragonflight which is funny because I actually read these two as an omnibus

  4. Susan Kennedy Susan Kennedy says:

    Fantastic I am able to just immerse myself into this world I can feel like I belong there The characters are fantastically written and I feel myself becoming attached to them There are also some that I just despise I love this world that McCaffrey created I love the history of it but these books that I am reading now are at the heart of the world and what I loved about Pern This has been such a great reread I am thoroughly enjoying reliving all of these events that were so long forgotten So much goes on that it is hard to summarize It is definitely not boring There is always something happening There is love and tragedy and perseverance Great series to read

  5. Mike (the Paladin) Mike (the Paladin) says:

    Well we found out dragons can travel in time as well as space and people from the past don't get along well with people in the present

  6. Kerry Kerry says:

    I've always liked this book in the Pern series probably than I like Dragonflight I really like F'nor and Brekke and the introduction of the fire lizards It's also in this book that the characters really start to begin discovering their history and the technology of the Ancients which is a trope I generally always really like in SFFantasy I love those cross over books that feel like fantasy but you discover have a solid SF premise underneathI absorbed the Pern books so long ago in my reading life they were some of my first SFF loaned to me by one of my father's PhD students; she was my book provider for a long time in my teens that I don't think I've ever really watched the progress of the story McCaffrey unfoldedI remember I got a delightful surprise with The White Dragon and later Dragonsdawn as we really began to discover the Ancients oh how I loved Dragonsdawn when it came out Looking back now with much older eyes and reading the books in seuence I can see that McCaffrey must have had the basic idea for the Ninth and First Passes from the beginning The first setup came in Dragonflight but that book was too full of world building character introduction and the beginning of Threadfall for much to be done with it Here it starts in earnest I ate it up way back then and I admit I'm eating it up all over againThis book was originally published in 1971 and it mostly holds up But ouch there are a few misogynistic moments that made me cringe This was a matter for men to settle F'lar thinks at one point although at least he'd been thinking Lessa might be helpful the moment beforeLater someone F'lar again I think but my uote doesn't include who was thinking it reflects It was too bad you couldn't beat a Weyrwoman with impunity Her dragon wouldn't permit it but a sound thrashing was what Kylara badly needed Well she badly needed something but I'm not sure a thrashing was itNeither attitude is acceptable and if my son shows an interest in reading these books when he's older I'll be pointing that out to him But all the same I'm going to give the book a general pass for two bad passages written over 40 years ago Not ignore them but not stomp and throw the book either I'll encourage him to read them because they are good stories with generally good role models both male and female All the same it did make me go ouchI'm looking forward to rereading the rest of the books and I'm hoping those problematic attitudes pop up less and less as the books' publication dates get closer to today I'm seriously tempted to read Dragonsong to that 8 year old son I mentioned above as I think he's ready for the tale and politics of Menolly and the fire lizards and the Harper Hall right now However I'm rereading McCaffrey in publication order so To Ride Pegasus will be my next McCaffrey and Vortex by Robert Charles Wilson my next bookPern and dragons and fire lizards and Thread It's been a happy trip back down memory lane so far

  7. Edward Rathke Edward Rathke says:

    These are peculiar books that are beginning to take on an interesting shapeThe first novel is something I would probably describe as misogynistic classist and maybe racist in what it implies about genetic superiority and for about half of this I was thinking the same thing It's odd reading a book written by a woman that seems pretty hateful towards women Not that women can't be misogynists it's just not what I expect out of a writer who is a womanThere's at least an implicit argument in these first two novels that men should take control and women should be docile and support their men while also being sexually loyal to them despite the fact that this society has done away with that form of sexual moralityHad I not read Dragonsong first which chronologically comes after this one I probably wouldn't have continued but Dragonsong is at least much kinder and supportive of women and eschews traditional gender rolesBut Dragonuest is actually a link between that traditional patriarchal and racist society presented in Dragonflight and the gradually opening up of society in Dragonsong We see the society change evolve become open The classism and totalitarianism and misogyny become eroded by new ways of thinking that develop in this novel which is pretty coolIt gives all of this an interesting shape We start with traditional fantasy stuff and are becoming radical with each novelAnyrate the novel itself is deeply sociological More than a uest or an adventure it's a restructuring of the world around themPretty interesting stuff Aspects and seuences are still troubling but I think McCaffrey's doing something a bit revolutionary than I expected She's thrown us in a world that feels familiarly upsetting and is transforming that world into a euitable placeIt's also worth remembering when these books came out McCaffrey was the first woman to win a major SF award for one of the novellas that makes up Dragonflight It was the early 70s a time when publishing was especially dominated by masculine voices So she gave us a masculine and muscular world and story to draw us all in Then here she begins subverting that Dragonsong subverts it further I'm interested where these first six books lead

  8. Stephen Stephen says:

    25 stars A decent seuel to Dragonflight The world created by McCaffrey was well done as was the description of the link between dragon and rider The plot and some of the characters failed to keep my interest the entire time and I did find myself waiting for something to happen Overall decent but not great Nominee Hugo Award Best Science Fiction Novel Nominee Locus Award for Best Science Fiction Novel

  9. Rachel (Kalanadi) Rachel (Kalanadi) says:

    More satisfying emotionally than Dragonflight Lots of changes being put in motion This book is heavily concerned with challenging traditions of all kinds F'lar and F'nor are definitely the main characters rather than Lessa and I remain frustrated with some of their actions and views on womenF'nor's scene with Brekke was the worst part not so consensual sex presented as swooningly romantic but overall less of the stupid underlying misogyny and infantalizingdomination of women by men So noticeable if slight improvementI seriously love where the story is going with plans to end Thread's threat over all of Pernand one of my favorite ideas in sci fi a fantasy low tech world discovering its roots and ancient high tech Plus MUCH of Masterharper Robinton one of the few instantly likable and GOOD people introduced in these first two books And who doesn't love Fandarel's brief appearances and passion for technical efficiency?In fact my major complaint about this book is how Lessa's triumphant solution to saving Pern in Dragonflight is literally attributed to F'lar in at least one scene of dialog in Dragonuest Overall he benefits politically from it and Lessa's role is diminished She's sidelined in a feminine caretaker domestic role in Dragonuest while F'lar is blatantly described as having power over the whole planet after what she did It's the definition of Men get all the credit in history

  10. Badseedgirl Badseedgirl says:

    I expect a certain amount of misogyny in fantasy novels but I was disappointed in it from a female author Seriously the most interesting thing the female characters did in this story was when two of the female characters got into a stupendous catfight dragonfight in which they both end up dragonless and almost destroyedStill I will probably give the next book a go They are uick reads after all

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