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Doing the Dragon Reading Doing The Dragon Author Alara Branwen Nature Explore.eu Warning Contains Beast Sex, Breeding, Virgin Defloration, And Sexual Awakening.This Story Is Known To Cause Wetness In Women And Stiffness In Men, This Title Is For Mature Audiences Only.Mia Is A Poor Farm Girl That Spends Her Days Toiling On The Community Farm In Her Small Village She Dreams Of Bigger Things, But Her Father Refuses To Let Her Move Out Of The House.One Night, Mia Finds Herself Whisked Away From Her Home And Summoned To The Lair Of A Large Dragon Creature Who Wishes To Breed With Her.What Will Happen To Her Will Mia S Dreams Come True, Or Is Her Nightmare Just Beginning Words 4500

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    I think Alara Branwen has a lot of promise as a writer with a great imagination, but I have some quibbles with Doing The Dragon First, I m kinda bummed she turned what could ve been Smaug into a humanized version of a dragon Giving Rion arms legs just made him a big lizard man with wings not a bad thing, justwell, it could ve been .Some of the language was pretty stilted although I understand it s supposed to be a Once Upon A Time setting ...

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    Short, confused, convenient, lacking over all, a big cock does not make a good story and when you re writing a very short one, to make an impact you need to make sure you do it well This was just okay for me.

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