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  • Paperback
  • 154 pages
  • Costantinopoli
  • Edmondo de Amicis
  • Italian
  • 10 May 2019
  • 9788806190477

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    I only read this book because I was given it as a present, as I prefer to read books in the original language and tend to avoid translations I don t speak Italian However, once I started reading it, it blew me away and I couldn t put it down It is the record of the author s visit to Istanbul before WWI At first I wondered how such a banal subject could produce enough material to fill a book of this size But the author succeeds, and the text never becomes repetitive, never mind dull or tedious He describes practically the whole city, giving a detailed history of the splendid buildings and ancient monuments and open ground , as well as a multitude of everyday anecdotes from his own experiences He describes the people who live in the different parts of the city, from the exclusive residential areas to the slums The descriptions ...

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    If you want to travel back in time and explore Constantinople, this is the book for you A wonderful, immersive guide to this ancient city Loved it.

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    Sometimes those who read too much and have a vivid imagination can conjure up something approaching reality I was swayed and tossed about by Edmondo s hyperbolic prose, but the awareness that this book represents a mere two or three weeks he spent in the city has me puzzled Where did he get so many impressions Where do all these stories come from but as you read the various references throughout this book to previous literature you realize that this book is as much about the literary phenomenon of Constantinople as it is the city he touristed in for a couple weeks.The anthology of literary references although the notes indicate these were sometimes mistaken are nevertheless germane but there is no question that the mystique of Istanbul Stamboul Constantinople is as much about the mood that this city evokes, and above all the phantasmagoric silhouette against the crepuscular or dawn light as it is on any diurnal rality It s worth reading the book for the descriptive symphony as he describes his initial entry into the misted city, and especially the climb up the mountain above Skuta...

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    talyan edebiyat ve seyyah De Amicis in 19.yy stanbul unu anlatt kitap, nemli bir Osmanl d nemi seyahatnamesi Her ne kadar kulaktan dolma bilgi ve rivayetlere s k a yer verse ve zaman zaman Oryantalist bak la kaleme al nsa da zellikle Topkap Saray , Ayasofya ve canl g ndelik ya...

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    This is a surprise from an unlikely author Most of us in Turkey know Edmondo de Amicis from his famous book Cuore which was translated literally as Child s Heart and was a very popular children s book in my youth in the 60 s It was written in the 19th century and was promoting the newly emerging nationalist values in a novel from a child s perspective.Constantinople is de Amicis travelogue, written in the late 1800 s It shows his fascination with the city, with its multiple cities with differing populations, a surprise waiting around each corner He undoubtedly uses an orientalist point of view, but that was the default in his time The only thing which reduced the value of the book in my perspective was the fact that he does not narrate everything directly from his several weeks visit, but also takes descriptions from previous works and relates stories that he was told by others The style is quite good of cou...

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    In questo testo Edmondo De Amicis riuscito a trasmettere la confusione di un europeo a contatto con una citt , Costantinopoli Stambul , crocevia di diverse culture, popolazioni, etnie Confusione che per riesce a controllare, infatti, descrive le molteplici realt che qui convergono, che coesistono, senza alcuna difficolt L ozio un breve capitolo, o pi che altro sottocapitolo, che descrive la concezione del lavoro e dell ozio nei turchi, completamente diversa da quella europea, riporto qui un breve passo Il lavoro che fra noi quello che signoreggia e regola tutte le altre occupazioni della vita, l subordinato, come un occupazione secondaria, a tutti i comodi e a tutti i piaceri Qui, il riposo non che un interruzione del lavoro l il lavoro non che una sospensione del riposo.Interessante il lungo capitolo sulle turche la loro condizione, il loro stile di vita molle e ...

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    Estambul es una ciudad que, a decir verdad, me parece que se encuentra siempre en el ultimo d a de carnaval Es un libro hermoso, hecho con mucha pasi n, donde el autor te sumerge como nadie hace dos siglos pudo hacerlo en la Estambul de 1886.Vale, no es la forma de historia o relatos de viaje que m s me gusta, porque De Amicis es un relator descriptivo, muy descriptivo, y adem s para su edad era muy sabio, y cada fragmento de relato est lleno de datos, de personajes hist ricos y de sitios que nunca en la vida has escuchado, entonces te pierdes, pero Constantinopla del siglo XIX es tan hermosa y poderosa que vuelves y te sumerges cuando el autor cuenta cuentos y describe lo que siente ahorr ndose su erudici n y sabidur a para otras paginas Entre nosotros, el descanso no es sino una interrupci n del trabajo aqu el trabaj...

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    B y leyici bir kitapt r stanbul ger ekte ne kadar masal ms bir ehirmi.

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    1870 lerin stanbul unu ba ar yla g zler n ne seren bir kitap O d nemdeki ehir hayat n merak edenlerin okumas n tavsiye ederim Eskizler ve ki isel an lar kitaba ayr bir tat katm

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    The best book ever written on stanbul Orhan Pamuk An astonishing series of portraits from The Queen of Cities Occasional flashes of 19th century Orientalism, but nothing egregious if you know what to look out for Looking forward to rereading it on the shores of the Bosphorus some day.

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CostantinopoliFree Costantinopoli By Edmondo De Amicis Firstchance10k.co.uk Nel 1875 Edmondo De Amicis, Allora Corrispondente Letterario Dell Illustrazione Italiana , Raccontando Il Suo Viaggio A Costantinopoli Fece Rivivere La Capitale Dell Impero Ottomano Al Tramonto Sultani, Eunuchi, Concubine, Il Topkapi E Santa Sofia, Il Gran Bazar E Il Corno D Oro, Il Ponte Di Galata E La Moschea Di Solimano I Perduti Incanti Della Citt Incomparabile Il Libro, Poco Noto In Italia, Molto Ammirato Da Chi Conosce A Fondo La Storia Di Istanbul Lo Scrittore Jason Goodwin Considera De Amicis La Sua Scoperta Pi Felice Il Libro Su Costantinopoli, Tradotto In Inglese Per La Prima Volta, Un Perfetto Tour De Force Vittoriano C Dentro Tutto Questa Edizione Propone Una Scelta Dell Ampio Reportage, Arricchita Da Un Apparato Illustrativo.

About the Author: Edmondo de Amicis

Edmondo de Amicis was an Italian novelist, journalist, poet and short story writer His best known book is the children s novel Heart.