The Demise of Alexis Vancamp eBook ✓ The Demise

  • Paperback
  • 214 pages
  • The Demise of Alexis Vancamp
  • Karen Williams
  • English
  • 10 December 2015
  • 9781601625502

10 thoughts on “The Demise of Alexis Vancamp

  1. Wilki Wilki says:

    Alexis lives the comfy life as a PK She is gorgeous smart and has the world at her feet After a chance encounter she becomes fixated with Santana a smooth talking thug who has an agenda of his ownBefore I begin I need to take deep breaths O M G This book was so emotionally compelling and thought provoking I mean it was like you were in every scene feeling raw emotions at every turn of the page I swear I cursed so many times I had to pray for forgivenessI screamed and yelled at Alexis and other characters as if I were in their faces The plot was well written and the drama was non stop Every other page there was some mess going on and you had to ask yourself 'when will it all end?' And the ending oh what suspense It will leave you reeling on the edge of your seat It was satisfying and left no stone unturned; all my uestions were answered

  2. K Nikki Waden K Nikki Waden says:

    Karen Williams has done it again another 5 star banger with a twist This book had so much drama from the beginning to the endYou will definitely be cursing aloud with some of the antics that play out in this storyThe ending had an unexpected twist that I didn't see coming which is why all of Karen Williams books are always so goodI would definitely recommend this book to anyone who looks for drama on every page of their books Another Great Job Ms Williams

  3. Maya B Maya B says:

    Good read that had me mad the whole time Alexis was very stupid and very naive I found myself getting annoyed at how stupid in love she was The ending was shocking to find out who Santana really was I would recommend to others It held my attention and full of drama

  4. Wyldchild Wyldchild says:

    OMG never has a work of fiction got me so worked up that I was fuming I asked how could one beautiful intelligent woman get so caught up in a person she just met not only to sleep with him but to just lose herself so uickly especially after her fiancé' kills himself after walking in on her cheating on him This book was explosive to the end I hated Alexis but then realized that the hate was misplaced towards the end It is a bit twisted but it also shows that what you may think is hidden away from pubic view will be exposed for the world to see

  5. Mirrlees Mirrlees says:

    OMG OMG what a readI swear I want to pimp slap this girl why in de hell she still doesn't get it Lawd have mercy why are some of these kids so dense No matter what family has done The sins of the parents i tell you they do come back to haunt the kids Excellent read Ms Williams I truly enjoyed this one

  6. Lisa G Lisa G says:

    This book was soo good Alexis was dummer the a bagof rocks The thing she was letting Santan do was unbeleivable and it was make me so mad The twist at the end of the book was so unexpexted I guess a child scorned can be very vengenful I highly recommend this book Great job Karen Williams

  7. Helen Williams Helen Williams says:

    Alexis Vancamp is a twenty four year who has it made beautiful educated adored by her family a devoted fiancé and friends But she throws all that away when she meets sexy thugged out Santana She winds up under his thumb and drawn into his diabolical plans Despite all the warnings from the people around her she ends up going down a destructive path One fateful decision will lead to her downfall After all this a secret is revealed to Alexis that will devastate her and her family Is it too late to get her life back on track?

  8. Shefferd McLean Shefferd McLean says:

    OMG very good book This was a very good read but I experience so many emotions and feelings as I read this book It was really troubling how someone could make so many stupid mistakes all in the name of having a man From the very first day they met this man was disrespectful to this girl and could never see past it She made excuse after excuse for someone who never appreciated or deserved it She turned on family and friends all in the name of love It was so not worth it

  9. Annie Annie says:

    A real page turner I finished this book in 1 12 days even took advantage of traffic light stops to grab a few paragraphs Don’t try that This story will have you shocked as the events unfold all the way up to the big shocker at the end As soon as you think you have figured it out another dip in the rollercoaster will have your mouth hanging hanging open A MUST READ

  10. Leona Romich Leona Romich says:

    A Love Gone WrongAlexis Vancamp is a twenty four year old beautiful intelligent educated woman She is well respected and loved not only by her family expect for a lovehate relationship she has with her younger sister but by her fiancé as well So why is it when a sexy man by the name of Santana walks into her life that she decides to risk it all for a man she has known for such a short amount of timeFrom the time the Alexis and Santana meet it has been one thing after another The fact that she finds out that Santana was sexing another woman is the least of her problems with him Santana is mixed up in something illegal but Alexis is naïve to the fact that Santana is playing on her emotions all because of how he makes her body feel when they make love Alexis is addicted to his loving and will do anything to make sure that she satisfies him in any way and help him regardless of what the cost or conseuences may beThe Demise of Alexis Vancamp by Karen Williams is one of those novels that you literally shake your head and utter He No each time the character does something stupid You cannot help but to keep turning the pages to find out what Santana will do next or Alexis will put up with Don't get me wrong I know we all have done something stupid at one point in our lives for love but dmn how can one woman that is educated be so stupid? The reader literally will be thinking thoughts like this and just when Alexis finally beings to accept the conseuences of all her actionsBAM she is thrown for a shock that not even the reader would have expectedReviewed by Leona

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The Demise of Alexis Vancamp❴Reading❵ ➸ The Demise of Alexis Vancamp Author Karen Williams – Bestselling urban author Karen Williams returns with another explosive tale of obsessive love gone horribly wrongTwenty four year old Alexis Vancamp has the world at her feet She is young beautiful ed Bestselling urban author Karen Williams returns with of Alexis PDF ↠ another explosive tale of obsessive love gone horribly wrongTwenty four year old Alexis Vancamp has the world at her feet She is young beautiful educated and adored by her The Demise ePUB í family fiancé and friends Just when she thinks her life is set in walks sexy thugged out Santana He's a dangerous man with a dark secret a rough past and a plan to get Alexis under his Demise of Alexis eBook ↠ thumb Despite the warnings from the people around her Alexis finds herself drawn to this man To have him means to lose everything but none of this bothers Alexis as long as she has him in her world Santana soon leads Alexis down a destructive path He turns her away from her family and friends Alexis's sheltered life dissipates as she finds herself wrapped up in deceit violence lies and trouble with the law Despite losing almost everything Alexis still refuses to let Santana go When his mind blowing secret is revealed will she step away before it's too late.

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