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Swamp Monster Massacre [Reading] ➷ Swamp Monster Massacre By Hunter Shea – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk The swamp belongs to them Humans are only prey Deep in the overgrown swamps of Florida where humans rarely dare to enter lives a race of creatures long thought to be only the stuff of legend They walk The swamp belongs to them Humans are only prey Deep in the overgrown swamps of Florida where humans rarely dare to enter lives a race of creatures long thought to be only the stuff of legend They walk upright but are stronger taller and brutal than any man And when Swamp Monster MOBI :Ê a small boat of tourists held captive by a fleeing criminal accidentally kills one of the swamp dwellers’ young the creatures are filled with a terrifyingly human emotion—a merciless lust for vengeance that will paint the trees red with blood.

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  1. Karl Karl says:

    Never having resided in Florida I was unfamiliar with the “skunk ape” legend and stories except as referenced by GR author Adam Howe in his brilliant book “Die Dog Or Eat the Hatchet” where he has a complete story about the Bigelow Skunk Ape Now I run across this novella by Hunter Shea titled “Swamp Monster Massacre” which isabout a herd of the skunk ape’s living in the everglades Piuing my interest I looked up skunk ape on Wikipedia and found “The skunk ape also known as the swamp cabbage man swamp ape stink ape Florida Bigfoot” “is a hominid cryptid said to inhabit the US states of Florida” “ although reports from Florida are most common It is named for its appearance and for the unpleasant odor that is said to accompany it”The story begins with a shootout and an escape on one of those tourist propeller boats when things go awry and the boat load of tourists and the antihero crook run over and kill a baby skunk ape Things never lets up from thereThis is a high speed high energy old fashioned swamp monster book useful for its shear entertainment value alone don’t be looking for no Shakespeare type of material After things get going blood and gore aboundA nice way to spend an hour or two

  2. Kimberly Kimberly says:

    SWAMP MONSTER MASSACRE by Hunter Shea is one of his spectacular creature feature novels that I feel he really excels in With this book we encounter the fabled Skunk Apes deep in the swamps of the EvergladesMick Chella is about to take off with a boatful of tourists on a journey through the swamps when he is run into uite literally by a man named Rooster Murphy Unfortunately for all involved those responsible for Murphy's initial flight aren't too particular about who else they harm in their single minded murderous attempt One of the things I appreciate the most in Hunter Shea's writing is his incredible characterization No matter what type of book he's writing you can count on getting to know the main characters in great depth and go away with a sense that you read about something that happened to a real person In the case of Rooster Murphy we also get a fantastic sarcasm laced personality that adds some comic relief to an otherwise violent emotional and gory tale No sense getting everyone killed just to see if some old guy had fishing days ahead of him It seemed like a good and proper justification What starts out with a bang only gets faster and complex as the story moves forward Shea is in my humble opinion one of the best of the modern day authors when it comes to these B movie style creature features He can take just about any legend urban myth or other monster commonly thought of as fake and weave a tale that has the power to get you thinking about the possibilities it was like watching a couple of little kids tearing a sheet of paper except with blood spraying in every direction In SWAMP MONSTER MASSACRE even the other characters take on pertinent roles making them memorable and in some cases getting the readers emotionally attached to them Every scene we read serves to further the plot along; you won't find any filler or unnecessary info dumps here 'You must have been the smartest kid in your class' said with unrestrained sarcasm As far as settings go the swamps in the Everglades come alive in this book I could picture the barrage of blood sucking insects hot and humid temperatures and the wildlife dangers that could be just as deadly as the legendary Skunk Apes namely alligators and poisonous snakes lying hidden in the foliage Rooster needed numbers especially when they all had guns Overall this is a novel that held my unwavering attention from first to last page Hunter Shea manages to tackle an almost unbelievable topic and literally bring it alive with his words Everything from the pacing to the characters comments location and blood drenched gore fest felt possible throughout this read Only humans had the capacity to hate to seek revenge to kill for the sake of killing After finishing SWAMP MONSTER MASSACRE you may just find yourself uestioning the validity of that last uoteHighly recommended

  3. Kaisersoze Kaisersoze says:

    My second ever Hunter Shea read and one I much preferred over Tortures of the Damned Swamp Monster Massacre is fast paced and occasionally brutal in an over the top almost goofy kind of way It delivers everything you would expect from a novella with such a title as a bunch of people become caught up in a criminal's attempt to evade his pursuers and are soon being stalked though the Florida everglades by the titular creatures Make no mistake this is no Laird Barron or Greg F Gifune read In fact Shea annoyingly switches between characters POVs within sections sometimes after only giving them two or three paragraphs worth of attention But if you're looking for a fun gory read with a likable anti hero you could do far far worse than Swamp Monster Massacre35 Rounding up to 4 Ripped Off Limbs for Swamp Monster Massacre

  4. Nick Nick says:

    The fucking bigfoots were throwing alligators at them If that sentence makes you smile then this book is for you

  5. Mia Darien Mia Darien says:

    I'm a salmon againThis is getting exhausting But you know I was enjoying this a great deal I mean I wouldn't have called it epic or raved on it but it was bloody and fun Rooster was a cool leading character and the twins rocked it so hard It moved along uick and was entertaining The alligator thing was made of winIf it had stopped at the end of Chapter 25 this would have gotten four stars But the grotesue scene in 26 shall we say was just one step too far for me It was unnecessary and really felt tacked on and just irked the hell out of me Ruined my whole enjoyment for the storyObviously I'm the only one who feels this way but hey that's me so I can't say much than this story was okay to me

  6. Bandit Bandit says:

    What can be less appealing than the swamps of Everglades? How about the swamps of Everglades with homicidal swamp sasuatches Can a group of mismatched individuals led by a muscle bound criminal with anger management crisis survive That is the basic premise of this novella and it works well precisely because the author does exactly what he's suppose to creates a balls to the wall action driven lean mean creature feature It's essentially a B horror flick in word form without any pretentions It's mindless it's uick it's brutal it's fun It's sure to appease horror fans

  7. Glen Glen says:

    An excellent example of sasuatch horrorwell in this case it's skunk ape terrorA petty criminal is on the run after accidentally killing the son of a crime lord He hi jacks an air boat that is about to embark on a paid tour of the everglades The passengers fight back and the boat crashesright into a baby skunk ape Uh ohThe skunk apes stalk and dismember most of the passengers in properly gory prose and the passengers try to surviveBetter than any syfy channel movie I'll tell you that

  8. David Bernstein David Bernstein says:

    This was just an all around fun read Lots of action tense moments Read like a movie There is one scene in here that I have never seen before dealing with gators absolutely loved it A nice diverse cast of characters make this novella come to life and the action and monsters only add to the fun Like Shea's other novels this one is well written but with this one you can see how he let lose and let the craziness fly This must've been a blast to write Very well done and highly recommended especially for monster loving fans

  9. Kirsten Kirsten says:

    Not Hunter Shea's best but still a fun and bloody ride

  10. Kim Napolitano Kim Napolitano says:

    Creature Feature I love a Hunter Shea story I hope he never runs out of Monsters to write about Speed read with characters you actually care about Rooster is on the lam and steals a airboat in the Florida Everglades with a tour group on board barreling into destruction and into the wilds Injured and terrified they need a way out Something else lives here and angry at at the death of one of its own they seek revenge but the humans will try to survive at any costso won’t they No spoilers Mad cap adventure you can read in a day Shea brings the myths to reality as if you are right there in the action Read now I’m on a uest to read every Hunter Shea stories available and you should too Enjoy

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