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Maf-koira ja hänen ystävänsä Marilyn Monroe [BOOKS] ✰ Maf-koira ja hänen ystävänsä Marilyn Monroe ✺ Andrew OHagan – Vuonna 1960 Frank Sinatra antoi ystävälleen Marilyn Monroelle koiran jonka tämä nimesi Mafia Honeyksi Maf vietti Marilynin kanssa tähden viimeiset kaksi vuotta1960 luvun alun Amerikassa politiika Vuonna Frank Sinatra antoi ystävälleen Marilyn hänen ystävänsä ePUB ↠ Monroelle koiran jonka tämä nimesi Mafia Honeyksi Maf vietti Marilynin kanssa tähden viimeiset kaksi vuotta luvun alun Amerikassa politiikassa ja viihdemaailmassa kuohuu Maf seuraa Marilynia Hollywoodin ja New Yorkin suihkuseurapiireihin Sinatran ja John F Kennedyn seuraan ja Marilynin viimeisen elokuvan kuvauksiinMafin Marilyn on paitsi älykäs lumotar myös loputtoman epävarma yksinäinen ja Maf-koira ja PDF or eksynyt nainen Avioeroa seuraa masennus Alkoholi ja lääkkeet uuvuttavat Marilyniä ja psykiatritkin pönkittävät vain omia egojaan Hänen uskollinen seuralaisensa ymmärtää häntä paremmin kuin ympäröivät ihmiset mutta joutuu sanattomana katsomaan ystävänsä yhä pahenevaa syöksykierrettäMafilla on myös oma ihmisistä riippumaton elämänsä Romaanissa ihmisten toilailuja seuraavat koirat ja kissat sekä linnut hämähäkit ja sängyssä pyörivät kirput Eläinkunta on täynnä huomiokykyistä ja laajasti ja hänen ystävänsä PDF/EPUB ê lukenutta porukkaaO'Haganin taitavasti korkeaa ja matalaa yhdistelevä romaani on älykäs kepeä ja hauska melankolinen ja merkillisen uskottava.

10 thoughts on “Maf-koira ja hänen ystävänsä Marilyn Monroe

  1. Jenny Jenny says:

    Convoluted and confusing I finished it but was tired

  2. MJ Nicholls MJ Nicholls says:

    To be filed alongside the brightest and funniest animal narrated fiction not a competitive field—ha see the pun? O’Hagan’s novel is a debonair shaggy dog story homage to Tristram Shandy evident in the title that concerns the exploits of a Highland pup passed into the hands of Vita Sackville West Natalie Wood’s princess mother and finally via Frank Sinatra Marilyn Monroe Maf was raised a socialist in the Scottish Highlands and is extremely au fait with European American and Russian literature as well as philosophy and human psychology As he accompanies Marilyn in her final year of life he bumps into Brooklyn rats and soup flies with attitude problems all the while observing Marilyn’s airy complexity and her run ins with Sinatra her psycho psychologist Carson McCullers and JFK Told in a light but consistently amusing way with insights on Kafka Proust and Woolf you wouldn’t expect from an Avie maltese O’Hagan’s short novel is a charming and finely written comedy Note Monroe obsessives need not apply—this isn’t a barrel scraping “fresh perspective”PS Tara in her review has complained that this narrator is insufficiently doglike Apparently she prefers her talking dogs to “sniff their butts” and “chase after sic dropped potatoe sic chips” She is also upset because this talking dog used “words that I don’t know” when as we all know most talking dog narrators should limit their vocabulary to doglike words such as “woorf” and “owf” both one syllable so realistic for a talking dog You’ve been warned

  3. Sarah Furey Sarah Furey says:

    Very pretentious book seems to me the author was just showing off his knowledge of literature philosophy and politics not that much about Marilyn's life and personality about the dogs vast knowledge of authors artists philosophers and geography really don't recommend this if your looking for an insight into Marilyn's personality very disappointing because if could have been a brilliant book if the author wasn't so focused on showing how intellectual he is

  4. Tara Chevrestt Tara Chevrestt says:

    This is a biography type thing of Marilyn Monroe told from the viewpoint of a dog a very pompous maltese that somehow manages to identify Renoir paintings and Louis XV chairs at a mere few months of age Now I was expecting something along the lines of Spencer uinn's Dog On It a funny book from the viewpoint of a dog that is very dog like I was expecting humor Instead I get a narrative using words I don't know much less expect my dogs to know It was not very dog like at all Come on seriously dogs sniff their butts chase after dropped potatoe chips catch the scent of btches in the wind They do not sit around spouting poetry using words like paucity and supercilious and I seriously doubt they have strong feelings about the civil rights movement or KennedyI think the movie will be betterFor full review and pictures click on the link

  5. Heather Heather says:

    Even from his humble beginnings in an English farmhouse Maf is a very special dog Able to cogitate for hours on the strange proclivities of the humans surrounding him Maf becomes the companion of one of the most famous women in all of history while still a puppy When the mother of young ingénue Natalie Wood buys a group of dogs to give away to her favorites she invites Frank Sinatra to pick a dog for the up and coming film actress Marilyn Monroe He of course can’t resist the little dog with the heart of gold and as soon as Marilyn receives him she christens him Mafia Honey or Maf for short As Marilyn glides through her glamorous life Maf begins to see the fragile and scared woman behind the facade and as he converses with all the other animals around him an unflinching picture of the famous personalities that surround him begins to emerge Rich in philosophical and moral discourse The Life and Opinions of Maf the Dog is a surprisingly rich and nuanced peek into the lives of some of the most public faces of the 50’s and 60’s As Maf shares his deepest and most personal reflections on them the never before seen world around these once bright and burning stars is expertly revealedI have to say this book was hit and miss for me While I do think the storyline was uniue and the perspective original sometimes the execution left me a little cold I think the main problem was that there was a lot of name dropping and while that normally doesn’t bother me the names being dropped were stars philosophers and artists whom I knew very little about This isn’t really a criticism because I think readers who are familiar with the personalities of this time would really enjoy the book and I’m sure readers who are at home in the world of philosophy would find it entertaining as well As it was the book went a little over my head though there were some really wonderful and astute aspects about this particular storyFirst off the book being written from Maf’s perspective was a very clever device He was able to see and hear everything and make his own very intelligent appraisals about it all without the those around him other than the animals hearing him This gave the story an almost confidential and secretive feel because the opinions of Maf were never motivating factors of the book He was able to see and detect things that eluded his human counterparts and he was uickly able to assess a situation and draw some very penetrating conclusions that remained locked between the reader and himself He was sometimes fond of pontificating and had little time for those who were menacing to his owner particularly Frank Sinatra Sinatra was not graciously served in this book He was in effect a bully and a ball buster who used his star power and angry charisma to insert himself into politics and also a spoiled man whom no one thought to check or correct Maf saw him as insensitive and brutish an ego driven and spoiled man with dark forces ready to do his biddingMaf’s reflections on Marilyn were also very telling she was portrayed as very witty and charming but overly naïve when it came to the people around her The best way I can describe her character was lost and easily swayed Her drive to be taken seriously and to appear glamorous and high functioning was in effect one of her most fatal flaws Maf doesn’t go into detail about her frightening spiral into the world of drugs or her stints on the casting couch and surprisingly the book ends before her untimely and tragic death From the vantage point we have Marilyn is reflected with love and is truly endowed with the gravity she deservesAnother pertinent point is Maf’s observations of the animal world He speaks at length about his own interpretations on the anthropomorphism animals and of the philosophers that have espoused the same sentiments A lot of these explanations were interesting to read but went somewhat over my head though they were grounded in fact The amalgamation of all of these elements were sometimes portentous and at other times candidly funny but I had trouble with the immense weight of the implications made by the narrativeThough this book didn’t entirely work for me in all the areas it explored I still think it was a very revealing read and in most ways successful I think readers of a certain generation would get a lot from this story and even I had no trouble falling in love with little Maf I appreciated the creativity and candor of this book immensely and feel that although it tried to accomplish a lot within a relatively small space it was clearly a book that made me think differently not only about the animal world but about some of the foremost legends in cinema history A challenging and reflective read

  6. ulli_z ulli_z says:

    Oh boy someone did fail gloriously here I am OK with dogs knowing all human thoughts feelings and innermost character even some wisecracks about literature and philosophy out of their barking mouths would be perfectly in order but here this strategy is simply overdone Maf the Dog uickly morphs into a sorry excuse for employing an omniscient first person narrator which perhaps would be rejected today while dog narrators obviously have carte blanche even though he is not even omniscient but just an insupportable knows it all Not that I'd be averse to being edified informed or enlightened regardless of the source of knowledge provided but somehow this doesn't happen all those morsels of wisdom make for a bland and incongruous intellectual diet Maf by the way is fittingly colour blind but for some reason his sense of smell is just human When someone takes off his shoes at a party he even manages to determine that they smell of nothing at all which is so un doggish it sent me screaming Before this disappointing backdrop the reader wonders whether there is any substance to the character O'Hagan gives his famous personages of the American sixties especially where we would be most interested namely in Marilyn's case who is portrayed with care but still not all too convincingly spoiler Where please lies the wisdom in denying any intimate relationship between her and JFK while sending her tumbling in the bushes with a new acuaintance at a party presumably just because There's nothing wrong with sex as she later says – is this just to show that by this time she is already seriously emotionally damaged? A dog who had known her mind so intimately as O'Hagan claims Maf does could have done better than presenting this scene so totally out of context

  7. J.V. Seem J.V. Seem says:

    This was a strange bookSince my boyfriend bought his iPad I've been borrowing his Kindle since he doesn't need it any And it's really opening up an opportunity for me to read ebooks which I'm having trouble concentrating on when they're on the laptopOne of the books I've been wanting to read is this The Life and Opinions of Maf the Dog and of His Friend Marilyn MonroeA lifelong fan of Marilyn Monroe who is my favorite actress I always jump on the chance to read about her novels like this tooAnd this is a strange one told from the view of Marilyn's dog Maf It's almost like it offers up glimpses of her life and of Maf's life not nessecarily from a start to a finish but simply different portraits of her and of artists around her in different situations and placesGranted it's a weird book but it's endearing and insightful and philosophical and I uite like it It's not a pageturner and it's taken me a while to finish it also doubtlessly because of my adventures in antidepressants but it is uite lovely It's not like it's unputdownable but it's a nice read nonetheless I uite liked it

  8. Diana S Diana S says:

    Maf is Marilyn Monroe's pet given to her by Frank Sinatra And what a life they lived Not only do you get a glimpse of Marilyn's personal life But also the ins and outs of Hollywood and some details of the Kennedy clan All through the observations of this smart little dog I give this book 35 stars

  9. Mary Eve Mary Eve says:

    I have only five things to say about this bookSO GLAD I AM FINISHED

  10. Mike Gibas Mike Gibas says:

    I can see why so many people hate this book as it shares its learnedness and intellectual prowess uite unashamedly The narrator is a dog but a dog infused with a fine brain who talks of art and philosophy and history with uite an arrogance and he endlessly compares the life of his owner Marilyn Monroe to the big philosophical uestions raised by artist poets and scholars throughout the ages However while our narrator sometimes crawls right up his own arse he is uite likeable and uite cheeky and the world he builds — where reincarnation is real; where dogs speak in prose and cats speak in poetry — is a world of wonder and excitement The book works when Maf interacts with other animals — Bronx accented flies for example — or when he details and observes scenes between Marilyn and friends like Frank Sinatra In those moments the book is witty perceptive and very funny Sometimes the endless chat about philosophy gets to be as funny as a pub bore But on the whole the book elicited laughs and wows than it was annoying 35 stars and almost a 4 star I'd say I would point out I listened to the audiobook which benefits from an immense vocal performance — reading this I suspect could be a bit of a drag

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