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Forge Thrll Web #1 ➬ [Ebook] ➧ Forge Thrll Web #1 By T.K. Anthony ➸ – Warned by a SeeingThe high king of the Scotian Realm expects the arrival of an enemy a race of psychic predators bent on galactic conuest The Realm’s one hope is alliance with the neighboring star d Warned by a SeeingThe high king of the Scotian Realm expects the arrival of an enemy a race of psychic predators bent on galactic conuest The Realm’s one hope is alliance with the neighboring star domains in defense of a shared colony ForgeCaught in Fate’s grim weavingMindblind amnesic Tazhret lives out his drug induced visions of servitude on Forge He wants to believe the beautiful woman with the nut brown hair who whispers reassurances to his harrowed heart “You have a name” But is she even real Or just one bright thread in his dark dreams Forge Thrll PDF or An unexpected hopeTazhret’s destiny leads him to freedomand the woman he yearns for—and to a desperate struggle against the enemy Tazhret can save Forge and the clan of his belovedBut only at the cost of all he has hoped forhis name his freedom and his lovefor the woman with the nut brown hair.

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  1. Rachel Smith Rachel Smith says:

    I have no idea how to shelve this book It's one of the oddest ones I've ever read and I'm not entirely sure it's a good oddFirst off this is not a romance It's romantic but it's not a romance There's no watching two people fall in love and figure out how to make things work There are no romance moments as the intimacy between them deepens and they begin to open their hearts They go from strangers to married in what feels like two heartbeats with none of the stuff that makes a romance a romance If you make the hero and heroine siblings it changes nothing about what happensSecond this book suffered from something I'm seeing uite a bit in small press and indie books lack of focus on who the author claims is the main character The main character is the main character for a reason They're supposed to be the MAIN character the one who drives the story Not the main secondary character TazhretIanKeir according to the book description is the main character For the first third of the book we spend time in his future father in law's head than his In the middle we finally get to spend some serious time getting to know TazhretIanKeir But then in the last third he's back to being window dressingI'm not easily confused but I had a hard time following what all was going on There was too much other stuff happening and not enough romance It spent too much time in the villains heads when the focus should have been on TIK and Nica's romance I much would have preferred that to watching the villains It was almost as if the author was so focused on showing the cool things she'd created in her world that she sacrificed character growth and relationships in order to show the cool things This is not okay with me and it's really not okay when you're calling something a romance and it's anything butI wouldn't call it SF either This was a fantasy set in space Remove all of the SF elements few as they are and you get a Scottish almost medieval fantasy with a splash of paranormal that loses nothing in the setting changeI don't usually leave reviews like this because as an author myself I know how much they can hurt But as a reader I feel like I've been lied to I went into this book expecting a romance with a conclusion of the romance arc and the set up for the next book with at least a Happy For Now ending I got none of thatHad my expectations been appropriate to what this book turned out to be it would have been a 4 star read But I didn't get what I was expecting and I'm not happy about it This is the third SFR in a row where my expectations have been for a romance and the book has been anything butAnd had I known what the ending would be I wouldn't have bought it until at least the next book comes out If it ever comes out It was one hell of a cliffhanger I'm okay with a cliffhanger ending for the overall story but NOT with a cliffhanger ending on if the hero and heroine in what's supposed to be a romance will ever see each other again That's not how you get romance readers coming back for As long as you go into this book with the proper expectations it's a great read But it's hard to have the proper expectations when everything about how the book is described leads potential readers in the opposite direction of what the book is

  2. Cedar Sanderson Cedar Sanderson says:

    The fusion novel by TK Anthony was very interesting sucked me in and kept me immersed the in world created The blurb on does not to Forge justice ignore it and go to ‘look inside’ for a far better feeling of solid writing Great characters fantasy world building in a far future setting for a change although there are still moments with horses Don’t all fantasy books have to have horses? And although the title itself proclaims Forge to be a romance it isn’t Yes there is a strong romantic sappily so at points sub plot it’s not a Romance with capital R And the only sex occurs off stage for the sueamish in the audience Anyway I recommend it Just ignore the blurb

  3. Eric Townsend Eric Townsend says:

    Forge is old school science fiction in a time when it seems that everyone is trying to reinvent the sci fi wheel In that sense it is refreshing and definitely will take you back to whatever sci fi you read as a kid or teenager if you are one now this doesn’t uite apply to you but you get the pointAnthony immerses the reader into this universe from the onset While this approach can be a bit jarring at first especially as you try and keep up with the dialogue and learn the language which is how it felt for me anyhow Forge is a fascinating world that is worth the effortHowever the one major point of contention I have with this style choice and something that is present throughout the piece is the overwhelming descriptions Oh sure creating a realistic universe is never easy and when there are so many things different from our own world it can be necessary to use a tad explanations than say in a contemporary The problem here is multifold when you bombard the reader with that much information especially with very few pauses between it can cause them to have a disconnect from the story and where it is going since their mind is so busy trying to accurately portray the immense descriptions in their head Further this style tends to lead to less action and while in Forge there is a good amount it does make even the best scenes seem laden with extra words that perhaps if they were simplified not all the time but just on occasion they would in fact be intense Finally on this point is the matter of allowing the reader to make some things up for themselves allow them to infer here or create there with nothing left up to the imagination it can become slightly monotonousWhile those issues are present in Forge I think the characters make up for a lot of it Anthony jumps between a few main characters and gives us insight into their points of view which gives them depth and where sometimes this causes confusion or frustration because it can take time to get used to a character’s “voice” in this case it works very well I particularly enjoyed Nica and her father Col which had excellent senses of humor and an instant likability about them though I can’t explain why exactly aren’t I just awesome at this reviewing thing?There is romance in this book which shouldn’t come as any surprise based on what is said in the summary No love triangle huzzah The kinda weird connection between them that doesn’t make any sense until uite a bit into the book is a little cop outish but it did mostly keep insta love out of the euation which is a tradeoff I’ll take They have a very heartwarming bond and though the outcome is pretty obvious right away there was enough potential conflict with their relationship to make it interestingThe positives for Forge the characters the action scenes and the romance definitely outweigh the sometimes overwhelming descriptions and overall I did enjoy it Forge is book 1 in the Thrall Web series and I do look forward to reading the next book I would recommend it to fans of old school sci fi who are used to this style of bookRating 355

  4. Melissa Kendall Melissa Kendall says:

    Full Review Coming Soon

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