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Shattered Souls [Epub] ➜ Shattered Souls Author Dywane D. Birch – A thought provoking emotionally charged novel that explores the lingering effects of childhood turmoil on four thirty something friends Since meeting in college Britton Indera Damascus and Chyna have A thought provoking emotionally charged novel that explores the lingering effects of childhood turmoil on four thirty something friends Since meeting in college Britton Indera Damascus and Chyna have each gone on to success and acclaim But beneath the surface all four are struggling with demons striving to mask the deep emotional wounds they sustained long ago Through riveting first person narratives Dywane D Birch reveals the secret that keeps each character tied to the past unwilling or unable to commit to a loving relationship As repressed childhood memories creep back into their lives to haunt and control them and carefully constructed veneers begin to crack the bonds of their friendship are tested as never before In candid raw prose Birch explores the potentially devastating conseuences of childhood abuse and mistreatment but also pays tribute to human courage and perseverance in a heartfelt unforgettably powerful novel that heralds a remarkable talent.

10 thoughts on “Shattered Souls

  1. Joy Joy says:

    Domestic violence is no joke Dywane is perceptive on this issue Loved it

  2. Nicole Nicole says:

    awesome awesome awesome funny sad thought provoking definitely a must read loved Indy lol

  3. KelliJo & KelliJo & says:

    Reading Shattered Souls was a gut wrenching read I absolutely loved this book and I am currently reading the seuel From My Soul To Yours Excellent read loved the ending and I am excited to finish the seuel

  4. Marcia Marcia says:

    I enjoyed this book immensely Awesome storylines down to earth characters wonderful descriptions of environmentsactionsetc I can definitely see myself reading this again

  5. SassyMama SassyMama says:

    Shattered Souls is the story of four friends united by one common bond childhood abuse Abuse that has left them emotionally scared as adults as they try to move on with their livesBritton is running from his past with the weight of the world on his shoulders While trying to escape everything and everyone else's struggles in life Brit is forced to deal head on with nightmares that have haunted him for years Is he now man enough to forgive and release all of the hurt he's acuired? Indera believes in making the man who wants to be apart of her life pay through the nose If he lies and cheats on his wife that's fine as long as he understands and adheres to all of Indy's rules or you best believe that he's going to regret ever meeting her While suspended in time Indy takes a look at her life and realizes that just maybe there are things she hasn't accomplished Will Indy finally drop her armor? Damascus a k a T Bone is a well known stripper who has an unuenchable appetite While his bedroom has a revolving door Tee has never ever shared any feelings for or with any woman Confused about his feelings Tee finds himself longing for something different Will he finally let go and open up his heart?Chyna Littles' appears to have it all from the outside looking in She's a beautiful married mother of four Financially she wants for nothing Will her past and insecurities spill over and manifest itself in her adult life?Mr Birch does an excellent job in his debut novel that takes a candid look at abuse and its lingering affects The situations of each of his unforgettable characters pulls one in from beginning to end I look forward to reading from this author

  6. Sophie Sealy Sophie Sealy says:

    OMG What a book If you don't know my facts how dare you judge me At first I didn't like the book because it was written in first person and the writer was telling me about the characters After the introduction of the four friends the story began to unfold I saw myself and various of my friends in Britton Demascas Chyna and Indera The perseverance of friendship the unfolding of past hurts keeps solidifying that no one is an island There's something therapeutic about facing the traumas and hurts of the past This book also shows that your past do shape you you can run and hide but when you are done running and hiding you must confront and deal with themThis is a DON'T skip to the back and read to the end type of book This is a thinking and let's talk about it type of book This book will teach you a lesson or two

  7. Angie coleman Angie coleman says:

    This is one of my all time favorite books

  8. Martine Martine says:

    Heart breaking but a great book

  9. Shà Shà says:

    mindblowing profound and a page turner i enjoyed it the pen game is his

  10. Morgan Bullock Morgan Bullock says:

    This book started off a little slow but as I continued to read it I couldn't put the book down I look forward to reading the next series

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