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Nachtwake ☄ [PDF / Epub] ☃ Nachtwake By DiAnn Mills ✓ – SamenvattingAls douanier bij de grens met Texas moet Danika precies die mensen buiten zien te hou den die haar man illegaal het land in hielp Het kostte hem zijn leven – een moord die nooit werd opg SamenvattingAls douanier bij de grens met Texas moet Danika precies die mensen buiten zien te hou den die haar man illegaal het land in hielp Het kostte hem zijn leven – een moord die nooit werd opgelostEen nieuwe serie misdaden doet haar vermoeden dat de tragedie van toen onderdeel was van een groter complot en alles wijst erop dat zij het volgende doelwit is Als de grenswacht ontdekt dat er een mol is onder het personeel zoekt Danika steun bij de enige die ze kan vertrouwen Of niet.

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  1. Sandy Duke Sandy Duke says:

    This book was tough for me to read and tough to rate I live in a small town with an ag based economy that relies on immigrants legal and undocumented to get the job done and put food on America's tables Strong feelings about immigration abound Sworn to Protect forced me to look at immigration from the perspective of Border Patrol agents who are sworn to protect our borders I realize that not all BP agents are as compassionate as most portrayed in this novel but I am sure that many do struggle with the tension between keeping the bad guys out and treating those who are decent hardworking desperate people with dignityDiAnn Mills does not sugarcoat the story which includes violence and bloodshed The romantic portion of the story starts and stops and sputters along as the two interests struggle with their relationships their jobs and the craziness of their lives Kind of like real life Yes as some reviewers have mentioned we readers are able to figure out who done it much uicker than the characters in the book do but in some ways that adds to the suspense and encourages the reader to interact with the characters as we cheer them on to follow their leads and consider alternativesI would recommend this book to those who need to think a little deeper about immigration and aren't afraid to face the violence that comes with the job of both the BP agent and those crossing the border illegally

  2. Hannah Hannah says:

    425I really liked Danika and cared uickly what was going to happen to her In typical Mills style we find out pretty uickly who the villain is but have to work to discover the villain's henchmen and nobody is safe The Border Patrol aspect was an interesting twist and lent a bit of novelty to the romantic action plot

  3. Stella Potts Stella Potts says:

    This was my first book that I have read by DiAnn Mills and I think it was rather amazing Characters you can love and some that you want to shake some sense into but all in all an eye opener into the problem of illegal immigration I have friends who are in an illegal status and this book helped me to understand them and their problems a little better I loved the two main characters Danika and Alex and I was rooting for them to make it through all the dangerous situations and for their romance to flourish Thanks to my friend for passing this series on to me and getting me acuainted with this author

  4. Larik Larik says:

    Amazing captivating writing Had me so deep in the story that I just couldnt wait till morning to finish itAll characters were developed well Danika was a perfection of strength and honesty I felt really bad about Sandra Alex a picture of compassion and patience kept me wishing for parts with him I absolutelly loved his mom and I hope in the future I will treat my son same way instead of rallying for him like a mother hen Amazing woman Jacob is probably the character I felt for the most I have gone through the path of griefdepression my poor family had lots of patiance to pull me through and his reaction and behavior were accurate But sometimes it takes to loose all we hold dear to realize we need to get a grip on ourselves I loved the illigal immigrants and border patrol description It is hard to comprehand what those poor people go through to get here for a brighter future And the dangers and sacrifice of border patrol I never realized was of this magnum I want to thank SusannGary Fryman for sharing a this amazing book with me Im sorry for keeping it on my nightstand for so long if I only knew the treasure in it I would have read it the moment I got it

  5. Renee Renee says:

    Contemporary suspense fiction isn't something I go out of my way to read but I really loved DiAnn Mills' Texas Legacy series so I decided to give her latest release Sworn to Protect a try and I am so glad I did Not only was it full of suspense and a hint of romance it covered a totally new aspect that I have never read about in romance the United States Border Patrol I loved that I learned what it takes to be a BP agent and DiAnn Mills made me want to dig deeper to learn what the real people do to protect our borders 247I love stories with tough as nails heroines and Danika Morales definitely fit the bill While her relationship with Dr Price wasn't the most flowery romantic thing I've ever read about it seemed very real and not at all rushed As for wondering who the bad guy was it really didn't take too much for me to figure that out but overall I thought this was a good story and I enjoyed it I will definitely be reading the other books in this seriesSpecial thanks to Mavis Sanders Corporate Publicist Tyndale House Publishers for sending me a review copy

  6. Mary Mary says:

    Good book even though you knew fairly early on who was the bad guy I enjoyed learning about the Border Patrol

  7. Debbie Debbie says:

    Sworn to Protect is a Christian romantic suspense novel It's the second in a series but it works as a stand alone novelAs usual the main characters were complex interesting people I cared about what happened to them The Border Patrol and immigration issues were woven into the story The suspense came from the danger on the job a missing girl and a death threat on Danika The author didn't try very hard to hide from the reader who the bad guys were so it was a little frustrating that the main characters so obliviously trusted themThen again Danika kept overlooking obvious things For example her husband's activities in helping illegal immigrants were so secret that she didn't even know about them yet she kept looking at the same unchanging public record about his death to try to solve it Obviously looking into his personal stuff would have been useful but this just doesn't seem to occur to anyone Happily the doctor was clever and his attempts to uncover the bad people were successful There was was no sex or bad language Overall I'd recommend this interesting novel

  8. Chuck Chuck says:

    I was not familiar with author DiAnn Mills when I picked up this book I have been missing out This is the second in a series but stands well on its own Well paced and hard to put down this book offers suspense a great lead character romance action and a great story about the Texas Border PatrolAlthough the topic is all over the news and generates strong feelings this book takes an even approach and does not preach I also enjoyed the fact that this is a book strong on Christian faith and I thoroughly enjoyed the uotations at the beginning of each chapterStrongly recommended

  9. Kendall L. Mann Kendall L. Mann says:

    Immigration issues wound around a trail of murder and loveIf you didn't already know the immigrant issues are complicated and even unfettered than you can imagine read onMills does a good job of tugging your heart to both sides of the issuesDaniela and Alex struggle with torn feelings and where truth and confidentiality walk a fine line We would like to believe bad guys like Lucy are brought down on a regular basis but what we can be sure of is that our border patrol agents out their lives on the line every day

  10. Sherri Sherri says:

    A thought provoking book Sworn to Protect tells the story of a Border Patrol Agent who was widowed when her husband was murdered His murder has never been solved and weighs heavily on her When she meets a doctor who wants to start a relationship with her she’s hesitant to date him The book does a good job showing the complexities of the immigration issues and the people involved on all sides

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