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Surrender Falls ❰PDF / Epub❯ ★ Surrender Falls Author Caitlyn Santi – Once in a Millennium Two will be created by God to cause the disintegration of evil When evil has the upper hand and their world is darkest they must both surrender with every fiber of their being and Once in a Millennium Two will be created by God to cause the disintegration of evil When evil has the upper hand and their world is darkest they must both surrender with every fiber of their being and God will turn the darkness to light From the moment Amelia Miller and Aaron Crawford meet through unusual circumstances they find themselves falling for each other Soon they are happily courting however there is a group of people called the soldiers of Satan who want to kill Aaron and Amelia simply because they are Christians can they balance a courtship with fighting for their lives and for God's truth against the emissaries of Satan And when it comes down to it will Aaron and Amelia figure out how to triumph over the bad guys and become the people God created them to be This inspirational novella is filled with page turning suspense action and romance Jump into the adventure and journey to Surrender Falls.

About the Author: Caitlyn Santi

Caitlyn Santi is a child of God follower of Christ daughter sister and homeschool graduate Caitlyn is the author of two previous works True Euitation A Short Story and Surrender Falls A Novella Seeing her writing published is Caitlyn's dream come true She loves living in the same small Central Vermont town she grew up in Besides writing Caitlyn loves horses Specifically her dream horse.

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  1. wally wally says:

    this will be the 1st from santi for mea novella it says on the kindle here2012has a brief acknowledgments at the startthanks to her parentsa brotherthe readerdedicated to god my father and jesus my prince and saviorhas a uote for i know the plans i have for you declares the lord plans to prosper you and not to harm you plans to give you hope and a future then you will call on me and come to pray to me and i will listen to you you will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heartjeremiah 2911 13 nivstory begins the day i met my true love was just an ordinary wednesday i woke up said a uick thank you to god for whatever my day had in store for me put on my favorite paint stained jeans and headed to breakfast as i was walking out of my room i looked yet again of my chosen bible verse for the year which i had taped to my mirror the word of jeremiah 2911okee dokee thenonward upwardwill say that wthe line about the jeansseems like there should be a line about other clothingthere's this sensepicture of someone sans shirt barefootin jeansandmaybe that is the picture portrayed? how could one argue otherwise? see what i mean? butwe can let that gopoetic license and alllet's see what the story has in storetimeplace the miller home in roxbury vermonta rural town in the middle of the statetime is the presentor say the time of the hurricane that hit lousiana2007? was it?the hurricane is not namedso? barrea small city 20 miles away a night club wan open bar a movie theatre mcdonald'sa local bar in barre a church a nearby restaurant a back porch that is simply thati recall paint peeling on our back porchyou could actually smell the lead in the paintfloorboards the creakedetc sunset cruise on lake champlain an ambulance that and not much details we need want details a hospital room a new subaru a dirt roadthe most beautiful open fieldhere there are detailsdaisiesblack eyed susans etc a corn mazenicebut i wish it had been described a small city nearby they went shoppingbut this is the same as telling usi recall a refrain show medon't tell medetails music? other shoppers? what shops? snowing? cold? etc? an alleyup the streetthe first store we cam to a music storeand? details a small closet that held cleaning supplies bettersome detailmops and broomshere the reader can see the closet better becauseof the details a waterfallbut not much white water? roaring? a backyardno details irelanda castlemansion a planeairport beautiful parks in dublin a cross country coursea barn a car show in downtown dublin small mirror less vanity dr windsorneurologist mossy willow fallsthe waterfallbut this name isn't provided until late in the storynot the 1st time the falls is visitedi will hazard that a name for any placeis best given up frontwhen we walk in the door show me anyone who doesn't read a place's name before they enterthey don't exist details diving board rock a carpeted hall that literally had suits of armor lined up guarding both sidesniceheresome detail brings the hallway to life characters amelia catherine millereye narrator a 21 yr old young lady attending college in the last month of her senior year who graduates college wa degree in psychology gets a job as a school counselor her mother her father a truck driver gone now to louisiana delivering goods to hurricane victimswill be back soon jesuslord amelia's friend sabrina west and resident glamour girl a cop several men dressed all in black from their shoes to their capesat least sixlater they are identified as diablo and his assassins aaron crawford who graduates wa degree in english literature aaron's family three delightful young sisters chelsea 16 alexis 12 joy 6 the latest obnoxious risue comedian on tv cora and her husband liam their children fiona siobhan and kieran13 10 6 a young woman named lurlene a gorgeous gray gelding named finnegan update after the 1st chapteran interesting storygood startbut i wish there'd been details about a few things names of restaurants are never a problema movie was seena comedianhere too a title to the movieeven a fictional titlewould have made the story immediatenowparticipatingseeing thingstooperhaps there are other people in the worldthough a small townor a small cityeither vehicles are passingpeople are either out and aboutor they are notwe are told that one of the things amelia enjoys about her small town is that people greet each other etcbut there isn't that sense in the storynot in chapter oneshould there be? wellwe're reading a storyand we need to be placed therein that settingalthough too much detail is likely as in error as too little some additional detail completes the picturein some of dean koontz's early stories i've complained that the stories are like cheesecloththe fabric is therebut there's too much spacecheesecloth won't keep you warm in the heart of the nightwe want stories to keep us warm at nightokayso on to chapter 2 and so forthupdate finished 7 nov 12 wednesday evening 842 pm estan entertaining story wa kind of parable metaphorical storylinea kind of magical realismto say is perhaps spoiler materialbut i'll repeat what i wrote earlieralthough a story that delights and instructsit has the appearance of cheesecloththe fabric is here but the weave is lacking a patternthe detail that is evident when clouds pass through a blue sky there are times where there is detail time spent in irelanda castle where amelia aaron and their families staysuits of armorbalconieshorsesmudthe kind of detail that enriches a storythe story moves fastthe pace is uickbut in the blurperhaps to tell the storydetails are left by the waysidesay like the timeplace list abovethere are carsa hospitala fieldwhatever is on the list i haven't compiled it completely as yetbut the images are flat without something to bring them to lifeandtimetime moves easily in the storya year two three perhapstime moves swiftlytempus fugitbut perhaps time's passage is proof enough that the story wanted to be toldadditional time should have been spent to weave into the story creating patterns and colors and so forthis this a coat of many colors?or only the protective wrapping for that garment? cheeseclothto use the analogy againsure the weave is therebut it would not cover us if we were to wear it as clothing details the devil may be in the detailsbut the truth also resides thereanda uote from the story ah details details don't let it worry your pretty little headthere's another one or two as wellone whole page of interesting tidbits that amelia and aaron share weach otherthe reader can read and discover thosesome others i likedminelike i said good storyonward and upward

  2. L L says:

    Surrender falls is a book that touches your heart digging deep within the depths of ones soul with its thought provoking poignancy As a Christian and follower of the teachings of God I could not help but be touched by this story that seemed to reach out to me on a personal and intimate level as I connected to every single word I instantly connected with the main character of Amelia who was such a strong individual not only being the same age as myself but someone who had similar ideals when regarding how one perceives life Amelia’s relationship with Aaron is one that is built on friendship which I honestly do believe is the strong foundations of any relationship in a romantic sense that is lasting Thrilling and exciting I was sat on the edge of my seat in suspense as the ‘twist in the tale’ was completely unexpected adding drama and fast paced action into the storyline An evil group of assassins who are the soldiers of Satan plot to kill those of pure heart hence trying to ultimately destroy that special bond between the hero and heroine of the tale As Amelia and Aaron’s relationship grows stronger under God’s guidance traveling along his chosen path they are thwarted at each turn when Diablo attempts to strike when you are least expecting it Life is not easy and Amelia certainly has her fair share of bad luck but by putting her faith in God and trusting in herself she is able to overcome every obstacle laid in her path that even threatens her marriage and her life I absolutely loved the medieval theme throughout the novella that was uite Jane Austen with chivalry and sincerity which was heartwarming and uite moving just as the older classics are Great castles and balls and of course sword fighting; it was truly romantic and charming whilst being exciting in places too What also brings this story to life is the compiled music list that coincides with each part within the storyline such as when Aaron proposes or when they kiss at the top of the stunning waterfall If I had any criticism for this novella then it would be connected to my thoughts on a Christian relationship in particular marriage where although I think the physical side of a relationship is acceptable after one is wed I think not being kissed until then is stretching it a little too far; but then that is my own personal opinion Also the writing although good and readable was a bit ‘simple’ in that I would have liked just a bit detailed description to add to the atmosphere as I felt a couple of times it lost my interest for I was unable to picture the scenery or the setting in my mind Some lines were a bit bland when discussing what happened in the characters day from waking until going to bed being a bit rushed hence becoming boring until the momentum and pace was picked up again The action parts including Bible passages and descriptions about the characters lives was interesting but there were a few places in which you felt as though nothing of much interest happened ie They went to shops came home and went to bed Despite this I still very much enjoyed reading this wonderful book that was touching with its humbling message about the power of God’s love and how he is always there for us no matter what It is when you put your entire faith and trust in God and the Lord Jesus Christ do you then see the Holy Spirit shining and feel his unrelenting love The mystery at the beginning of the book was most intriguing to read about and I loved the entire inspired concept as a whole The meaning and message was there that truly touched me in a religious way although sadly I was unable to see the main characters before my eyes as much as I would have liked for their relationship and mannerisms seemed to be a little ‘too faultless’ Perhaps I just wanted them to seem a bit real and human as in life no one is perfect even when following a Christian path I would like to thank the author for letting me have the privilege of reading her work to review thus I have been as honest as possible and would rate this a 4 ½

  3. Adrienna Adrienna says:

    As soon as I started reading the book the pace was too fast for me and longed for development in some areas or transitions I took in respect that it was a novella which tends to be a little longer than short story but shorter than a novel Amelia in her last year of college never heard senior year in college as stated in book before but familiar with term senior in high school and as she walks on her journey stopped by six men in black ready to attack and her prince charming comes to rescue her before anything takes place He seems to sweep her off her feet and wondering how so uickly within a years time without seeing the character development or transitions that seemed believable This all takes place within 25 or so pagesbook is 136 pages in the Kindle eBook version I'm reading Early in the reading I did like that they spoke about the incident and the leader of the ring was Diablo meaning devil and his assassins known as soldiers for Satan to be careful not to be deceived by the enemy's lies His ultimate mission is to kill steal and destroy I can see this novel read by young adults 12 18 and they may love this short read and grasp the horrid of the enemy in a cutesy wayThere were some punctuation issues that bothered me while reading too I would recommended a developmental editor for future writings; wondered if this could be author's first work I personally know how it can be to get your first work published Overall I was engrossed and engaged with the romantic suspense portion of the short read mainly towards the ending of the book I received a copy from the author for a review Willing to Review Christian books via Goodreads Group2753 stars Adrienna TurnerAuthor of God is in the Euation

  4. Amber Garza Amber Garza says:

    This was an interesting read for meThe story centers around the relationship of Amelia and Aaron They meet in their young adult years and since they are both devout Christians they enter into a courtship to prepare for marriage The wrench in their plan is an evil villian named Diablo who makes it his mission to destroy themThe story had a lot of promise and I enjoyed the plot The characters were very sweet and I liked their relationship I enjoyed the morals this book upholds and the message of hope and truth that only God can bring I did feel that the story lacked some development and depth I would have liked to see a little less telling and showingBut overall I enjoyed it and I look forward to seeing from this new promising author

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