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Keeper of the Heart ➵ [Reading] ➷ Keeper of the Heart By Johanna Lindsey ➪ – A New York Times Bestseller A dreamspinner extraordinnaire Romantic Times In search of true love Shanelle Ly San Ter flees the lustful advance of the blue eyed barbarian who has been chosen as her lif A New York Times Bestseller A dreamspinner extraordinnaire Romantic Times In search of true love Shanelle Ly San Ter flees the lustful advance of the blue eyed barbarian who has been chosen as her lifemate yet she's confused by the yearning the handsome brute Keeper of PDF/EPUB ² has awakened in her Falon Ban yer is overwhelmed with desire for the woman who has vowed never to be his and will brave any peril to conuer and claim the keeper of his heart.

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  1. Shelly Strange Shelly Strange says:

    Hmmm Where to start with this one It's science fiction lite Technically it takes place on another planet andor in space but all the aliens are basically human except they are tall or short or have varying skin tones Computers can transport and they have medical units to heal injuries but otherwise this is just like a bodice ripper Don't expect a feminist friendly romance here The males come from a warrior barbarian culture and spank their women or use with holding pleasure as punishment Ultra mega alphas I can handle this sometimes in romances when I know what I'm getting into Sometimes it's a fun escape In real life males like this would be a nightmare but in fantasy I can take the dominating possessing and ravishing etc lolHowever I think the author takes this to the nth level at times It took me out of the story at times because it was so over the top One of my main issues was not the spanking but the fact that he gets a meditech to HEAL her and that becomes the plan for future punishments He spanks her so hard she bruises and he thinks it's okay to keep doing it and just heal her right after And I guess we are supposed to be okay with it because she's of strong stock and can take it eyerollAlso the way jealousy is portrayed here and as good thing Both hero and heroine are pleased when the other gets jealous This is toxic I actually felt their relationship was toxic and that made it hard to ship them Even in fantasyPlus this book like the first one went on too long The first 60% was just the male trying to get her and her resisting Then some plot actually happens but by the end it still felt like she was settling and not going to truly be happy But I was entertained still and did like it I will still read the last book in the trilogy Buddy read with Abtastic Ab Loving Geishas Choko and Jess October 12 2017Warrior's Woman ★★★

  2. Choko Choko says:

    340 Another fun read with the Abtastic Abs Geishas and some alien barbarians Hahaha I needed a little break from my long and ambitious reads so this series came to mind And as always it was the somewhat mindless and very offensive to the feministic sensibilities alien Barbaric culture which was so politically incorrect that had me laughing with its inappropriateness Boy have romances changed since the early 90's The first book in the series was all about the mother of the main heroin of this book Sha was an outlander who landed on an isolated planet and fell in love with a Barbarian warrior 👑 Now their daughter is all grown up and is looking for a life mate who preferably is not a warrior since she is determined to have a sensible man All around her the barbarians she had been surrounded by all of her life were not going to cut it No warrior would ever admit to loving a woman and this is exactly what she wants Also she is not a fan of any of the traditional punishments the warriors routinely performed on their women when they displeased or disobeyed them There is at least an aspiration of a budding feminist in her😀 But that is as far as we get with the dreams of a modern assertive and free woman The reality that follows is anything but Warning ⚠ This is not for the easily offended and women who find obedience spanking and other forms of punishment or control by a strong Alpha Male for his little woman Yes this is a Sci fi Barbarian Romance so don't go into it expecting something sensible This is absolutely absurd but I still got a kick out of it and am not ashamed to say it 😀 We do need to be reminded that we can still be silly particularly in a world full of tragedy and fear This is the way I find to escape from the impotent feeling that nothing I think or do makes any difference in my reality and gives me just enough of a brake in order to recharge my battery and keep on chugging along Don't judge the only thing I might be guilty of is bad taste of 😈😇😎Now I wish you all Happy Reading and many wonderful books to come

  3. Rhapsody Rhapsody says:

    I thought Warrior's Woman was okay when I first read it but it was one of the first romance novels I ever read Recently I learned that it was just the first in a trilogy so I picked up Keeper of the Heart which is the second in the series It was better written than Warrior's Woman but I had a lot trouble getting into it The story centers around Shanelle the daughter of Tevra and Challen from the first book She dislikes and fears the warriors of her homeworld and wants to get away before her father gives her away to a suitor After spending a long period of time training to be a pilot on her mother's much civilized homeworld she returns only to almost immediately fall for a good looking visiting warriorSo far so good I don't mind stupid plots like this so long as they're fun to read However Lindsay takes the whole male dominance thing too far for my taste and Shanelle is the ultimate woman who says no when she means YES I find it inconceivable that any female would be willing to return to her homeworld as it was described; everyone knows that for her own good she needs to be deceived cajoled and ultimately forced into joining with a big strong warrior The only thing that could have redeemed this book for me would have been Shanelle hanging herself and proving all those # wrong

  4. Dino-Jess ✮ The Book Eating Dinosaur ✮ Dino-Jess ✮ The Book Eating Dinosaur ✮ says:

    Goodness me this was a long winded space journey The first 60% of this was great But then the author just had to keep adding new stuff to the story that was completely unnecessary We were still getting new plotlines introduced at 85% NO THANKS It was WAY TOO LONG It should have been wound up at 65% I didn't need any of the crap that happened after that Just give me the HEA and let's move on I didn't mind the bodice ripper nature of this I knew what I signed up for with this series and I was happy to roll with it for the most part But certain scenes were very hard to take I can't even remember which ones irked me the most but after 75% most of the sexy stuff made me want to vomit a little bit I skimmed the last 15% of the story because I couldn't give a shit about what was happening And yet I will still read the next installment because I can't seem to get enough alien luuuurve 25 StarsThanks for the buddy ready you lovely Abtastic Ab Loving Geishas

  5. Grace Kelley Grace Kelley says:

    UpdatedA futuristic world where men punish the women who defy them NO THANKSIs it me or was I justified in being upset at the idea of the person who is supposed to be our lifemate beating us whenever we 'defy' him Last time I checked love isn't supposed to hurt If this world is so futuristic then what happened to women's rights and Anti Abuse Laws? Because I'm sure Earth isn't the only place that has had them installed by this point in time if there is anything else out besides us This is scary that women in this society are raised to accustom themselves to this type of assault without someone telling them that they don't deserve that type of abuse And because of these rules girls are bred to accept this and blame themselves whenever it happensAs for Falon not interested not because of the abuse it's just super buff guys aren't really my cup of tea I like guys with a lanky type of body He also isn't really defined I know he must really lust after Shantelle considering he tracks her down Yeah she was in trouble and kind of needed his help And after he rescued her she punched the woman that trapped her in the face Which was kind of funnyNow for Shantelle The only thing that I wished had happened was for Shantelle to tell someone hey I have a fear of pain You know what we had found out at the beginning of the book? Her tragic back story that she had been abused physically by this crazed warrior guy who liked hurting people I spent the whole book thinking that it would be brought back up at some pointI really think she should have let someone know about the result of that kidnapping It was mentioned once and I thought Oh the hero will hurt her and she will tell him about what had happened and get some sort of closure NO That isn't what happened at all and I am really upset by it Why should it even be mentioned at the beginning if you aren't going to mention it ever again? Even if it could help alter or change the story in a new and unexpected way The one thing I really liked was when Shantelle fought that one lady and told the bitch off about how she was raising her son I can respect a heroine who picks up a dagger a little bit In short this book makes for an easy beach read I don't know I never said something was a beach read before XDEDIT Ok I'm changing my mind about this one in terms of the aforementioned last comment It isn't a beach read so much as a 'if you are in a car trip for several hours and want something mixed with fantasy and light SM this is the book to read

  6. Stephanie Johanesen Stephanie Johanesen says:

    I thought this book was horrendous The only thing that compelled me to keep reading was that it wasn't horribly written; but the story itself was awful The entire book was simply an exercise in patience as you waited for at length the whiny completely uninteresting heroine to get laid The rest of the book was a collection of 100% mind numbingly inane conversation between a stupid computer and the some of the characters Perhaps some people might find the author's notion that domestic violence and rape are not only acceptable but even desirable to be palateable but I don't The book also would NOT END Once they did actually get laid the book insisted on droning on with even unmotivated drama and contrived misunderstandings The remaining pages after the anticlimactic encounter was pretty irrelevant and the author should have stopped there or even at the first page because the whole book sucks The ending was trite and boring and stupid Please don't read this book If I hadn't been completely want for anything to read I probably would have just used it as kindling

  7. Sheryl Tribble Sheryl Tribble says:

    There was probably a time when I would have hated this book but back then I wouldn't have read it in the first place Nowadays I'm lighthearted enough to go along for the ride with a lot of 80s romance novel silliness so I don't hate it and I appreciate what the author's trying to accomplish but it doesn't really work for meThe first book in the series the hero and heroine may have been ridiculous but they meshed and I thought it worked They were both essentially arrogant idiots playing by rules that give him the edge and that's the way they liked it so who am I to complain?This book however establishes the heroine as someone who hates pain and conflict then marries her off to a guy who believes he has the right to spank her when she misbehaves And said spanking results in bruises which the author brushes off as the heroine being easily bruised The whole spanking is a child's punishment it's not so bad routine is ludicrous when we're talking spankings that bruise I got spankings that bruised as a child and I've gotten punches that bruised and there really isn't much difference in the pain department Pain is pain; spanking as the author also semi sort of recognizes is pain combined with shame in a way that a straight up punch is usually not so I've never understood why spankings are supposed to be a lesser punishment than getting punched elsewhere Meaning that part definitely didn't work for meThat said if she'd written the spankings as sexual fun that both partners were having I could have gone with that Not my kink but it's understandable She doesn't or if that's where she was aiming at she didn't get there for me The heroine hates pain from the beginning she still hates pain at the end and she sees the spanking as punishment and something to be avoided which is absolutely not the attitude of people I know who are into pain playIn the first book the punishment the hero gives the heroine is silly and stupid and not used in the real world Some rapists do force their victims to orgasm as a power play and to shame them but if edging is something rapists practice I've not heard of it But making spanking the punishment in this book kills the fantasy and the silliness at least for me And making the heroine someone who is highly sensitive to pain and then marrying her off to a guy who will deliberately cause her pain is insane It is not a sign of growth to love someone despite their flaws when one of those flaws is to deliberately hurt you for stupid reasons Lindsey tries to dodge that by making it very clear that her heroine thought the hero had good reason to punish her Didn't work for me In the real world no loving partner would believe they have that right and she pulled the story into the real world by picking a kind of punishment that real people use on those they claim to love And one that even most parents who spank their kids don't think appropriate with a grown womanBig time fantasy fail for this reader

  8. Hem_Ana Hem_Ana says:

    Its the most pathetic book i have ever read The initial pages were unbearable with a whiny aimless pathetic excuse of a heroine I had to go on reading about her pages after pages hoping to get some romance in the next page but noAnd that annoying computer Martha and that android and their humorless humorand aimless conversations were Horrendous I am running out of adjectives here Frankly speaking dont waste your time with this pathetic excuse of a book The hero wasnt that bad But I heard that he spanked the heroine later in the book from other reviews Good for him because by this point despite not being a masochist I feel like the heroine deserves a hood hard beating for being this whiny and boring and plain pathetic excuse of a woman Not her fault poor woman The author deserves the beating for writing this when she obviously wasnt feeling like writing and the publishers deserve it too for publishing this piece of shit

  9. mlady_rebecca mlady_rebecca says:

    Absolutely adored Warrior's Woman featuring Challen and Tedra This book focuses on their daughter Shanelle And the third book features Shanelle's twin brother DaldenShanelle has grown up favoring her mother's sensibilities and interests She doesn't want to be bossed around by her lifemate and she fears the warriors' idea of punishment But if she doesn't find a lifemate her father approves of he will choose for herAs the book opens Shanelle is returning from piloting training on Kystran her mother's home planet Sha Kar'ani which is usually fairly isolationist is holding a sort of warrior competition and is overflowing with men from other planets Shanelle falls for a man she believes is an off worlder due to his shorter height and his different coloringThey run off to have sex but Falon is too rough bruising and scaring her She escapes with a little help from Martha before they can finish She looks at it as a bad roll in the hay and an object lesson but Falon has already decided she will be hisTurns out Falon isn't an off worlder he's a local leader like her father of a country far to the north So she finds herself being pursued by what she deliberately was looking to avoid a warrior What neither Shanelle or her mother knows is that Challen has chosen to use the competition to choose a lifemate for his daughter Well to narrow down the field So now all Falon has to do is become champion and get her father's blessing and he can go around Shanelle's objectionsBut part of the reason Shanelle has learned how to pilot space ships is that she plans to flee Sha Kar'ani if she is forced to marry someone she doesn't loveGood seuel to Warrior's Woman As Shanelle and Falon are both from Sha Kar'ani the culture clash and power dynamics aren't uite as fiery as the first book In this book there is pursuit and less direct personality clashing Falon must overcome Shanelle's fear and reassure her that things are a bit different culturally in the north

  10. Charlie Charlie says:

    I enjoyed this just as much if not than book 1 Fun and sexy with dominant alien warriors it was the perfect fluffy romance It's a shame the covers for this series are so terrible but oh well

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