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  • Paperback
  • 408 pages
  • The Robbers
  • Paul Anderson
  • English
  • 09 February 2019

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    On face value, The Robbers looks to be a typical crime tale written by an author well versed in crime fictions true to life counterpart However, the fa ade is quickly diminished once the pages get turning By in large, The Robbers is noir the protagonists are tainted, a law unto themselves, a band of brothers with a slightly skewed moral compass, their means justify the end Some are family men, others glorified hounds yet they all serve a common purpose clean the street of its scum by any means necessary Think footy and you think Brereton, Dipper, Rhys Jones and Lockett The real hard c nts Think Victoria Police and you think The Robbers We still shirtfront the bad blokes This line sure gets my literary senses tingling words direct from our own brand of Aussie noir The members that comprise the elite Armed Robbery Squad are diverse, deep, and not afraid to go against the grain There s something that invokes a sense of hero worship and desire to see them conquer all despite overwhelming odds agains...

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    Drawing on his relationship with the Victorian Armed Robbery Squad as an award winning police reporter, Paul Anderson s gritty The Robbers is a fictionalised account of modern day policing from the inside amongst the officers who confront some of society s most dangerous and desperate criminals When journalist Ian Malone is assigned as the police reporter for The Age,, his first planned feature is on the fearsome reputation of the Victorian Armed Robbery Squad Repeatedly under fire in the media for allegations of excessive force and intimidation, the units modus operandi is in direct conflict with the growing culture of corporate policing But protecting society from the excesses of violent, remorseless criminals demands a unique commitment and The Robbers explores the myriad of grey area in maintaining law and order.And there is plenty of grey Few among us can comfortably condone the use of physical violence against a police suspect but can the ends ever justify the means Fast paced and action packed, the author highlights the conflicts and complexity of modern policing with unflinching honesty While police bureaucracy busy themselves with image making and political point scoring, police on the coalface, such as the members of the Arm...

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    Paul Anderson presents a meticulously researched and vivid personification of the Victorian Armed Robbery Squad in his fictional portrayal, The Robbers It s clear from the very first page that Anderson knows what he s talking about, drawing from his own knowledge and experience in working as a police and court reporter for the Herald Sun.The Armed Robbery Squad, known as the Robbers is a real man s world The detectives are tough, loyal to their team and devoted to their job just as you would expect a police officer to be But they are also crude, dismissive, violent and at times downright scary They put their lives on the line every single day and have a ferocious attitude of taking down the criminals with whatever means at their disposal Then there s Kelso, the detective that leads the squad who frequents strip clubs sorry gentleman clubs and prostitutes, beats up criminals on the street and at times I questioned whether he had some serious sociopathic tendencies not unlike the criminals he hunted What Anderson does so well is create an understanding of these very flawed characters and even though I didn t particularly like them, I wanted to see the best in them There were times I was completely appalled, disgusted even by their behaviour but there were also times when I did sympathise with them in those rare moments when their guard was down.Even though the stats are in their favour f...

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    Award winning police reporter Paul Anderson obviously spent a lot of time around the Victorian Armed Robbery Squad during some pivotal investigations in this state as there s much of the plot in THE ROBBERS which rings loud, persistent and very musical bells.There is therefore a parallel when journalist Ian Malone is assigned as a police reporter, his first involvement with the the Robbers as he wants to write a feature about the feared, and not always admired Squad Malone is along for the ride as the Robbers slowly fall from favour with the controlled, corporate, considered style of policing overtaking the Victorian Service.There is also the parallels that can be drawn between the villains in this book and many of the names from some of the worst of the Melbourne Underworld wars and associated cases, some of which have been the most high profile crimes in recent Victorian history These aspects are the most chilling parts of this book taking the opportunity to look behind the headlines and court cases at the sorts of people that many of this criminals could be maybe actually are.Along the way Anderson takes the opportunity to cast a light into some very dark corners of all sides of the equation There s not a lot of aspects that miss out, from the criminals that front line police have to find a way of dealing with, past policing behaviour including physical violence, ...

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    This is another interesting Australian crime novel that has a solid story but is unnecessarily vivid in it s description of violence and sexual material whilst also being altogether rough around the edges.There s a genuine brutality to ...

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    Paul s background as a crime reporter is used to good effect as the events of the novel echo what happened in Melbourne a little while ago.

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The Robbers PDF Epub The Robbers By Paul Anderson Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk The Victoria Police Armed Robbery Squad Has Long Been Considered The Hardest And Most Feared Group Of Victorian Detectives They Operate Without Fear Or Favour Newspaper Journalist Ian Malone, New To The City Crime Beat, Has Assigned Himself A Story Uncover The Truth About The Enigmatic Squad Have The Men From The Robbers Been Demonised Or Is Their Hard Arm Reputation Deserved It Is A Time Of Disruption And Change Force Command And A New Police Ethics Commission Want The Armed Robbery Squad Disbanded Apart From Political Enemies, The Squad Has A New Nemesis On The Street A Vicious Bandit Prepared To Shoot Robbery Victims And Detectives The Armed Robbery Squad Men, For So Long The Hunters, Have Become The Hunted As Malone Builds A Unique And Unexpected Bond With The Squad He Is Enticed Into A Sometimes Dark, Seedy And Seductive World Where Right Can Be Wrong And Wrong Can Often Be Right A Grey World Of Honour Versus Politics Heat Meets Animal Kingdom In This Gritty And Dirty Crime Saga The Robbers Takes The Reader Into A World Where Cops And Bandits Fight A Silent War A World Where The Most Dangerous Enemies Might Just Be The Bureaucrats And The Political Powerbrokers Honour Versus Politics In A Grey World Where Nothing Is As Black And White As The Media Makes It Appear.

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