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  1. megHan megHan says:

    Let me start off by saying that I am a HUGE Peter Pan fan He is one of several characters that I have to read or watch ANYTHING with his name on itI am also a fan of books that tell the REAL story because as you well know there are always two sides to every storyCaptain James Hook and THE CURSE of Peter Pan says it allThis is the story of Peter Pan and James Hook got to where they are today from Hook's point of view The story begins when Jim is a boy and Peter Pan flies through his window I absolutely loved it so much that I couldn't put it down If you want to know why Hook despises Pan so much besides just for the fact that he has only one hand because of him then you really need to check this book out It is DEFINITELY worth the read and the 299 it costs on to read it on your Kindle or Kindle app

  2. colleen the convivial curmudgeon colleen the convivial curmudgeon says:

    35Peter Pan is another one of those stories that I would say I'm a fan of even though I'd never actually read it I grew up with the Disney movie version and have read a few retellings and versions but I've never read the original story So I can't really say how this compares to thatThat said I like pirates and I was curious to read a version of the story where Hook isn't the villain he's made out to beI was somewhat surprised to find how little Peter Pan was actually in this story He acts as a catalyst and he does show up from time to time but mostly this is the story of James Hook and how he turned from young English school boy to a member of the British navy to pirate and Pan definitely does play an important role in the events that unfold This book is on the darker side and there were times where I found myself surprised that it's essentially listed as a kids book I mean in the next book of the series there's a scene where view spoilerone of the pirates shoots himself in the head hide spoiler

  3. Mindy Hunter Mindy Hunter says:

    I love the back stories to well known stories like this Seeing how young James became Captain Hook and how he met Peter and also why he hates Peter so much is just fantastic Well written I liked the characters I only wish that they would have built a little on his pirating adventures I just felt like it was short and I would have loved to see of young Hook All in all I liked it a lot though

  4. Giancarlo Giancarlo says:

    This book was very great and interesting it has so many details about how life was back the with ships and pirates This book has an extreme twist because captain hook isn't the bad guy but peter pan is It explains captain hook's life and how it got ruined by peter pan I recommend this book to all action and drama book lovers If you have the right and creative mind you can actually picture like a mini movie about the book that is how well described the book is

  5. K.A. Poe K.A. Poe says:

    This book was excellent I loved the idea of getting to know Hook and how he became the villain he is in Neverland My mother lent the book to me after she read it and I am beyond glad that I got the opportunity to give this book a chance My only complaint is that the final chapter could have delved deeper into how Hook came to Neverland Otherwise I loved it

  6. Chad Simons Chad Simons says:

    I started this review several times and deleted it not feeling like the first sentence was doing it justice for a uick sum up of the book Not that starting it by telling you that makes it any better 4 stars Certainly 4 stars I wish this was on a ten scale because it feels like it might be just better than 4 stars but it wasn't uite a 5 star read listenfor me I would probably give it a 9 on a 10 scale or a 13 on a 15 scale or a 17 on a 20 scale you get the point I like the story I like the interpretation of the age old classic Some parts of this book bothered me as far as the development of the characters and some parts I loved It was a relatively uick listen if you are driving to Vegas from Salt Lake you can complete if you start it when you leave and finish it when you arrive as long as you drive around in Vegas for about 20 minutes Parts of this story are dark Not your typical Peter Pan type of events There is death There is destruction deceit revenge and of the dastardly characteristics common among the pirate stereotypes Disney probably wont make this one a movie Like I said already I liked it it just took a different road than I was expecting for a Peter Pan type story

  7. Michael Michael says:

    The story Captain James Hook And The Curse Of Peter Pan is the story of Captain James Hook retelling the story of his past recounting the tales from his young childhood to his adulthood Through this we learn a lot about the Captains horrific past and the scars it makes The telling of the story is brilliantly told the new perspective of Captain Hook really sets the mood for what can be expected from his past and the recognition of the Captain's telling the story is never too far as to confuse the reader this is done by adding the Captains remarks in his telling of the story Another positive note is the complexity that the book has that pieces the story together for both the reader and the Captain The downside of this book is the pace The pace of the story doesn't allow the reader to connect to characters other then Captain Hook causing readers to not be able to feel sympathy towards the Captains emotions toward other characters like his father his mother and his friends This book has been a thrilling read from start to finish It also accurately connects this book from the original story of Peter Pan giving fans of the original a reason to read this book to learn about our dual armed crusader

  8. Juliette Juliette says:

    I feel a lot of my reviews need to start with the fact that I'm all about characters So when I get to chapter nine of a book and I find that I don't care an iota about a single character yet I can't go on Which is a shame because I bet this book is pretty good I love retold stories I wanted to stop at chapter four but thought that I should give it some time I think chapter nine was acceptableAlso I have recent vision problems that make me extremely picky about what books I spend time with Previously I probably would have gone further into this book before giving up I may come back another day to give it another chance

  9. Richard Richard says:

    Okay story of pirates that uses the Peter Pan mythology as a basis for the plot A revisionist version of course somewhat like the TV show Once Upon A Time in that the characters are similar to the old stories but interact differently A free book of the day on Kindle or I would not have picked this one up it still is a decent read for anyone interested in Disney related characters or J M Barrie retread stories

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Captain James Hook and the Curse of Peter Pan ❴Epub❵ ❧ Captain James Hook and the Curse of Peter Pan Author Jeremiah Kleckner – Captain Hook has been captured by the British navy—and is soon to be hungAs Hook tells his life story to his captor it soon becomes clear that the fearsome pirate was once a scholarly if sickly boy Captain Hook has been captured by the British Hook and PDF/EPUB ¶ navy—and is soon to be hungAs Hook tells his life story to his captor it soon becomes clear that the fearsome pirate was once a scholarly if sickly boy—until one fateful night in Port Royal when he meets the volatile Peter Pan Raise the Jolly Roger and discover the book that opened thousands of Captain James PDF \ eyes to the possibility that once upon a time Captain Hook was not the villain we know him to beSince its publication in June of this original story takes you through Captain Hook's rise to piracy including his first confrontation with Long John Silver and his service on the ueen Anne's Revenge alongside Blackbeard at the Charleston BlockadeThis book is not a James Hook and MOBI · retelling of the events of J M Barrie's beloved novel Far from it It's a defense of the world's most famous pirate told by the man himselfCaptain Hook has reason and wit behind his hatred for Peter Pan If only someone would listen.