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Angel Heart [Read] ➯ Angel Heart Author Marie Laval – Historical RomanceMarie Ange the young widow of an English officer accepts an inheritance in France only to find that everything in Beauregard is not as it seems Why is the sinister Malleval so obsess Historical RomanceMarie Ange the young widow of an English officer accepts an inheritance in France only to find that everything in Beauregard is not as it seems Why is the sinister Malleval so obsessed with her family And could her darling Christopher still be alive Marie Ange finds herself trapped in a dangerous web of lies intrigue and mystical possession and the only person to whom she can turn for help is Captain Hugo Saintclair Yet the enigmatic Hugo represents a danger of a different kind ‘Angel Heart’ is a lavish mix of romance adventure and a hint of the supernatural largely set in France against the turbulent background of Napoleon’s return from Elba.

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  1. Frankie (Chicks, Rogues and Scandals) Frankie (Chicks, Rogues and Scandals) says:

    This is the first book I have read by this author and it won’t be the last I haven’t read a lot of books which has a supernatural undertone and those that I have haven’t been my cup of tea so I started this with an open mind But I really didn’t need to worry Marie Lavel has done a great job at building the story up and not over powering the reader with too much paranormal in fact I found that side of the story very subtleI like how the story is spread over three years with lots of unexpected twists and turns that keeps you ripped to edge of your seat wondering where on earth this is going and what if our couple are going to get their so much deserved happy endingThe minute that Marie Ange and Hugh meet there is an instant attraction between them the chemistry sizzles between them even when they are bickering they are a fascinating couple They are very much chalk and cheese her from a well to do aristocratic French family and Hugh from a good hard working and honest family They couldn’t be different but yet they really workreally like this the story flows effortlessly It intrigues you with all the various twists that keeps you guessing right to the last page it has got so much than a regular Historical Romance the plot keeps you on you toes and gets you thinking It has everything from highway robbery Templar secret codes spies and a baddie that may be completely off his rocker but he really does steal the show all mixed in with a charming love story that has a bit of magicI really like Lavel’s work her attention to detail is flawless especially when it come to the French areas and customs she writes with such passion and there is tender atmospheric charm to her writing that I have completely been drawn in to and I can’t wait to read of her workI highly recommend thisI his was a complimentary copy from the author in return for an honest revie

  2. Linda Hays-Gibbs Linda Hays-Gibbs says:

    Feb21 2013Review by Linda Hays Gibbs ofAngel HeartBy Marie Laval Marie Ange was a poor widow of Christopher Norton for six lonely years She is desperate for money as her estate is falling down around her and her young brother in law Robert's head She is given notice that a relative if hers has died in France and all she has to do to claim this much needed money is travel to France and sign some papers She feels she has no choice but to go Hugo Saintclair is a self made French Captain of the ship that takes Marie Ange to France There is an immediate attraction between her and Saintclair She has vowed to grieve for her husband until she dies until she looks into the blue eyes of the Captain Then she discovers that her husband might not be dead after all This is just the start of a very exciting and mysterious adventure You learn to love and grieve for these two star crossed lovers They have a very hard time just staying alive much less loving each other I was captivated by the determination and courage of Marie Ange but frustrated with her trust and innocence She was a fast and furious heroine though despite her many problems Hugo rescued her so many times I lost count and although he was brave and heroic as well as handsome he was stubborn and always had a point to make He seemed to have an inferiority complex that inspired him on to do great things and become the heroic figure he was I must say that I fell in love with him too In this inspiring love story set in Regency England and France there was great turmoil in the world and the author added legends and supernatural occurrences too It was very unusual and interesting The characters and the plot were very well thought out and fully fleshed You even felt sorry for the evil Maleval Even his name told you this was not a nice man but he had his obsessions too I really enjoyed this exciting mysterious paranormal regency romance I look forward to stories from this author I give her five stars out of five for an excellent read

  3. Sara Durham Sara Durham says:

    Angel Heart by Marie LavalMs Laval offers up a fascinating historical romance that’s intricately spiced with mystical intrigue and harrowing adventure The backdrop is early 19th century France where political unrest is still a constant and sympathies are well divided between the royalists and the exiled Napoleon BonaparteWhen Marie Ange Norton the widow of an English officer is summoned by a distant relative in France to claim her share of an inheritance she believes it is the answer to her strained financial situation and saving her home in Devonshire England Capitaine Hugo Saintclair a French cuirassier officer is tasked with escorting Mrs Norton to the Beauregard Estate in Lyon France and that’s when the trouble begins There is instant chemistry between Marie Ange and Saintclair but things are not so easy for them as they face a bevy of dangerous threats not the least of which is Marie Ange’s mad relative Uxeloup Malleval who is obsessed with obtaining the secret to eternal life at any cost Further complicating their situation is the uestion of Marie Ange’s dead husband who may not have died after all And despite the smoldering attraction between she and the Capitaine Marie Ange still harbors a deep seated hope that her husband is indeed alive and that he will return to her as the same man she lost six years prior The odds are certainly against these two strangers from very different lives but through their shared trials an epic love story emerges and the ride is certainly worth it in the end Ms Laval renders the settings with a deft pen and it is clear she has the research well in hand The supernatural mystery of the story is especially fascinating and kept me turning the pages late into the nightFrom the blustery cliffs of Devonshire to d’Arginy Castle and on to Algiers Angel Heart is a wonderful story that I highly recommend for fans of historical romance who especially love supernatural undertones and a touch of gothic I’m looking forward to reading stories by this author Well done Marie Laval

  4. Alice Doherty Alice Doherty says:

    A lovely read with plenty of action and romance The plot is rich with well researched details of France and as a reader you feel yourself being pulled into Marie Ange’s journey I’m looking forward to exploring of Marie Laval’s work 😊

  5. Helen Hollick Helen Hollick says:

    This book has received a Discovering Diamonds Review Helen Hollickfounder #DDRevs'Absolutely worth reading and I feel there is to come from this author'

  6. Maria Maria says:

    Angel Heart by Marie Laval is a stunning piece of historical romantic suspense exuisitely written and lovingly told against the backdrop of the close of the Napoleonic era in France Although a few scenes take place in England the story unfolds mostly in France In the opening chapters of the novel we meet Marie Ange Norton nee Jones a young widow still in her early twenties widowed tragically young She continues to wear mourning and lives in seclusion cherishing sweet memories of a husband she’d just been getting to know when he was tragically killed in battle off the Spanish coast We may not initially realize it but her memories are tinged with idealism Christopher was the perfect lover and the perfect husband She loves her late husband’s younger brother and treats him as her own brother all too aware that he will soon leave her and follow his elder brother into the Royal Navy The brother and sister in law the last of their family live in crumbling mansion on the coastline of England However the arrival of a French ship in the neighbourhood bearing the enigmatic French Army officer Hugo Santclair changes Marie Ange’s secluded existence forever although she’s not aware of it at the time Capitaine Saintclair bears news of the demise Marie Ange’s step grandfather the notorious Edmond Malleval Malleval has it seems left Marie Ange some beuest She is now reuired to accompany the Capitaine to France to meet her step uncle Uxeloup Malleval don’t you just love that name and complete some routine formalities The journey to Malleval’s home in France is hazardous first a ship journey then a long drive by carriage encountering unknown dangers along the way such as highwaymen France with its monarchy newly re established is a dangerous place and it is hard to know who is a friend or a foe Marie Ange having lived a simple life up to know is not at all attracted to the handsome Capitaine finding him somewhat worldly and repulsiveThe story takes an interesting turn when Marie Ange spots a man who looks and sounds exactly like her late husband who doesn’t seem to recognize her Either the man is an exact double or her husband didn’t die after all Her relative Uxeloup Malleval turns out to be a dark character indeed and he has some dastardly plans for Marie Ange Finding herself in a hotbed of intrigue and danger she finds that Malleval and his ghastly friend Karloff are than a little interested in her late mother’s locket and sketch book A mystery worthy of the Da Vinci Code ensues involving hidden treasures Knights Templar and the like Marie Ange also uncovers mysteries from her past such as her true parentage There were delicious chills and excitement in abundance adding up to a thrilling readWhat is particularly interesting is the development of the characters how they grow and change in the course of the story Capitaine Santclair a man of humble origin who has risen to be an officer in Napoleon’s army shows a perfect example of how a cynical war weary worldly man can turn into a passionate valiant and faithful lover Marie Ange is so simple and unworldly that at first the Capitaine suspects her of duplicity wearing the mask of a grieving widow while pursuing affairs in secret The realization that Marie Ange is exactly what she shows herself to be – woman still in love with her dead husband – has a strange effect indeed on this man But as the story progresses Marie Ange shows her inner strength metamorphosing from being a simple gentle girl widow to a feisty woman ready to fight to defend herself and even to kill when put to the test As the story develops she transforms in the eyes of the world from a grieving widow to a lover and most astonishingly as a runaway wife The ultimate irony in a way Discovering that she may not after all be a widow would have brought joy to her life at the opening of the story but as her relationship with the capitaine develops it complicates thingsAs a lifelong enthusiast of all things French language culture and history I was struck by how authentically French the novel felt The author voice was perfectly clear and expressive in English yet it had a French ring to it I was not surprised to learn that the author is a FrenchwomanThere is a slight supernatural twist to the story too and this only added to the pleasure of reading There is a lot to recommend this book and I hope that it is widely read and enjoyed

  7. Debbie Debbie says:

    I thought this book was fairly good it had a nice storyline to it mixing turmoil of Napoleon wanting to take France back with the long lost relatives finding they're actually have large amounts of money in France they knew nothing about throwing in a little bit of magic Knights Templar history secrets I was slightly disappointed with this book as there were so many similarities between this one Lion's Embrace and the hero has the same nickname to do with Lion's strength also the same surnames Saintclair French home are used in both books which I found a little confusing at timesMarie Ange is the widow of an English naval officer who finds out via a letter inviting her to France to sign inheritance papers for some property which belonged to her mother she finds she has living relatives who can tell her about her mother who sadly died when she was young She was married to Christopher Norton for 4 months before he was declared dead after his ship was sunk all were declared dead lost at sea However when Marie Ange is escorted to France by French naval officer Capitaine Hugo Saintclair who is actually escorting her to claim her inheritance to pay off a gambling debt owed to her relative Malleval Everything seems above board until Marie Ange arrives in France finds her relative is slightly insane convinced that an old family story about some secret Knights Templar secret icon is hidden at Beauregard that could cure his illness make him immortal Pretty strong similarities between The Da Vinci Code her previous book come in here with having to follow clues to find the icon before the relative can get to it first Whilst in France she is sure she saw her dead husband Hugo tries to make her see that it could just be similar looks but she is convinced the man she's seen a few times is her beloved husband so Hugo agrees to help her find out if it really is her husband whilst fighting the day to day chaos in the Malleval house as her relative's behaviour becomes erratic as his illness takes hold of him he gets desperate to find the icon Hugo realises that Malleval hasn't told Marie Ange the truth I would recommend reading this book but I would say if you're going to read her other books don't do as I did read Lion's Embrace then read Angel Heart one after the other as there are uite a few similarities that you maybe confused as to which one you are reading

  8. Jo Barton Jo Barton says:

    Marie Ange Norton is summoned to France ostensibly to claim an inheritance which was hers by right of birth Her now impoverished state is largely due to her husband's mysterious disappearance whilst fighting in the Napoleonic wars leaving her in desperate financial need In order to maintain the family home for Robert her husband's younger brother Marie Ange must make the difficult journey to her as yet unknown relative in FranceCapitaine Hugo Saintclair a French cuirassier officer is charged with the responsibility of getting Marie Ange safely to her destination namely the Beauregard Estate in Lyon France where she hopes to meet with her relative Uxeloup Malleval However the journey to Lyon is fraught with obstacles and Marie Ange finds herself relying and on the gallant Capitaine's supportSet in 1815 against the backdrop of the latter years of Napoleonic rule both time and place is captured really well and there is a distinct sense of excitement particularly for Marie Ange who is a feisty and determined protagonist From the outset all is not well at Beauregard and her malevolent and scheming relative Malleval has ideas for Marie Ange's future which seem to have no basis in realityI found the book absorbing with a nice blend of fast moving thriller and passionate romance and with than enough twists and turns to keep me guessing until the end The politics of the time are nicely explained and the inherent danger which confronts Marie Ange is told in an imaginative mix of suspense and mystical superstition The story thrives on danger and political intrigue but it is in the burgeoning romance between Marie Ange and Hugo where the story starts to tug away at the heartstrings I so wanted everything to work out for them and with this forefront in my mind I raced through the story with great enjoymentBeautifully written with a fine eye for detail Angel Heart combines love loss betrayal and shocking family secrets in a story which captivates to the very end

  9. Elizabeth of Silver& Elizabeth of Silver& says:

    Marie Ange a widow? But is she really a widow? Besides mourning her husband she is almost out of money and her home is falling apart Her money problems may become solved because of an inheritance A connection to her mother wrote and strongly suggested Marie Ange travel to France to obtain her inheritance and her adventures beganadventures both good as well as dangerous Being a lady she is not allowed to travel alone She is accompanied by Capitaine Saintclair When she safely arrives she finds out her inheritance was a ploy to get her to tell Uxeloup an evil man who is dying where the Cross of Life is Marie Ange really has no idea but plays along to save her life ANGEL HEART follows Marie Ange through her life describing the many adventures she encounters or creates for herselfThe book is well written and detailed There are a lot of unsavory devious characters and many secrets for Marie Ange to find out Secrets about who her father really is secrets about what really happened to her mother and secrets about why everyone wanted to possess the Cross of LifeMarie Ange was a bit naive but very strong willed Christopher her husband turned out to be an evil person Captaine Saintclaire was a bit unsavory but interesting enough to be likedI enjoyed the book even though it was a bit long The lengthy book was worth it though because just when the book became a little too detailed and you were ready to give up Ms Laval skillfully threw in a teaser or tidbit to keep you readingIf you enjoy a good romance mystery fantasy and history ANGEL HEART fits the bill ANGEL HEART kept my interest with the ending pages being the best part with a good deal of tension and intrigue 45I received this book free of charge and without compensation from the author in return for an honest review

  10. Zrinka Jelic Zrinka Jelic says:

    Move over Dan Brown here comes Marie Laval Her début novel set in England France and Algeris in the 1800'swill pull you in and refuse to let you go until you reach the last page and they will leave you wanting You'll follow Marie Ange on her trip from England to France under the escort of Capitaine Saintclair fall in love with him as he rescues her from deranged lunatic obsessed by an secret relic brought to France by Templars we learn of secret templars society the protectors of ancient order the guardians Marie Ange learns too she wasn't a widow as she thought to be for the past six years though in her heart she never truly believed it But her husband once dear loving man is now something else a cruel cold blooded killer She also discovers the man who raised her the only father she knew could not be the man who fathered her She reunites with her real father and learns a lot that she was prepared to know If she embarked on her journey as a somewhat naive girl easily lured to France by a prospect of inheritance she uickly learns she must adapt to her fast changing situations By the end of the book she is nobody's fool The book is full of unexpected twists and turns that will leave you guessing what's next and you'll have to read on to find out There's no putting this book down until it's done

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