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Salve Roma: A Felidae Novel To Rome As Francis Master Receives The Call To Supervise The Excavations Of Newly Discovered Catacombs In The Roman Forum, He Wants To Accommodate His Francis In A Cat S Pension However, The Sly Cat Does Not Take Part In The Play And Escorts Him As A Stowaway On The Trip To Reach, Finally, The City Of His Dreams The Pointy Eared Tourist Lands Safely On Target At The Largo Argentina, Where Countless Homeless Stray Cats Live And The Dangerous Cat S Mafia Controls Everything Soon It Turns Out That The Scattering Community Protects A Cruel Secret For Some Time Now A Series Of Murders Rages Among The Homeless Cats Francis Detective Instinct Is Kindled With The Help Of A Newfound Friend Who Knows The Lanes And Catacombs Confusion Of The Metropolis Very Well, He Takes Up The Track Of The Uncanny Butcher

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    Man nehme die Handlung der ersten Felidae Romane, verlege sie nach Rom und spule das ganze nach Schema F ab wie immer gut geschrieben, wie immer ganz witzig, aber so langsam verlieren die Geschichten um Francis ihren Reiz.

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    7 10

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