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    I read somewhere that the author wrote this as part of a writing class While I m glad she s taking classes, I m not sure it s fair to practise on the unsuspecting public like this I ll try to give you a sense of the book The writing was bad Elsa said, Dagnammit The writing is bad , and took a swing at Mike Mike got the feeling Elsa thought the writing was bad He giggled and hid a whoopee cushion on her seat I m a Geriatric Rebel Mike whooped Elsa said, I m not bad for my age You look like a fool , and fell down Because she s old Mike thought that Elsa w...

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    Originally posted at being in a nursing home when you really don t need to be Your son has sent you there while he s gone because he doesn t want you to be alone You re bored So what do you do The two main characters in this book decide to play practical jokes This author must have known some feisty older folks She makes her characters a bit lonely since the death of their spouses and a bit slower because of age, but their brains are still working just fine Elsa and Mike meet one night They are both skulking around in the evening because they aren t ready to sleep yet They are also being bad Elsa moves water pitchers about Mike does things like substitute sugar for salt Once they find they are partners in crime, they begin to share time together and mutually play tricks on the staff.Have you ever visited an assisted living unit People there are mobile for the most part and just require minimal care Some need help showering and dressing and pills are monitored, but they have a lot of freedom otherwise The author does an excellent job of showing how focused people with limited activities and space can be after time They often develop ideas that may not be true, but they believe it and refuse to change their minds When Elsa and Mike start becoming a couple, George is extremely jealous He had his eye on her The war between the two old men over Elsa sounds very reasonable and real They take turns dumping ...

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    I think this book is mis named, since it really has nothing to do with elderly health issues Also, being in this age range, I m not sure I m ready to be called elderly either, but the book enforces my idea that we are only as old as we feel, and Elsa Mike are definitely not old This is the story of a couple of rebellious seniors It s a romance, and they done her wrong It s funny, and if you are a senior, it will get your gander ...

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    215kb, contemporary comedy, at 72 his is in a nursing home for therapy, he is impossible, and refuses his medicine and therapy, until he meets a 70 woman, left there while her sons family is on vacation.

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Geriatric Rebels Geriatric Rebels Download Author Roseanne Dowell Jwdfitness.co.uk Forced To Stay In A Nursing Home While Undergoing Therapy, Seventy Two Year Old, Mike Powell Refuses To Get Out Of Bed, Won T Cooperate With The Nurses, And Won T Take His Medicine At Least Not Until He Meets Elsa The Tiny, Spunky Little Elsa Sparks New Life Into Him.Seventy Year Old, Elsa Left In The Home While Her Son Takes A Family Vacation Joins Forces With Mike, Setting The Home On Its Heels, And Later Discovers Deception And Fraud Can They Find Happiness Together