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Angel (A:R Earth, #3) Detective John Stonebrook Suspects There Is Something Very Strange About His New Friend, Finn, But He S So Infatuated With The Attractive Young Man That It S Difficult For Him To Think Clearly It S A Bad Time To Be Distracted Because Someone Is Sending John Ominous Messages That Suggest Finn May Be In Danger Or May Actually Be The Source Of The Danger Book 2 Of The A R Series M M Romance

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    Don t attempt to read as a standalone or else you ll be confused This follows on exactly from the moment Angel Reverse ends A lot of the loose ends from the first book are resolved in this but I think there are areas of the plot and characters left open to explore and give closure to, so I really hope we getin the series, having said that I was totally satisfied with Angel Released, and it s inspired ending I sat and practically devoured every word Tricia Owens is a trendsetter w...

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    There is something about Finn that just makes me want to hug him I loved the first book, and once I knew there was a second book, I couldn t wait to download it and read it I love the differences between Finn and John Stonebrook, how Finn is willing and open to love, but John isn t, even tho...

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    I seem to recall that when I read these way back when they were still subscription based, there was a whole lotof gritty crime and kinky smut and a whole lot less of mushy I Wuv Yous Oh well.

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    What a thrilling ending u so don t want to miss it this is def a series where u can t but wantfrom the author hahs