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One Thing I Desire ❮Read❯ ➯ One Thing I Desire Author Sarah L. Bryant – What is your deepest desire Has your life been engulfed by one consuming passion — that you would deeply know your Savior Jesus Christ and the fullness of the Gospel We are given only one life — o What is your deepest desire Has your life been engulfed by one consuming passion — that you would deeply know your Savior Jesus Christ and the fullness of the Gospel We are given only one life — one blink of an eye in light of One Thing eBook ´ a shoreless eternity What is our purpose in this earthly life The greatest command is to love the Lord our God with all of our heart yet how do we love a God we do not know We know how to fit into the right Christian circles and say all the right things — but do we personally know the Author of our salvation Sarah's desire is to challenge young ladies to pour out their lives in the Scriptures seeking the face of their Savior — in the days of their youth This is vital so that they will be euipped to teach the next generation about the faithfulness of God One Thing I Desire is penned to encourage you in your uest to seek and know your Redeemer through His Word that your heart would be enraptured by Christ's great work accomplished in the Gospel The grandeur of this One Thing will spur you to love Him with all of your heart soul and mind — and to worship Him throughout all of eternity.

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  1. Bethany Bethany says:

    I was very excited when I first heard about Sarah's new book One Thing I Desire I have read her first book The Family Daughter around three times in the past two years and have always found encouragement through it This was a very inspiring read I felt convicted enlighted and inspired by Sarah's words and would highly recommend this book to any young lady looking for encouragement in her daily walk with Christ The 6 chapters in this book include Looking unto Jesus A Captivating uest On Bent Knees All These Vain Things A Living Sacrifice Facedown and also include sections on Personal Evaluations and Food for Spiritual Revival Before reading this book I felt like I was in a desert spirtualy and fel very dry but this book helped me get re motivated and inspired me to pray often consider the thimgs I spend my time on and get back into the habbit of devotin time to the Lord each and every dayI really enjoyed this read it was just the spirtual food I needed to help me get back on track I would HIGHY encourage each and every young lady looking to deppen her relationship with Christ to read this book

  2. Bekah Bekah says:

    To be honest I started this book years ago but never finished it and it sat in one of my drawers just waiting for its moment to be read I'm so glad I picked it up and read it completely through This is such a gem of a bookWhat I Liked There were several things that I liked about this book Sarah L Bryant wrote this book in a very approachable way I really loved how she humbly shared her own testimonies and tips on growing closer to Christ This book definitely awakened in me a hunger to study God's Word in depth It was overall a very good encouragementThis book is definitely full of wonderful tips and encouraging uotes and it is practically bursting at the seams with Scriptures to be memorized Something I really appreciated with this book was how this author backed up every single thing she said every tip she gave with Scripture This was also a shorter read but that made for no less a sweet read Sometimes short and sweet is best and Sarah L Bryant definitely packed a lot into this small book What I Didn't Like There wasn't anything in this book that I didn't like The only thing that upset me is that I accidentally spilled hot chocolate on the book one morning so now several pages are stained Oh well troubles of an avid reader who is very protective over the well being of her books HahaI give this book 5 stars for an excellent encouraging book about making sure Christ comes FIRST in our lives I highly recommend this book

  3. Taylor Taylor says:


  4. Peyton Peyton says:

    This is a wonderful book I enjoyed it;

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