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Edge of the Past Edge #2 ❮Read❯ ➪ Edge of the Past Edge #2 Author Jennifer Comeaux – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Emily's skating career and personal life have never been golden She and her partner Chris have won every competition they've entered this season and she's found the man of her dreams in her coach Serg Emily's skating career and personal life have the Past Epub µ never been golden She and her partner Chris have won every competition they've entered this season and she's found the man of her dreams in her coach Sergei But when one of the biggest competitions of the year takes Emily and Sergei to Russia Sergei's past explodes into the present and makes Emily doubt everything in their future.

About the Author: Jennifer Comeaux

Jennifer Comeaux is a tax accountant by the Past Epub µ day writer by night There aren’t any ice rinks near her home in south Louisiana but she’s a diehard figure skating fan and loves to write stories of romance set in the world of competitive skating One of her favorite pastimes is traveling to competitions where she can experience all the glitz and drama that inspire her writing When she's not writing t.

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  1. Cocktails and Books Cocktails and Books says:

    After everything that Emily and Sergei went through in Life on the Edge I couldn't imagine what from Sergei's past could cause turmoil for them now as their wedding day approached Oops Talk about being a little naive on my part Sergei's past came back with a vengeance and truly did test them and what they would do to ensure the other's happinessEmily's excited when a big international skating competition takes them to Russia This gives her the opportunity to meet Sergei's parents before the wedding and get to see just where Sergei grew up and learned to skate But their trip to Russia doesn't start off well when Chris injures his shoulder during the stort program forcing them to withdraw from the competition and a trip to Sergei's old rink brings them face to face with his ex partnerlover ElenaEmily and Sergei were just as sweet and cute as they were in the first book They're planning their wedding training and building their life together With their relationship being out in the open Emily and Sergei seem much relaxed and at peace with where their life is But that trip to Russia changes everything Not only does Emily have to deal with the insecurities she has about Elena and all the firsts she had with Sergei they also come face to face with the view spoilerchild Elena gave awayWhile Sergei dives head first into his relationship with his daughter Emily tries to become the fixer She offers her spare room to Elena and Liza she asks the kids at the rink to involve Liza in their winter programs all while having Elena belittle threaten and be downright rude to her Emily was so busy fixing the SergeiLizaElena issues and trying to play peacemaker that she was pushing aside or holding in her own fears and insecurities to put less of a burden on Sergei In the end her trying to fix everything almost cost her what she wanted and needed mostElena is the ultimate evil woman While she doesn't want Sergei for herself she will do anything to drive a wedge between Emily and Sergei even using her daughter She's harsh bitter and very hard to like even when she's trying to do the right thing Nothing was ever about anyone other than Elena and it was hard to imagine what it was about her that ever attracted Sergei hide spoiler

  2. Jen Jen says:

    “We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us” Joseph CampbellThere is a famous saying that was once the bane of my existence back in school I feel this saying applies well to Jennifer’s LIFE ON THE EDGE seuel “Those who don’t learn their history are bound to repeat it” In EDGE OF THE PAST the characters introduced to us in book one come full circle Unsettled issues thought to be left in the past come back full force in this captivating seuel If these issues aren’t put to rest once and for all they could tear Sergei and Emily apart on the eve of their wedding EDGE OF THE PAST is an emotional roller coaster ride full of twists turns loops and heart pounding dips that will leave you laughing crying screaming and falling head over heels in love – all over againEDGE OF THE PAST picks up soon after where LIFE ON THE EDGE left off Sergei and Emily’s wedding is getting closer and their skating lives are just as busy The couple are on their way to Sergei’s native home land to compete in his old skating grounds and also to introduce his parents to their soon to be daughter in law While in Russia an unexpected visitor turns their lives completely upside down never to be the same again Sergei and Emily have faced and overcome challenging times before but what happens when these new obstacles become too difficult to bear?What I love most about Edge of the Past is the fact that it provides a strong sense of reality to the over powering world of literary fiction This book should come with a warning label I guarantee at some point you will want to literally jump into the novel just so you can slap the characters across the face and scream ‘what were you thinking?’ That fact alone is why this book is such a gem It is a reminder to us all that no one is perfect Even the most charitable person can have a moment of selfishness the kindest person can have a moment of anger and the most faithful person can lose hope Life is about imperfect people dealing with imperfect situations trying to make their individual lives as perfect as possible This novel is so relatable It was truly inspiring to watch how Sergei and Emily overcame these new challenges and I loved the lessons they learned along the way I hope to be able to apply them to my own lifePlan on neglecting your job chores spouses siblings or children when reading Jennifer Comeaux’s EDGE OF THE PAST This tale is for anyone who revels in suspense innocent love and compelling drama“I may not have gone where I intended to go but I think I’ve ended up where I needed to be” Douglas Adams5 StarsFor a second review of EotP and a giveaway contest visit Making the Grade HERE

  3. Mariann {at} Belle& Mariann {at} Belle& says:

    I was so looking forward to reading Edge Of The Past and I was so not disappointedThis story doesn't focus as much on the skating and competitions like Life On The Edge did The main focus here is how a certain situation from Sergei's past affects him and Emily after they return from Russia This is not the fun easy read that Life On The Edge was but it does have a HEA that I just loved Although this story has love and romance it also has than it's fair share of tears and heartache Sergei and Emily are battered in this book as well But besides that or maybe because of that I think that this is my favorite of the two books so far The flow of the writing and story sucked me in right from the start and wouldn't let go I didn't want to leave Sergei and Emily at the end even though I LOVED the ending So sweet and definitely left a smile on my face I love how Sergei tried not to exclude Emily from his dealings with Elena He may have been distracted while struggling with all of the changes to their life but he tried hard not to leave her out and he constantly tried to tell her as well as show her that he loved her Sergei sigh He is definitely not the ALPHA male type but I fell in love with his character right from the start I thought he handled the situation as best as he couldconsidering But I also felt for Emily's character and I thought that Jennifer wrote her feelings and emotions so well I totally understood why she acted the way she did And I even felt a little sorry for Elena just a little lol Again not one ounce of sex in this book either but as with Life On The Edge I didn't feel that the story lacked because of it Edge Of The Past definitely was not lacking in anything Great addition to the series Definitely a keeper to be reread I have become a HUGE fan of Jennifer and I am not so patiently waiting for the third book lol LOVE the covers for this series BEST OF THE BEST ratingARC provided by Jennifer Comeaux and Astraea PressThank you

  4. Rachelle Ayala Rachelle Ayala says:

    This second book from Jennifer Comeaux doesn't fail to please It picks up with Em and Sergei going to his native land of Russia and the deep dark secret he left behindUnfortunately Em's personable and fun pairs skating partner Chris is sidelined for most of this story He is injured early on and forced out of the picture This leaves Em free to dig into Sergei's past and try to come to terms with itThere is not as much ice skating action with Chris out of the picture and Sergei fails to fill in Chris's shoes or blades Em and Sergei try skating one time together but it turns into a tug of war with Sergei's past watching from the stands I couldn't connect to Sergei and felt he was making plans selfishly without considering all the other parties involved My biggest sympathy did not lie with Em either She knew what she was getting into and being jealous and peevish did not help her cause I felt that everyone was picking on this one person who deserved consideration This person had the depth and backstory to make the drama flavorful and heart tugging in true tragic Russian literary style And while the ending is satisfactory the emotions were too muted and things came together rather uicklyThat said Edge of the Past is an enjoyable read if only to find out how Em deals with the complications life invariably throws up

  5. Julia Julia says:

    Just wanted to explain my lack of rating for this book because I don't want any potential readers to get the wrong impression This book fulfilled part of a team challenge This is not a genre I typically read and is probably the cleanest book I've read in many many years No sex No cursing No tattoos No piercings unless you count Emily's pierced ears Even the drama was of the clean cut variety It is so clean I'd probably even consider letting my pre teen daughter to read it It is strictly a romance I found it to be well written well edited and I did enjoy the story

  6. Jenna D. Jenna D. says:

    Review also posted at Making the Grade EDGE OF THE PAST by Jennifer Comeaux is the seuel to LIFE ON THE EDGE It’s the second book in a “new adult” series about the competitive nature of professional ice skating and one young woman’s trials with love both on and off the ice Fair warning there may be spoilers for book one in the review belowIf you have not yet read LIFE ON THE EDGE you really should get on that We reviewed the title here and you can pick up the e book for only 99 cents on The being said EDGE OF THE PAST continues the story of Emily and Sergei between the 2002 and 2006 Winter Olympics Emily is training with her pairs partner to win their first World Championship but Sergei’s past catches up with him affecting their relationship as well as her performance on the iceWhat a refreshing addition to the recently exploding “new adult” NA book scene While most books in this market these days like to focus on “hard knock” lifestyles and young girls coming of age through love and lust both LIFE ON THE EDGE and EDGE OF THE PAST provide some cleaner fiction for readers on the cusp of adulthood Just as emotionally intense as other popular NA favorites such as Easy by Tammara Webber and Back to You by Priscilla Glenn Jennifer’s series is less heat and heartEDGE OF THE PAST starts off during a very critical time in Emily and Sergei’s lives They have come to terms with their relationship and seem to be in a good place both on and off the ice – they are also mere months away from their wedding day But a surprise encounter while competing at Sergei’s home in Russia brings about yet another road block in their love life Seriously guys if you love reading about intense family drama with situations that seem nearly impossible to get through wait till you get a load of the baggage that comes with dating Sergei The way that Jennifer presents the problems her characters must face you can’t help but ask yourself “What would I do in their situation?” For example when reading about how Emily deals with Sergei’s “baggage” after returning from Russia I doubted that I would or even could do what she did I would have snapped within a few hours – or a day tops The sacrifices that Emily is forced to make in this book are unreal Because of this I know that Emily is a far better person than I could ever beYou’d think that I would have an intense hatred for Sergei because of some of his actions within this book What with his seemingly complete disregard for his so called partner’s feelings and his irresponsible spur of the moment decision making But alas he is but a man and men can be well dingbats when it comes to certain matters in life When push comes to shove my heart still broke for him when things blew up in his face and it also raced at high speed during those oh so swoontacular scenes between him and Emily Don’t worry – between Russia and Sergei’s personal “baggage” there is plenty to swoon over in EDGE OF THE PAST I mean just look at him in that photo over there See him? This is Jennifer’s “Sergei” swoonWhat’s most is that I completely believe in the love the chemistry and the dynamics of the relationship between the two characters Emily and Sergei All drama aside just the way these two interact with each other is enough to make me want to read the series They do things that real people do they react to each other the way real people should react Though it may not always be good or in a positive way at least they keep it realSo to anyone wanting a refreshing NA love story one that is different from the usual NA mold – with strong characters an intense plot full of family drama and plenty of action both on and off the ice to you I recommend EDGE OF THE PAST by Jennifer Comeaux But remember to read LIFE ON THE EDGE first

  7. Heather Wood Heather Wood says:

    This was a great seuel to Life on the Edge Although Emily's actions sometimes made me want to reach into the book and shake some sense into her I found myself really drawn into the drama surrounding Sergei and his past in RussiaWhat's great about this book and its predecessor is that you can really see how much the author loves ice skating I've learned so much about the sport from her books I think some of the strongest scenes in the books take place on the ice In particular the skate with Emily and Sergei really gave me a glimpse into the love and passion they have for one anotherMany familiar characters appear in the seuel along with a few new faces because of Emily and Sergei's trip to Russia I liked getting to read about how Sergei grew up and his early skating career I thought it was sweet how much Emily tries to immerse herself in Russian culture to learn about his heritage Sergei is also an appealing male lead and it was refreshing to read about a nice guy instead of a clichéd bad boyI think the author really handled the subject of being a stepparent at a young age well I went through the same thing as Emily and I found myself relating to the emotions that she went through It's hard to not feel like the third wheel and wonder if you should back off in order to let the family stay together However some of her actions were really overstepping the line and I think she should've been a little sympathetic about Elena and Sergei's difficult situation For instance when Liza doesn't want to sleep with her mother Emily lets her sleep with her No no no Of course Elena was going to feel threatened and try to smother LizaI also wasn't crazy about how judgmental some of the characters came off I had grown to like these characters in the first book and it turned me off how big of a deal they made about how Elena got pregnant at seventeen and Sergei's big mistake Instead of coming down on Sergei Emily should've told her family about him being a father instead of being embarrassed when he came to her event with Liza in towThe conclusion was satisfying and I think the characters grew from the experience especially Emily I ended up rooting for her and Sergei again I thought it was touching how much she was willing to sacrifice in order for him to have a relationship with his daughterMost of my issues come from my personal feelings and didn't take away from my enjoyment of the book I would definitely read subseuent books from the author and I really think she should write stories that take place in the skating world Rating 45 StarsDisclaimer I received this book in exchange for an honest review

  8. Nasty Lady MJ Nasty Lady MJ says:

    To see full binge review click hereReally 15 starsMehBesides expanding on the Sergei backstory this one was really a letdown thanks to Emily and that painted old biddy of a mother of hersOh and Elena who was borderline slut slammed thank God she did not do an actual play on Sergei I was so betting on itYou know this could’ve been an interesting plot to explore but it was really boring for the most part Honestly I can describe the book like this Emily and Sergei have some cornball cheese scenes figure skating which is actually written pretty decently past secret threatens cornball romance Emily freaks out figure skating mishaps montage time but without the music leaves to climactic figure skating scene and romanceNot at all realisticBut again you don’t really read these things for realismI think I could’ve handled a lot of this if it hadn’t been for the mother character and for ElenaAt least with Elena I could sort of understand her emotions Though I had a difficult time buying the whole immigration issues for both her and Liza But then again most people aren’t going to have a vein popping after reading this sense they didn’t take immigration lawThey just might have it popping for Elena acting like she stepped out of the cast of Rocky and BullwinkleOnce again the worst character goes to the motherGod Emily tell her off Bitch slap her Cut her out of your life so she won’t waste page count You know what I’ll fix this for you I’ll write an erotic fan fic scene between you and Sergei and send it to her I’m sure she’ll have a coronary if I say you did it Turkish style or something that sounds borderline provocative since I doubt the prude knows what Turkish style is probably thinks Downton Abbey is corrupting the youth And then she can asks you uestions about what Turkish style or whatever I say you and Sergei didYeahshe’s that annoying and asks uestions that are that inappropriateI feel like the entire plot though was just a waste As I said before completely unrealistic and for Emily to be so willing to be a doormat it just has me wanting to shake herGrow up girlThe skating scenes are probably the only thing that kept this book from getting a big fat F D

  9. Amanda Amanda says:

    Authors should take note of how Ms Comeaux writes a hero Sergei is about the best hero I've ever read He is well developed completely yummy and while he has a past he's an amazing person who fights for what he wants and isn't afraid to say how he feels He is by far my favorite book guy right nowI enjoyed this book just as much as the first one I missed the actual ice skating part to the story the first one had a lot of the backside to skating but I understand why this book skipped a lot of that and focused on the characters I also missed some of the supporting characters Chris Aubrey and Marley mostly They were in the story but they didn't have as much of a part This book really focused on Sergei Emily Elena and Liza The story was well thought out very well written and emotionally pulling There were ups there were downs and then there were those moments that left you devastated and heartbroken I felt all the emotions that Emily was feeling She was very easy to connect with and her emotional struggle became my emotional struggleI only had a couple of complaints which is why it lost a star One I wanted from the side characters Two while I adore Sergei and his fight to keep Emily he became very selfish in parts of this book and it didn't seem to flow with other parts of his personality although maybe with the situation I can understand it Three I didn't always understand where Emily was coming from While I connected with her I also got a bit annoyed with her at times and her moaning over the situation she was inI finished this book in almost one sitting work got in the way I highly recommend it and while you don't have to read the first one you really should I heard that there will be a 3rd one and I'm just as excited to pick it up

  10. Aimee (Getting Your Read On) Aimee (Getting Your Read On) says:

    I am such a fan of competitive ice skating It's one of my favorite things to watch on TV especially during the Olympics How fabulous to read a book or in my case books combining two of my favorite things ice skating and clean romance I'm not sure I would recommend Edge of the Past as a stand alone book I really think you need to read Life on the Edge first Emily and Sergei's story of coming together is romantic and has such a great build up that you don't want to miss it Life on the Edge is where we really get to know the characters Emily and Sergei try to fight the attraction and connection between them because as a coach and student such a relationship is frowned upon It could ruin everything But love as we know doesn't usually follow rules I loved the kissing scenes and I loved the secondary characters as wellIt was awesome to just dive right into Edge of the Past right after finishing Life on the Edge I was so glad to have them both I honestly read through both these books in two days They were greatThe path of love rarely runs smooth and Emily and Sergei have their fair share of struggles In this book some of the past comes up to change the game plan I really felt Emily's battle within as she struggled with accepting and adapting even as her heart hurt There were real life issues emotion and romance So enjoyable to read

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