The Fakers Guide to the Classics eBook Ò Guide to

  • Paperback
  • 288 pages
  • The Fakers Guide to the Classics
  • Michelle Witte
  • 13 August 2016
  • 9780762785407

10 thoughts on “The Fakers Guide to the Classics

  1. Amalia Gavea Amalia Gavea says:

    ''The director thought he could improve on a time tested classic but only succeeded in making a total mess of it'' Call me superficial but how could I not like a book after that uote? I love reading books about Books and this one is a delightful light read The writer chooses some of the best examples of Literature and writes a brief summary for each one of them using sarcasm and wit It doesn't try to be funny it IS funny and this where its success lies in my opinion She treats the books and their authors with respect without being rude I needed a funny lighter read amidst all the literary doom and gloom I admit I laughed out loud uite a few times it was very entertaining to read these summaries as a bibliophile and think on some of the issues that Witte brings up Also she has written one of the best ''Acknowledgments'' sector I have ever read

  2. Michelle Witte Michelle Witte says:

    So uh does anyone have a faker's guide to the Faker's Guide? Seriously 100 classics is a lot of reading

  3. Carolyn Carolyn says:

    This is the most fun book you can read about serious books She does not treat her subject with sanctity which so many English teachers do That is why we all hated Lit class right Well Ms Witte will make you love Lit I think that the summaries for the books I already read were absolutely hilarious and as for the ones I haven't read it makes me want to read them all the This is recommended to anyone who loves books I do think you'll enjoy it if you have a few of these already on your Goodreads read list because you will surely be saying with the author Yes WTF? Terrifically enjoyable Don't let the title scare you away from this gem

  4. Lindy Lindy says:

    Hilarious This book Is just like having a witty friend give you a uick sum up of a classic book that you yourself probably would have fallen asleep during and put off for next year's to read list Hooray for a cool friend who's willing to read it themselves so you can just take the jist from them with their humorous opinion on events thrown in Michelle Witte is the best She also includes author facts and if it was reasons the book was banned

  5. Kevin Maring Kevin Maring says:

    Remember when you were fifteen and you nearly pee'd yourself laughing because The Harvard Lampoon's Bored of the Rings was so freekin' hilarious? And then you read it again when you were thirty after finding it at a yard sale and you couldn't believe you were ever so naive? And when you picked it up off Ebay when you were 45 you couldn't believe you were ever so stoned? If you're a fifteen year old stoner you just might enjoy this book

  6. Mary Mary says:

    This should be shelved in humor This is worth reading whether you've read none some or all of the titles included I can only imagine how much fun it would be to sit down over a drink with smart sassy Michelle Witte

  7. Marcie Marcie says:

    Snarky said the sub sub title I can appreciate snarky humor prereuisite of working with high school students I haven't read all the classics I would like to have read Why not pick this little book up?Because it misses the point of classic literature Yes The Old Man and the Sea is about a fisherman's ill fated catchjourney but it's Hemingway's language and sparse descriptions that make it than another boring fish tale Yes Pride Prejudice seems ridiculous in summary but it's the commentary on British society in Austen's time that makes it a classic well that and Mr Darcy And when was the value of Shakespeare measured merely in plotline not in baring of human nature and mastery of language? Sophocles Dante Bronte Fitzgerald Camus Conrad there is perhaps one positive appraisal amidst the 100 classics in this guide which makes the book worthless if trying to decide which classic is your next worthy readWhat story seems even remotely plausible or pleasurable when summed up in three paragraphs or less? What author's life in brief can withstand this snarky analysis and judgments? I could make a connection to high school student commentary on reuired reading in EnglishSkip the Faker's Guide Enjoy for the original

  8. Yaaresse Yaaresse says:

    The negative reviews for this book amuse me but not as much as this book amused me It's called humor people Satire Sarcasm It's not literally meant to take the place of reading the original book Actually I have read most of the books included in this little ditty I really hated some and truly enjoyed others but I often found the Faker version funnier for having endured the original And really? Witte got the plots spot on Ok sure they were stripped down a bit Ok they were stripped down a lot But reading her take on A Clockwork Orange or was far enjoyable than slogging through the originals Everyone goes on and on about how romantic Jane Eyre is but Witte calls out Rochester for being the creeper he is

  9. Roger Blakesley Roger Blakesley says:

    An appalling book It's cutesiness wore thin instantly It wouldn't even enable you to fake your knowledge of the Classics mentionedThe book advertises snarkiness; if that's what passes for snarky these days I feel sorry for these daysThe book comes across as a Japanese children's comic book badly translatedA book that actually serves the stated purpose of briefly informing you on the Classics is Beowulf on the Beach And it's plenty funnyFaker's Guide is a complete waste of time

  10. Amanda Amanda says:

    I really enjoyed reading the summaries of the books that I have read before because they were pretty funny I thought this book would help me decide which classics I would like to read in the future Honestly though most of them sounded uninteresting and full of sexual content so now I don't feel too guilty for only having read like 15 of these I had heard of most of these books but there were just a few that were not familiar at all

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The Fakers Guide to the Classics[EPUB] ✼ The Fakers Guide to the Classics By Michelle Witte – From Anna Karenina and Beowulf  to Ulysses and Wuthering Heights The Faker's Guide to the Classics condenses the great but long and complicated novels plays and poems of world lit into bite size nugg From Anna Karenina and Beowulf  to Guide to PDF Ì Ulysses and Wuthering Heights The Faker's Guide to the Classics condenses the great but long and complicated novels plays and poems of world lit into bite size nuggets cutting out the bloated analysis and nauseating debate of other reading guides Each of the books profiled is a classic that everyone knows but only hardcore lit majors have The Fakers Kindle - actually read Now you too can Blather about books you were supposed to read for class but didn’t; fudge literary discussions at fancy parties; impress a date with your knowledge and wit; and slice through the ivory tower to read like a ninja Each entry contains a uick and dirty narrative description of plot including twists and surprise endings told with humorous brevity; famous uotes Fakers Guide to MOBI ☆ accompanied by smartass responses; and the original cover or an illustration conveying the work’s tone or lack thereof Brief author bios—including misdeeds and scandals—add illuminating and occasionally disgusting background to each work All of the text appears in simple contemporary English so it’s easy to understand and short enough to tweet With this must have guide never worry again whether a reference to Miss Havisham is an insult or wonder what happened to Moby Dick Not reading the classics has never been easier.