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Five on Treasure Island / Five Go Adventuring Again ☂ [PDF / Epub] ☁ Five on Treasure Island / Five Go Adventuring Again By Enid Blyton ✐ – Five On Treasure Island Five Go Adventuring Again Five Treasure Island / Five PDF/EPUB ² On Treasure Island PDF É Treasure Island Five Go Adventuring Again.

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  1. S.S. S.S. says:

    Five on a Treasure IslandI first read this book roughly about thirty years ago while still a wee dragonet I remember that this was one of my favourite books at the time although for some reason I don't actually have a physical prose copy of it any Recently I came by an audiobook version of it read by Jan Francis and thought I'd like to revisit this old and much loved tale I was surprised to find that I couldn't remember all that much of it which added to my enjoyment of it I thought that this book in the way that it was written holds a good appeal for children and adults alike It focusses on three siblings Dick Anne and Julian who go to Kirrin Cottage for the holidays to spend with their aunt and uncle and their cousin George actually Georgina It transpires that George has her own castle and island which they then have fun exploring They also discover than they'd bargained for on Kirrin Island I had great fun listening to it and I remembered that George had always been my favourite character out of all them She's headstrong and spunky and wants to be a boy instead of a girl hence why she insists on being called George instead of Georgina I think George could be considered trans As a member of and a supporter of the LGBT community it's very important to me to see that there is representation of the community in books I know I will have fun listening to this again in the future Now if I could find an actual prose copy of this again I would be very happy indeed Review to be added later of 'Five go Adventuring Again'ETA I have recently finished listening to Five Go Adventuring Again I listened to the audiobook by the way Once again it was narrated by Jan Francis; I forgot to say in my previous review that I liked how she read the story aloud It was uite relaxing to hear how she read I honestly didn't think I'd read this book before but as it turned out I have Obviously it's a very long time ago but as the story progressed I recognised and of it Although it was a slow burner in comparison with the first book in the series I still liked the story a lot It involved thefts of Uncle uentin's secret formulas secret passages and secret rooms in Kirrin Farm It was a nice easy listen and something I want to return to again in the future

  2. Ane Ane says:

    That book was enticing trust me

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