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The Reluctant Rancher ➺ [Reading] ➼ The Reluctant Rancher By Patricia Mason ➯ – Luke Tanner was a hard man with a painful past It seemed as if every single citizen of Fiddler Creek wanted something from the wealthy rancher He’d learned early on not many cared to see past his lo Luke Tanner was a hard man with a painful past It seemed as if every single citizen of Fiddler Creek wanted something from the wealthy rancher He’d learned early on not many cared to The Reluctant MOBI :Ê see past his looks and sour attitude and discover the man beneathSo when the generously curved Mary Carter hit him up for a loan to save her fledgling business he made her a short term proposition she couldn’t refuse Only the time The Reluctant Rancher spends with the lovely Mary the he starts to think about a long term relationshipMary Carter had fantasized about Luke Tanner since her first glimpse of the veritable mountain of a man with a perpetual scowl She’d never been brave enough to approach him until circumstances forces her to seek his helpThe Reluctant Rancher is the story of two individuals who have never experienced the soul stirring passion of true love – until they find each other.

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  1. Never Stop Reading or Dreaming Never Stop Reading or Dreaming says:

    4 starsI've read some other books by these authors and honestly I hated them I'm not sure why I picked this one up but I was pleasantly surprised Although the book made me feel at times it was an old western book it was still decently done

  2. Dianne Dianne says:

    Click on Picture to Enter Sometimes you just need a good old fashioned romance you know the kind where the standoffish wealthy rancher can’t help but notice the “full figured” and totally capable woman Of course she also notices him but between the two of them they are too damaged emotionally to actually take the plunge and risk finding true love The Reluctant Rancher by that dynamic duo Patricia Mason and Joann Baker is a true romantic’s dream Luke and Mary strike a deal so Mary can earn some much needed money to start a business Their interaction is often like oil and water but they are drawn to each other like moths to a flame Leave it to Luke’s wise old grandpa to help fan that flame because isn’t finding true love what life is all about?These two authors have created a fun light romance that feels good It’s so nice to have two “regular” characters flawed less than perfect alone but together have a chance to be something amazing For me it wasn’t so much the grand finale at the end; it was the fun on my reading journey to that last page that makes this such a highly recommended book Who doesn’t like a feisty heroine and a rugged hero with insecurities that need to be kissed out of them?I received a review copy as part of The Reluctant Rancher Book Tour and Giveaway now at Tome Tender through December 31st

  3. Sania Sania says:

    StandaloneCliffhanger Standalone Ages of H and h h is in her 30s and H is 38Multi Luv'nMénages view spoilerNo hide spoiler

  4. Char (1RadReader59) Char (1RadReader59) says:

    This was way be then I ever expected for sure I thought that Luke who started out being portrayed as a hard nosed uncaring sob is really a scared little boy who betrayed those he loved As for Mary she was a spunky spit fire from the start Yet with a huge complex body image weight issue She too has been betrayed bullied about this by those around her For her putting on a happy face to his scowl seems to work for them until they start to realize just how lonely they are for a true love a meaningful relationship They live in Fiddler's Creek where everyone knows each other helps each other The town is close when Mary helps Luke become a part of that all their lives change Joseph Luke's grandpa the man that raised him is a sweetheart a joy to see how he guides all this to come about with either of them knowing This book was a uick read something along the lines of what 180ish pages I actually paid for this book for once so my review is harder so you know I liked it

  5. Penelope Penelope says:

    weird one two people too old to be acting this way go from 3 minute enemies to lovers real uick they had chem but they said and thought the same things over and over again no real resolution to the author forced separation at end and with a dummy epilogue

  6. ☽ Rhiannon ✭ Mistwalker ☾ ☽ Rhiannon ✭ Mistwalker ☾ says:

    There was a fair bit of angst but it ran too hot and cold Also 5'5 is not tall

  7. bill bruske bill bruske says:

    Wonderful BookThis was the first book I have read of these authors and it will not be the last I was so intrigued by the story and the love shown it was a beautiful story Thank you

  8. Christina Christina says:

    Can I have a cowboy like Luke Tanner? Oh me Oh my Well ok see there is Mary she is in need of a loan for her small business but she can't get a loan from the bank or the Small Business Association So Mary decides to go ask Luke for a loan thing isShe has a HUGE CRUSH ON Mr Luke Tanner Luke is a grumpy rancher who thinks people only want him for his money he's been scorned by a woman before and he only uses women when he wants a little somethin' somethin' Mary is not too confident in the other sex because she's a little on the heavy side and thinks they only want teeny tiny wafer like women What do I think ? Baby say it loud and say it proud I am a sexy woman who's got curves and can use 'em better thanany stick female out there shoot I love my curves ; but Mary appreciates Luke and Luke's bodydon't believe me ? read WITH GENUINE FEMININE APPRECIATION SHE REALIZED THAT LUKE TANNER WOULD STAND AT LEAST SIX FOOT FOUR IN HIS STOCKING FEET HIS SHOULDERS WERE BROAD AND STURDY THEIR HUGE MASS EMPHASIZED BY THE FLANNEL LINED DENIM WORK JACKET HE WORE HIS LARGE SIZE MADE HER MARY CARTER FEEL SMALL AND DAINTY A PATCH OF DARK CURLING HAIR PEEKED OUT FROM THE NECKLINE OF HIS BLUE PLAID WESTERN SHIRT AND HER STOMACH UIVERED AT THE TANTALIZING GLIMPSE OF HIS PERMANENTLY SUN DARKENED CHEST HER GAZE FELL DRINKING IN THE SIGHT OF STRONG MUSCULAR LEGS WHITEWASHED JEANS CLUNG LOVINGLY TO EVERY MALE SINEW EVEN THOUGH HIS WAIST COULD NEVER BE CALLED SLIM IT WAS IN PERFECT PROPORTION TO HIS SIZE TO MARY HE WAS A FINE LOOKING MAN MMMMMM MMMM MM and he has Green Eyes oh boy I don't care how rough he thinks his looks are I loved the sassy ness of Mary and how Luke reacted to her I can't forget Joseph Luke's adorable grandpa Luke is attracted to Mary's uirkiness he just loves riling her up NOW LISTEN HERE MR TANNER SIMMER DOWN SWEETHEART I WAS ONLY HAVING A BIT OF FUN MY GRANDFATHER TOLD ME YOU'RE A GREAT COOK WELL YOUR 'BIT OF FUN' WAS AT MY EXPENSE AND I DON'T LIKE IT SHE SNAPPED HE'D BEEN GONE FOR FOUR DAYS AND SHE'D BEEN LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING HIM AGAIN THE NAME'S LUKE HE PLACED THE HAT ON HIS HEAD THEN BENT DOWN TO WHISPER IN HER EAR I CAN'T SAY I CARE MUCH FOR JOGGING BUT THIS SUIT IS A BLESSING TO ANY MAN'S MORNING Cowboy say what now??? Let me go get a jogging suit on Jeez if that's all it takes? Where is that hubby of mine?? hehe This story has a dash of a scorned man a dash of a self conscious woman a dash of a meddling granddaddy A BIG DASH of steamy cowboy sex and a dash of love 3Loved the short read and Recommend the book to everyone to put you in a good mood I give it 5 stars

  9. Angelique Angelique says:

    45 stars I received the book in exchange for an honest reviewThank you thank you thank you to all you amazing authors who have realized that a plus sized female MC does not a bad MC make I love all these fantastic books that have all these fabulous woman that are bigger than a toothpick and owning it What give you the idea that I myself am plus sized heeheeMary is a nurse She loves looking after people but in order for her to do that she needs a loan And unfortunately for her and fortunately for us she cannot get one from the bank and the only place left to go is the rude reclusive red hot rancher Luke Tanner Luke is the richest man in Fiddler's Creek and tired of feeling like the local ATM but when beautiful Mary knocks on his door he sees a mutually beneficial opportunity Striking a deal with this curvy lady leads to Mary moving onto the ranch for 2 months to look after his grandfatherYou know how you see those not so perfect looking people you know us every day folks that look so happy together You know how you hardly ever come across a book where these people find each other Search no further Luke is rugged He is rude He is really not handsome But to Mary he is perfect And together they make the perfect coupleI loved their instant chemistry Not love no insta love nonsense for this reluctant rancher but chemistry It was well written and easy to read It had me reaching for my ice water on than one occasion Both the MC's and all the supporting characters were really fun especially Luke's grandfather Joseph I always love reading about spunky old men that always know better then their younger counterpartsIt was a fun fast read that sometimes felt like it jumped at places but I think this just lent a authentic feel to Luke and Mary's emotions

  10. Michelle Bowman / We Love Kink .com Michelle Bowman / We Love Kink .com says:

    45 stars From ImportuningTo LoveThe Reluctant Rancher is a loving story written especially for true romance readersThe authors Joann Baker Patricia Mason outlined the perfect scene where the two main characters meet are forced into cohabitation and in doing so discover true love This enjoyable story is set in a small town in the state of Wyoming on a ranch which always makes for a sensual read But the most gratifying thing about reading this book is the fact that the main characters are not Barbie and Ken clonesYeahMary Carter and Luke Tanner needed something from one another Mary needed money to keep her nursing service open and Luke needs help with his elderly grandfather Un admittedly what these to really need is companionship and someone to staid off those lonely nights Mary is not the typical young waif beauty that can have any man in town No she’s a real woman with a full figured body And like most women she suffers from the negative emotional diffident that occurs from delusive female images portrayed in mass media Similarly Luke is not your run of the mill suave and handsome millionaire His looks and debonair ways has yet to draw hoards of women to his bed nor caused others to want something from him than a handout The fact that these two characters carry realistic emotional baggage made this romance hard to put downFrom their first meeting a knowing awareness arises within them but neither Mary nor Luke believes themselves worthy of true love So the two allow fear to prevent them from seeking a relationship with one another The authors entwined the lives and insecurities of these characters providing the readers with clear insight into their developing love Just what you want in a romance so don’t miss out on this passionate love storyreviewed by Lourdes

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