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Gone the Next [Download] ➾ Gone the Next Author Ben Rehder – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Meet Roy Ballard freelance videographer with a knack for catching insurance cheats He's working a routine case complete with hours of tedious surveillance when he sees something that shakes him to the Meet Roy Ballard freelance videographer with a knack for catching insurance cheats He's working a routine case complete with hours of tedious surveillance when he sees something that shakes him to the core There with the subject is a little blond girl wearing a pink top and denim shorts—the same Gone the MOBI :Ê outfit worn by Tracy Turner a six year old abducted the day before When the police are skeptical of Ballard's report—and with his history who can blame them—it's the beginning of the most important case of his life.

  • Paperback
  • 266 pages
  • Gone the Next
  • Ben Rehder
  • English
  • 10 October 2014
  • 9781479345175

About the Author: Ben Rehder

Ben Rehder wanted to become a writer ever since he was dropped on his head as a toddler As he grew into a young adult and the vertigo gradually dissipated his passion for literature grew Ben longed to craft the type of soul stirring prose that would touch people’s lives Gone the MOBI :Ê and help them explore new emotional horizons But he went to work at an ad agency insteadThroughout his rewarding and fruitfu.

10 thoughts on “Gone the Next

  1. Linda Linda says:

    SURPRISEHaving reluctantly purchased a 49 nook to appease my husband Marc I chose a free eBook just to try it out and satisfy him I've always been the hands on hard cover book typeBoy was I in for a pleasant experience I love my little nook and I LOVED this amazing book Why was I never aware of this talented author before? Gone The Next will not be the last book I read by Ben Rehder and I must look for a copy of the next Roy Ballard mystery in the series The characters are very likable and the storyline is fast moving and fun to read It never lags or gets boring Great way to finish the yearThank you Marc thank you Ben Rehder and thank you Barnes NobleDefinitely recommend

  2. Tiffany PSquared Tiffany PSquared says:

    ❝Because let me tell you until you've had your daughter snatched right out from under you at a public park there one minute gone the next you have no idea what helplessness feels like❞A little girl has been taken and the police aren't on their game but Roy Ballard is And he'll do anything to find her Ballard knows about helplessness That's why he's trying his best to help a family avoid the pain he experienced years agoWhat I liked The old timey radio crime feel of the writing Ballard talk to us the reader He's telling us a story It's a great book to curl up to in front of a fire while imagining that there's a big old crackly radio in the corner carrying the staticky voice of a wise cracking detective The story The pacing was great The sections that were devoted to the kidnapper's voice gave us insight and left us longing for the ultimate captureWhat I didn't like There was very little that I didn't like about this book other than the fact that at the last page I was truly left wanting I got this book as a free Kindle ebook via BookBub #score

  3. Sandy Sandy says:

    Another hidden gem from the depths of my kindle It's a pacy well written story full of twists suspense humour I really enjoyed the 2 MC's Roy his partner Mia If you're a fan of David Rosenfelt's Andy Carpenter series this should keep you chuckling entertained I'll definitely be picking up book #2 👍

  4. Rob Rob says:

    Book 1 in the Roy Ballard series published 2012I picked up this book as a free bee uite some time ago and it’s been sitting on my kobo waiting to be read at some point in the future After recently reading a positive review on this book by a GR friend I decided the future had arrivedAll I can say is ‘WOW’ what a great read it turned out to beRoy Ballard was at the park with his young daughter just having some fun enjoying the moment In the blink of an eye the girl was there one moment and gone the nextThis moment changed Roy’s life forever Not only did his daughter go missing but his marriage came to a crashing endThat was several years ago now and life has moved on Roy is now a videographer working for insurance companies trying to uncover insurance fraudWhen Roy hears that a young girl has been abducted he is taken back to that horrendous day when is own child was stolenWhilst pursuing the case he is working at the present Roy is convinced that he sees the missing girl in the company of no other than the man he is investigatingRoy takes his concerns to the police but they show no interest in what Roy has to sayBut Roy is unable to let this go and decides to pursue it on his ownWhat follows is a tense tale of discovery and the Roy digs the tense the tale becomes There’s lots of ‘off the cuff’ dry humour that helps to lighten the moodThe end was a surprise I didn’t see comingAll in all this was a damned good 4 Star read

  5. Brenda Brenda says:

    Roy Ballard worked freelance hired by insurance companies to find fraud cheats His latest case was progressing in its usual mundane and boring way when Roy spotted a small child with the person he was watching Was that Tracy Turner the six year old who’d been abducted only the day before? Roy was sure it was – but what was he to do? The police didn’t believe his story so it seemed uite obvious that Roy along with his new partner Mia would have to investigate on their own Gone the Next is the 1st in the Roy Ballard Mystery series by Ben Rehder and it was great Wry humour along with sarcastic wit; plenty of twists and a mystery which became dangerous the closer Roy came to answers There was a blend of past mystery which mimicked the current one – well written and thoroughly enjoyable Highly recommended and it’s free on ATM

  6. Jim A Jim A says:

    Rehder's Blanco County series was full of humor and wacko characters Gone The Next is a full on mystery about an abducted girl I enjoy authors who have the ability to shift gears and still put out a good read This is listed on as 'Roy Ballard Mysteries Book 1' I'm looking forward to reading in this series

  7. Ted Tayler Ted Tayler says:

    Classy mysteryThere's a phrase we use over here for something that's a cut above the rest 'different gravy' Roy Ballard is a videographer or a master investigator take your pick A child goes missing and he thinks he spots her while on a totally different case The devil is in the detail; it's handled with great precision by Ben Rehder The thread of humour that runs throughout this book helps keep you entertained and the sub plots never let the tension or the mystery slacken Super

  8. Cndy Cndy says:

    Found this book on Bookbub So glad I did Well written Loved the characters

  9. Melissa Dinwiddie Melissa Dinwiddie says:

    Strong Voice Strong Plot Great Dialogue I can't wait for from Ben RehderFrom the first paragraph this book pulled me in I'm a sucker for a first person narrator with a strong voice and Roy Ballard is just that The witty banter he has with the women in his life and the peeks at his painful past made this character irresistible and the time pressure tension of the child abduction plot made the book a page turner for meBen Rehder is a skilled writer I've now added to my must read list My only complaint about this book has nothing to do with the writing and everything to do with Kindle formatting I read this on the Kindle app on my iPhone and every time a page ended with a hyphenated word the rest of the sentence was missing from the next page Very annoyingI figured out about half way through the book that if I increased or decreased the font size the missing part of the sentence would magically appear so I no longer had to lose pieces of the book periodically but it was kind of annoying to have to change font sizes in order to keep reading First World problem as they say A small de traction from an otherwise excellent book that I will be recommending to anyone who loves a good mystery

  10. Kim Norman Kim Norman says:

    Another good series The author of Blanco county mysteries has a new series out and it's another good one This one is set in Austin TX so there are lots of familiar places mentioned This story was really good I'll definitely read in this series

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