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  1. Bettyjane Bettyjane says:

    I re read this book every year or so The opening scene where the highly successful businesswoman Philippa is giving away treasured possessions which she will no longer need at Brede abbey draws you right into this story The community of Benedictine nuns are a fascinating bunch Flawed yet likeable they all have their own stories and Godden doesn't underdevelop any of them I always felt this would make a sensational mini series The very good film starring the great Diana Rigg just can't match the richness of the novel This is a hard book to sell to non Catholics or non religious for that matter That's a shame because it has alot to offer based on the sheer ability of Godden to create memorable characters

  2. Cindy Rollins Cindy Rollins says:

    This is an astonishingly good book I did not love the theme at all at first I wanted to scream at Philippa not to join a monastery It felt like the rest of the book could not possibly be interesting and yet it was often uite exciting By page 200 I would call this a page turner and yet why? Only surprisingly wonderful writing My favorite part of this book was the grace shown to the failures of many of the women and how God worked all things together for good in realistic ways in each of their lives This book was a beautiful testimony of how grace works in all of our lives No I do not want to join a monastery any now than when I started the book but the life of faith rings true at Brede as well as in my own life among my own failingsI bought this book used in NJ at least 15 years ago and it has survived many many purgings of my library and yet I never found the gumption to read it The theme was off putting to me Finally with so many good reviews from friends I pulled it off the shelf by my treadmill where it had been calling my name every time I walked or ran Like Kristin Lavransdatter some books must be read at the right moment in time My time had come to read this one hence the 5 stars

  3. Anne (Booklady) Molinarolo Anne (Booklady) Molinarolo says:

    Deserving than 5 Stars Last year I saw that one of my Goodreads friend was reading this lengthy novel I went to Barnes and Noble and found it there But I didn't immediately open it as I thought I would It has sat on my shelf staring at me A few days ago I pulled down In This House of Brede I knew I was ready to read it I had the ueer feeling that I needed to read Brede Perhaps I know deep down that my Aunt Eloise may not be in this world much longer and that I needed the comfort of reading something that I could be close to her in spirit My aunt is a nun She is not a cloistered nun as those in Brede she belongs to the Order of Our Lady of Loretto a teaching Order Aunt Eloise's dementia has reduced her once great mind to only God knows what She has become claustral within her own mind But who knew that a story about an Abbey full of nuns could be so interesting? In This House of Brede has the love that a reader would expect Love of God; love of and toward each sister or Dame as they called in the Benedictine Monastery Brede is in crisis The Abbess has died suddenly and the Abbey is on the brink of bankruptcy There is deception betrayal and thievery This is where the successful Philippa Talbot has come The situation seems to be just right for her to help solve Some of the nuns welcome her while others uestion Philippa's vocation I did too I wasn't sure of her motive to become a Benedictine and wasn't sure if I really liked her And some of the nuns are very hard to like I feel guilty saying that I didn't like Dame Agnes or Dame Veronica Must be that old Catholic guilt I found the book beautiful reminding me of the Liturgy and prayers from when I was a small child The life of a cloistered nun is difficult as the book describes We get to see some go through some inner struggles We get to see the politics of the Council as the yearly positions are selected We see each nun's strength and weakness I loved the Liturgical year within each calendar year at the Abbey I enjoyed the writing It is exuisite I know this little review hasn't said much about the plot I can't really get it down on paper; Brede is just one of those books you have to read

  4. Lydia Lydia says:

    I've read this at least three times before It's interesting because I am an atheist but I find this book fascinating for its characterization of community life particularly among women I am interested in the way it explores a humble life a life lived with a purpose other than financial growth or competition The characters are very well drawn the interactions are subtle and complex and the result is a refreshing readUPDATE 82907 I just finished this again and was once taken with the clear focus this book places on the ways people can change when they are determined to do it A real look at the examined life and the community formed by a group of diverse personalities with a shared world view If you read it check the math at the time of the vote It just doesn't add up

  5. Kate Quinn Kate Quinn says:

    I am neither religious nor Catholic; I abhor the idea of poverty chastity or obedience yet this book made me want to join a nunnery A fascinating portrayal of the contemplative life And how nice to read a book about nuns that doesn't center on having a nun fall in love

  6. Gill Gill says:

    I read this book following a personal recommendation and I'm very pleased that I did read it What I do know is that without this recommendation I probably wouldn't have looked at this book That is because of the subject matter ie life for nuns in a Benedictine monastery It's to the credit of the author that I found the book interesting and the characters believable and well rounded I enjoyed reading about the various rituals although my favourite parts of the book were actually the author's descriptions of the countryside the seasons the plants and things like that I found it relatively easy to distinguish between the various people that appeared in the story and I followed their progresses with interest Another book that I read recently was Conclave by Robert Harris This look at life in the Vatican around the time of choosing a new Pope didn't interest me at all and I found the characters written in a shallow way What I now know after reading this book is that it wasn't the subject matter that stopped me being interested in Conclave it was the writing style I'll definitely be reading other books by Rumer Godden

  7. Julie Davis Julie Davis says:

    It's been too long since I've reread this It was just what I neededA Good Story is Hard to Find #97 Let's face it Reading In This House of Brede by Rumer Godden is the closest either Julie or Scott will come to being cloistered nunsThis is Godden's masterwork and I don't say that lightlyI'm not sure how many times I've read this book it could be six or it could be ten You know a book's a classic when you learn something new about yourself every time you read it Such was the case this time around also And it still made me cry at a couple of key points It is about nuns in a cloistered convent but don't let that make you think you have to be religious to enjoy it I read it when I was in my teens because it was around the house My mother was an atheist but she owned it I know I'd read it many times with great pleasure before even considering my own conversion Author Jo Walton is on record as having loved this book for decades and she's not what you'd call a believer She maintains that this book has an element of fantasy because there is a miracle in it Even I at my most jaded considered the story to be realistic when including a miracle However I often disagree with Walton's conclusions about booksBeautifully written this book also is a nice introduction to Godden's fluid way of dealing with time which flows like a river with little eddies to the sides that swirl us back and forth as needed Best of all is her thorough understanding of human nature truth and in this case the religious life And a moving and engrossing story

  8. Rtriptow Rtriptow says:

    Rumer Godden wrote the gripping 1939 novel Black Narcissus about a group of Anglican nuns who attempt to establish a convent school in a former harem palace in the foothills of the Himalayas the result of which is failure insanity and death Thirty years later Godden returned to the subject of nuns with In This House of Brede and explored it without much of the popular fiction melodrama The book was a best seller anyway because it is fascinating but it's less of a novel and of a profile of the cloistered life Godden researched the book by spending three years in an abbey herself In This House of Brede is primarily the story of Philippa Talbot an extremely successful businesswoman and leader a widow in her 40s who startlingly gives it all up to become a Benedictine nun The challenges she faces as a postulant detail for the lay reader just how difficult it is to leave the active outside world to start a new life in a reflective order Yet Philippa can never leave the past completely behind It affects how she fits into the monastic order and the roles she must play sometimes reluctantly and she continues to be haunted by the loss of her family in the war The final revelation of how she lost her young son is astonishing horrifying and very movingUltimately however In This House of Brede is the story of the entire community of religious women their interactions and characters A very satisfying read on that level

  9. Sonia Gomes Sonia Gomes says:

    I read this book in my teens all through the Christmas Vacation of 1972 I neglected my studies but have never regretted it I have reread it many times and it never fails to grip me the sheer beauty of the book leaves me in tearsPhilippa Talbot enters the Abbey of Brede when she is successful at the peak of her career leaving her friends astoundedThe life that she had led so far was simply not enough Yes she chooses to leave all her worldly possessions in pursuit of a life as a Cloistered Benedictine nun She knocks on the door of the Abbey of Brede and softly tells the Mother Abbess 'I wish to try my vocation as a Benedictine nun in this house of Brede' that is when the real story begins This novel with its many characters can be recognized as one of the most realistic explorations of religious life in literature So much goes on behind those Abbey walls but always within a framework of prayer sacrifice and love Prayer sung in choir and personal prayer alone at the foot of the Cross Prayer says one of the nuns 'Is our craft The craft of a contemplative religious as a good workman and as an artist loves his craft we must delight in ours' The nuns find solace and peace in their devotion to continual prayer Their special calling is to honor God through prayer and to change the world by doing so What was touching for me is that lay people could ask the nuns to intercede for them during their times of need Sacrifice when you are thrown in the midst of so many nuns there are so many different ‘sacrifices’ that are expected of you Dame Agnes for example resents Dame Philippa for her superior learning Dame Agnes also resents her rival the poet Dame Veronica So many emotions jealousies loneliness and rancor plague the lives of the fellow 'sisters' The life of a cloistered Benedictine nun is in no way the uiet oasis that many of us fantasize a cloistered life to be Love becoming a nun means you are in the midst of women from very different backgrounds who you are not related to and who you have to love regardless Love is not naturally innate Indeed as a nun love towards the other sisters is many times a great sacrifice and a gift that reuires the grace of God By continuous prayer sacrifice the thought of others before self Philippa learns to love each of the nuns eually cherishing their varied foibles and their different natures However just like in any marriage where there are times when it is so very difficult to love one’s spouse This House of Brede tells us that it is eually difficult to find the will to love the Nuns in a cloisterThis beautiful book emphasizes that what one does with one's own life is a personal choice the choice aided by God Thus although we might want our lives to take a certain path our Lord might have something entirely different in mind for us – perhaps beautiful but He will give us the strength and His love to do itOn a personal note I know that sometimes we yearn for a certain something it could be a person it could be a job and we pray for it with all our heart We need to 'get this one thing' but there are times 'this desire' turns out to be truly unsuitable for us but God in his infinite capacity for Love helps us through these difficult time of our lives too

  10. Rick Slane Rick Slane says:

    I am currently looking for books that aren't about war concentration camps or genocide since I feel I've read enough of them recently This was a book recommended to me by the Goodreads Bot because I read Kristin Lavransdatter and Island of the World both Catholic books I'm not Catholic but I enjoyed all three books very much Why would a 40 year old woman with a successful career want to become a nun? The answer unfolds slowly and gently along with at least two other engrossing subplots If you enjoyed Jayber Crow or At Home in Mitford I recommend this book to you

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In This House of Brede [PDF / Epub] ☄ In This House of Brede By Rumer Godden – Rumer Godden's classic 1960s novel is a vivid portrait of a woman's encounter with faith as she enters an order of Benedictine nuns'The motto was Pax but the word was set in a circle of thorns Peace b Rumer Godden's classic s novel is a vivid House of Kindle Ô portrait of a woman's encounter with faith as she enters an order of Benedictine nuns'The motto was Pax but the word was set in a circle of thorns Peace but what a strange peace made of unremitting toil and effort'Bruised by tragedy Philippa Talbot leaves behind a successful career with the civil service for a new calling to join an enclosed order of Benedictine nuns In this small community of fewer than one hundred women she soon In This PDF/EPUB or discovers all the human frailties jealousy love despair But each crisis of heart and conscience is guided by the compassion and intelligence of the Abbess and by the Sisters' shared bond of faith and ritual Away from the world and yet at one with it Philippa must learn to forgive and forget her past.