பொன்னியின் செல்வன்

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10 thoughts on “பொன்னியின் செல்வன் தியாக சிகரம்

  1. Jeyasri Ramesh Jeyasri Ramesh says:

    Wow That was a massive stretch of 2000 pages altogether Totally worth the time and pure bliss to read it in Tamil coz it has the Kalki's touch

  2. Girish Girish says:

    It is no easy joke to write a story chapter by chapter week on week for 35 years to have a book that keeps you transfixed When it is a historical fiction with real characters and fixed points recorded in history it becomes a fascinating journey between 2 points This book is a masterpiece by any standard you chooseThe last part in the series is full of action at each and every thread of the story And how The action starts with ponniyin selvan who we left in book 3 and sets the context for the title Pinnacle of Sacrifice in English The book builds up gloom for over 300 pages before the storm clouds clear to allow sunlight Some of the twists and turns are sort of predictable but then the prose than makes up for thatThe book title somehow made you know all along what was to come and that whatever is the buildup is towards the one critical historical incident Hence it is a marvel the amount of yarn built around this event Parts of the book are extremely movingThe book has strong female characters surprisingly for a time when the society was dominated by men Manimegalai and Manthakini devi are immortalized doing a bit of injustice to the other heroines of previous parts like Poonkuzhali and VanathiThe friendship between the characters that are at times extremely at logger heads was a bit hard to digest You would want the 'bad guy' to be punished but then history says that guy lived on The epilogue was brilliant where the author answered what happened after the period in the book One very satisfying series read Overall Series Rating 55

  3. Tamil Isai (தமிழிசை) Tamil Isai (தமிழிசை) says:

    Ponniyin selvan story is about Sundara chola’s children Rajaraja CholaKunthaviAthitha karigala It has 5 partswritten by kalkiIn this my favourite is kunthavi The brave and intelligent woman in this story And I like vanthiyadevan also Because i like his travelling character and everything

  4. Srikanth R Srikanth R says:

    One of the best book I have ever read Its really unbelievable how the author has maintained the suspense and intrigue for over 2000 pages Hats off to Kalki One of my friends told me that this book deserves a place in our Pooja shelf And after reading it I would say that its by no means an exaggeration

  5. Madhupria Madhupria says:

    Wow Some jaw dropping stuff happens Although I was expecting something to happen the way it played out caught me off guard So much drama and action has peaked to a thrilling heart rending climax Can't believe there's still another volume yet to read

  6. Muthiah Prabhakaran Muthiah Prabhakaran says:

    A must read series for the people who wants to know about chola dynasty

  7. Ramya Ramya says:

    Even translated this whole series of Ponniyan Selvan gets a 45 for plot odd diverse character development and a sense of humor throughout This is a in occidental comparison a chivalrous romance novel a la style de Dumas but is set in the 10 11th century Southern India and has all the components of courtcountry intrigue interior heart plots of vengeance and love and lush scenery novel by Kalki a 20th century master of story telling reformer of identity for Tamil Nadu Tamils after mind numbing Colonial civilizing influence back into integration with a new identity based on past glorified history of the region it's literature as this novel series depicts the region was always divided with different identities with Tamil ness being a post independence work in progress What I wish Kalki had done is be explicit about how much factual historical research versus imagination went into this series I am told Kalki's language is gorgeous appropriately different for each character's background in the original Tamil would love to read it one day if found in the original For now this is the most immediately accessible way for non Tamil readers to discover the beauty complex nature of life in the southern tip of Indian sub continent over 10 centuries ago from which we have gorgeous bronzes temples and literature to substantiate existence of those interesting societies Could we learn from them if we stopped romanticizing them?

  8. Kaavya Srinivasan Kaavya Srinivasan says:

    The past one month it feels like I have lived in the chola period In the first book it took me sometime to get into the story but from there it has been a fantastic ride At various points in the story I have lovedhated the same characters laughed with them walked through deep dark forests travelled to Srilanka plotted with them felt pity for characters I wanted dead from start loved characters that I thought were inconseuential to the story And what a story this is Individual books aptly named for the prime theme of that book takes you through each part with almost everyone playing such a crucial role in holding the chola dynasty from falling apart My favorites are definitely poonguzhali for her attitude PS and Kundavai for their truthfulness towards their friends manimegalai for her part in the last book sendhan amudhan for being an honest person until the last sentence he uttered in the book and ofcourse vandhiyathevan for his charmI did get annoyed at him for few reasons in the last book for which I am not willing to forgive him I highly recommend the spotify audiobook version by Sri for anyone who wants to listen rather than read

  9. Ashish Iyer Ashish Iyer says:

    woww manwhat a book That was one hell of a ride One of the best series i have ever read All five books deserved 5 stars Those who haven't read it please do read it I cant believed such an amazing journey is over The last book in the series is full of action It has everything

  10. Saravana Sastha Kumar Saravana Sastha Kumar says:

    One of the best magnum opus of historical fiction ever written in tamizh This part culminates 5 volumes and about 2100 pages of pure gem

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