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  1. Robison Wells Robison Wells says:

    That's a completely unbiased rating

  2. karen karen says:

    if anyone popped into my RA group looking for a book that was not well written consistent or plausible i could hand them this book with full confidenceand i feel bad for saying that i do this book means well you can tell the author dedicated it to his best friend erin that's cute right? but about thirty pages in i started getting concerned that this was another YA book actually written by a teen author i am not going to have another truancy experience thank you very much but no not a teen just the brother of dan wells who i still have yet to read but seems like a really nice guy so this is why i feel bad for hating on this book because the brother of the author has always been nice when he has come in that makes perfect sense right? also i write my least convincing book reports when i am ill but these are the cards we were dealt today so seventeen year old benson fisher applies for a boarding school scholarship program in order to get out of the foster care system cycle he has been swirling around inside for yearshe gets it yayyy and flies off to new mexico to settle into his new school and meet his new classmates but oh no where are the teachers? where are the adult cafeteria and maintenance workers? why are all the children shouting? so basically this is a school in which all the duties of the school are performed by the students themselves please hold your uestions until the end so there are three groups groups that have formed out of necessity after some unpleasantness in the past when the students had been just fending for themselves and by unpleasantness i mean many many deaths this being YA fiction the groups have suitably goofy names the society who play by the rules havoc who wear thuglife pendants and like to fight and the variants who would like to escape but are very pragmatic and would like a color coded escape plan first please for safety's sake which group do you think benson aligns himself with? i give you a hint and point you towards the title of the book so each of these groups perform certain functions in the school based on agreed upon and bidded for contracts havoc is in charge of food and groundskeeping society handles admin nursing teaching variants clean up the trash but all are ruled by a tv screen that depicts an adult face giving out daily punishments after reviewing the tapes culled from the numerous video cameras and microphones all around the school and if you get detention you never come back shhhh uestions at the end pleasethe lessons are arbitrary lectures on aesthetics or field surveying and they play a lot of paintball and points are accrued all around so they can buy clothing and other gear but never their freeeeeedom so it is shades of ender's game shades of lord of the flies shades of any other of the recent batch of YA dystopia where kids form little white gangs and adhere to bizarre group standards in order to show that they are independently minded freethinkers hey hands down and there are ample excuses as to why the kids were chosen why they can't just call for help or use the internet or escape over the wall why they don't just stop okay now time for uestionsokay so i just wrote out a string of like 20 uestions but ended up deleting them all because they would probably be too spoilery for those of you who are interested in reading this despite my warnings because it still looks like a book i should like greg brought it to me at work saying just that this looks like a book you would read and i did read it and it was bad and i am glad i borrowed it rather than buying it because i was about to buy it actually but now i can bring it back and maybe the person who reads it next will love it and i would be pleased to hear it i just hate it when i dislike a book that looks like it means well it tried right? especially when it went nuts there at the end and decided to try something new and everyone went whaaaaa?? and then laffed baffling truly bafflingbut i will allow this one uestion why are YA novels always structured this way where characters huddle together in like minded groups instead of utilizing the strengths of all participants? does no one see how this limits the resources? it is a structure that only works if the book is well written enough to overcome its own inherent silliness divergent was i thought fantastic even though it had a lot of its own foolishness to overcome this one tripped over its own foolishness and then stumbled down a hill caught on fire and then just smoldered therein a not very sexy waynow i am going back to bed i wouldn't say this book gave me this surely fatal illness but i'm also not ruling it out

  3. Sue Sue says:

    Simple words BLOODY BRILLIANTI've read so much of YA and from the first page everything is so predictable you have an idea of the direction and what will happen at the end Even the Dystopian novels the main problem is X and you obviously know that the MC will surviveBut THIS I could not for one second predict where this would go and I'm excellent at predicting what's next The writing served its purpose I didn't have to skim over anything You know how in novels sometimes the prose is striking and beautiful and the descriptions so vivid? And there's a bunch of symbols that give deep meaning and yada yada yada There's none of that in thisBecause really if you're the narrator writing and it's in first person do you really go on and describe the sky's purple hues and the symbolism of a bird over your head? And then you map out the skies as say how thick the clouds are so it must be raining and you go all philosophical? Yeah screw that Be real and tell it like it is not overly descriptive not too sparse just a need to know basis and the narrative is genuine in following the character's train of thought The action was good the pace was fast and most of the time you really just had to wonder what will happen next I honestly couldn't put the book down even with a gun to my head I just had to know what to know what will happenThe characters are definitely interesting and our MC isn't overly superficially brilliant He isn't someone who comes into the school and manages to overcome everything with ease like a supergod character and is armed with some ridiculously helpful skill Benson is not one of those characters when in a hard situation amazingly shows his awesomeness with skills like super combat gun expertise and survival skills even though the character is only a teen A lot of what he learned is from TV which is genuine given all the CSI watching these days He's not one of those brilliant charismatic characters who manages to unite and bring everyone on his side either I also applaud the book in no plot holes that I've picked up on i hate it when scenarios are implausible Like that one main character doesn't get caught even though the streets are patrolled yeah right For once the MC actually keeps up with what's going on like a real reader You know how sometimes in books the villain or something is so glaringly obvious and yet the character is still dumb when readers have already figured it out halfway and the characters haven't? None of that here I love how he instantly picks up on every nuance how we have a character who is smart enough to ask uestions instead of mulling over it and only having that one moment where he pieces everything together It's a step by step process not some eureka moment It's just so refreshing to have a character who is intelligent and who realises thing fast enough so there can be real action and events in the novel and move things alongI'm desperately waiting for the seuel

  4. Lucy Lucy says:

    So my dog does this cute thing sometimes where he chases down a toy or ball with such intensity that he sometimes crashes into walls and furniture After he does this he looks up at me with an expression on his face that I'd like to catch on camera without deliberately letting him get a concussion It's a cross between 'where the fuck did that come from' and 'how did I get here again' because you see he's forgotten he was chasing a ball in the surprise of his encounterThis book put that expression on my face a lot Sometimes being surprised and a little confused can make for an amazing book if the techniue is right the techniue was not spot on here The surprises felt really random I feel like telling everyone where the book got weird but it's a pretty big spoiler and you never get much information about it beyond that one factThe writing was simplistic It kind of reminded me of the first two Percy Jackson books which are on the middle school end of the YA swimming pool It's all functional but it's not a style that allows you to feel fully emerged in the main character or even the story There's always a slight sense of detachment that kept me from really connecting to or sympathizing with the main character's plightsBenson Fisher the main character was also exceedingly difficult to like He does a lot of stupid shit without thinking it through He takes big gambles with the school's social order and structure without fully thinking about what will happen even though he has all the necessary information to realize he could be making a big mistake As a reader I certainly knew he was fucking up everyone's lives Let's see the last time people did what he was doing there were gang wars that resulted in student on student murder several times over but he goes for it tells no one and then takes a nap after instead of bracing himself for the fall out Smart See YA Paranormal Romance heroines aren't the only unlikeable fools out thereThe end of the book pissed me off There is no ending This series seems to be one of those series where the books aren't individual stories building into a whole I say seems because this is only book one but this book ended abruptly without closing any major story archs The author opens for the next book but he misses a big step in reader satisfaction by leaving almost every major plot open from this bookI'd recommend this to really young adults 11 14 or maybe 15 boys in particular might like it It's got a fair bit of action a male lead and they tend to be forgiving of simplistic writing I don't think adult YA fans will find anything here for themselves

  5. Neil (or bleed) Neil (or bleed) says:

    Variant is like The Maze Runner And it's kinda awkward that James Dashner blurbed this book I mean both has the same set up where teens are trapped in a secluded unknown place and don't know any idea why they are there But both are still different in many aspects anyway I still like Maze Runner just the first book not its seuels EW than this bookIn my honest opinion there weren't much happened in the book until Benson the main character discovered something he didn't expect The good thing was Variant is engrossingly readable and the mystery will drive you insane or just curious to know what's the mystery behind this fucking academy Like I said there weren't much happened but I seriously love the paintball scenes heh I don't know exactly why but I enjoyed reading those And the rest is history Blech Because really nothing happened UghIn terms of characters they are mostly one dimensional I can't connect with them and don't really care about them The back stories of some characters are trying hard and felt like as fillers But I thought it was fine since the mystery and anticipation compensate for it Which is the main reason I still gave it 3 stars

  6. Margot Margot says:

    I can't think of a single reason why I shouldn't give this a five star rating I loved everything about it First of all Variant is one original little book Yeah everyone says the same about all the books they read but I definitely found Variant refreshing and uniue And I really enjoyed Benson's voice Variant hooked me right in since the very beginning—I couldn't put it down I found it original thrilling compelling and so easy to read Interesting from the first page to the very last one where it left us with a cliffhanger There were parts where my heart was pounding in anticipation and I was pretty much biting my nails—I couldn't read fast enough—because just when I thought he—and I—had something figured out surprising little twists happened It was nice to read a good YA book that had an unpredictable plot for a change I wanted something different and this absolutely delivered I cannot wait for the seuel

  7. Reynje Reynje says:

    Well the joke is on me apparently As I was racing towards the end of Variant it became very clear that the number of pages I had left to read were not going to be adeuate to address the plethora of unanswered uestions I had My rising mental chorus of ”But what about? But why? How? smacked straight into a four word brick wall End of Book One I really thought this was a standalone book Ha ha Variant is a fast paced fairly gripping read that slaps you with uite a doozy of a cliffhanger on the last page It’s told through the first person perspective of seventeen year old Benson Fisher who applies for and receives a scholarship to Maxfield Academy thinking this will be a relief from a life spent in a series of foster homes Of course all is not what it seems There are no adults at Maxfield just intense video camera monitoring and four rules no “violent” fights no sex no refusing punishment and no trying to escape Breaking the rules results in detention and no one returns from detention Sometime prior to Benson’s arrival the students of Maxfield had been getting their Lord of the Flies on in an all out intra school war really what is it with me and books about kids beating the heck out of each other? A tenuous truce between the three “gangs” Havoc Society and Variant has brought a kind of precarious order to life in the Academy So what exactly is going on? Is this a prison? Are they unwitting lab rats in a cage? And who is behind the sinister rules and punishments of Maxfield? It’s a chilling premise and the for the most part I think well done Wells’ keeps a tight rein on the tension and it builds rapidly making this a fast paced read There’s definitely an unsettling atmosphere of paranoia about the whole claustrophobic set up especially through Benson’s eyes as the newcomer Comparing his viewpoint with that of the students who accept their strange lives with a type of “it’s this or die” resignation is uite effective The power play – both psychological and outright physical between the different factions of students is disturbing and keeps the story compellingAs a heavily plot driven story the characterisation and development of relationships felt a bit thinner than what I usually enjoy The primary focus here is on Benson attempting to figure out what’s going on and plotting escape although he does form some tentative bonds with some students The writing is brisk and uite business like which suits the pace and the urgency of Benson’s situation After all this is not really a story to linger over but one that almost forces you to race through The sharp twists throughout and particularly towards the end are neatly orchestrated and pack enough shock value to consistently hold attention And the ending? Well all I’ll say is that Variant raises uestions than it answers And beware if you’re not a fan of severe cliffhangers

  8. Sasha Sasha says:

    This is the story of Benson Fisher and how he settles into his new life at Maxfield Academy where there are no teachers no grades and only 4 rules The school is split into three different gangs and these gangs have come to an agreement that will keep them at peacemost of the time And then Benson comes across the school's real secretso what will he do with this information and what will the conseuences of his actions be?This book was a thriller right from the beginning Within the first 15 pages or so I was already asking myself TONS of uestions about the school about the kids about EVERYTHING I found myself just as scaredangry as Benson was about the whole situation I think that's one of the things that made this book so good for me I really truly connected with the characters I felt like I was actually there right along side BensonVariant was such a uniue take on the idea of a Dystopian society and the ending left me begging for I literally tweeted at Mr Wells asking him if he had already written the second book I don't know where this series is heading but this guessing game is very refreshing for meEvery so often a book comes along that I would recommend for anyone and everyone This is one of those books I can't think of anyone who wouldn't like this thrilling action packed story including teenage boys who are very hard to pick out a book forYou'll especially like this book if you enjoyed The Maze Runner by James Dashner

  9. Steph Steph says:

    Wtf was that endingHow am I supposed to go the whole weekend without getting the second book? Wtf ending was that? I think I'm hyperventilatingbreathebreathePLOTAn orphan boy named Benson applies for Maxfield Academy thinking it's a normal boarding school It's not There are no adults Kids have to create groups to survive No one can leave The school is surrounded by a wall and a gate and whoever dares to cross they never come back Bad behavior means detention And no one comes back from detention When Benson figures out the real story of this school he'll do anything to get outMY REVIEWOh My Gracious Why did the book have to end the way it did? When I first started the book I thought it was just going to be one of those books that you read to past time and get rid of but towards the middleI loved itOne bad thing was that the characters were really flat They didn't really have any dialogue or actions that made them distinct besides Isaiah They didn't have that much personalityAlso sometimes it would be a little hard to keep track of the characters since there were so many of themOriginally I was going to give this book 2 stars but that ending really surprised me Everything that I didn't expect happened And in the middle of the book it took a turn that I didn't expect at all The book was pretty good besides the flat characters Can't wait to get the second book

  10. Cassi aka Snow White Haggard Cassi aka Snow White Haggard says:

    4ish stars yes I'm a little wishy washy on this pointVariant is one of those books that's hard to review Yes I know I say that a lotIt's a book with a First Half Then a Second Half And I want to judge them separately Because by the end I couldn't put the book down almost finishing it in a loud chinese restaurant because I was that engaged But as much as I enjoyed the second half I can't ignore the first half of the bookThe first half I kinda wanted to smack the main character Have you heard that famous Albert Einstein uote? The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results For me that's the first half of this book Benson has only one thing on his mind And it's something he SHOULD have on his mind Only problem is that Benson has a bad case of the doesn't stop and think No one talked about escape I tried to bring up the subject once but it died out fairly uickly Benson my friend I hate to tell you this but you did not bring it up once I searched on my Kindle The word escape appears 76 times You might have been a wee bit obsessedBUT then comes the second half where everything changed And I could not put the book down The problem? I can't actually TELL you much about the second half without ruining the nicely done twistWhen we first meet Benson which FYI had me thinking of Law Order SVU every time they said his name he's on his way to Maxfield Academy He thinks a scholarship to an elite private school is his escape from the foster system But Maxfield Academy is not what he thinks It's not a wonderful opportunity it's like a prison than school Instead he's trapped behind bullet proof glass and barbed wire fences with no adults The school is controlled by 3 different gangs and breaking a rule euals detention and detention euals death It's not exactly the bright future Benson hopes forI feel like I should be able to sympathize with Benson Maxfield Academy is horrible and it does suck He's RIGHT about pretty much everything But his approach is wrong He is single mindly obsessed with escape He's practically banging his head against the wall hoping to knock a stone loose I spent the first half of the book wanting to shout at him UIT RUNNING HEADLONG INTO DANGER STOP AND THINK Benson is not much of a thinker at least not at firstBut then about halfway through the book just when Benson is finally calming down falling for a girl and starting to get complacent everything suddenly changes Like BOOM I'm going to be a different book now Like me better now? As a matter of fact yes I do like you better You should have dyed your hair this color pages ago does wonders for your pacing Honestly the second half of this book made me uestion my opinion of the first Surely it can't be that annoying Cassi? Look how much you like it now So I suppose there's always the chance I was in a bad mood when I read the first half I don't think so but you never knowSuddenly you can't trust anyone Benson finally stops running in circles and starts thinking strategically For me that's when the book gets good When he stops banging his head against the proverbial wall and starts planning Finally he's trying to figure out the big mystery of the school and tries to come up with a feasible escape plan whereas his plan before was just jump the wall and hope not to die This gives the reader the opportunity to follow his investigation and put the pieces of the puzzle together along with BensonThen ending is twisty leaving the reader on a cliffhanger that made me say HUH I re read the passage and I was still confused but it was a good confusion I was a Lost fan clearly I have a thing for confusing cliffhangers The ending left me curious enough that I want to read book 2This book has a Dystopian vibe without actually being a Dystopia It's a little bit sci fi a little bit thriller and a little bit something else that I can't place my finger on But overall I liked it The first portion may be a 3 but the last part is solidly 4 In fictional math that euals a 4 star review for meSo even though Benson is a little obnoxious at the beginning of the book bear with him because he gets smarter There's an interesting mystery a creepy school and life or death stakes The book is clearly meant to be part of a series trilogy is my guess because you don't get all the answers in this book Assuming that the new and improved Benson plans to make an appearance in the next book I want to continue this series And the cliffhanger better be worth it Not just a shark with a random dharma logo

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Variant ❮Ebook❯ ➮ Variant ➯ Author Robison Wells – Benson Fisher pensou ue uma bolsa para freuentar a Academia Maxfield seria o seu passaporte para uma vida com futuro Estava enganado Agora vive num colégio cercado por uma vedação de arame farpado Benson Fisher pensou ue uma bolsa para freuentar a Academia Maxfield seria o seu passaporte para uma vida com futuro Estava enganado Agora vive num colégio cercado por uma vedação de arame farpado Um colégio onde câmaras de vigilância monitorizam todos os seus movimentos Onde não há adultos Onde os alunos se dividiram em grupos para sobreviver Onde a punição por violar as regras é a morte Mas uando descobre por acidente o verdadeiro segredo do colégio Benson percebe ue cumprir as regras poderá trazer lhe um destino pior do ue a morte e ue a fuga a sua única esperança de sobrevivência talvez seja uma missão impossível.