On Tenterhooks PDF Ê Paperback

  • Paperback
  • 360 pages
  • On Tenterhooks
  • Greever Williams
  • English
  • 08 February 2015
  • 9781470191948

8 thoughts on “On Tenterhooks

  1. C.M. Albert C.M. Albert says:

    Wow I was blown away by Greever Williams' debut novel On Tenterhooks It's refreshing to find such well written thriller fiction that manages to capture your heart and keep you on the edge of your seat at the same time I wont give away any spoilers but the premise is set around four strangers who have all experienced a deep and life changing loss of a loved one What happens next after they all experience something wont give it away unusual takes the reader on a wild hunt for answers redemption and closure The characters and dialogue are extremely well written and make you totally invested in their physical and emotional outcome I could've used a smidge blood and guts over all because I'm just twisted like that but the climatic ending will have you rooting suirming and holding your breath until it's over Very uniue plot very solid writing I am definitely waiting no so patiently for Williams' next novel

  2. Robb Bridson Robb Bridson says:

    DISCLOSURE I received this book free through the Goodreads First Reads programA well executed debut novel; a straight forward Good vs Evil fantasyThe antagonist has styleThe characters are likable in spite of just a wee bit too much faith and feel good talk for my tastesThe mystery builds and the climax is excitingI expect Greever Williams to be at the start of a promising career Makes it all the better I won this as a First Read and have his autograph

  3. Greever Williams Greever Williams says:

    50 out of 5 stars Reading for pleasure again October 1 2012It has been uite a while since I have read something just for the pleasure of reading I picked up On Tenterhooks on the recommendation of a friend and have not been able to put it down You may even find yourself in some of the characters as you read this making it even spooky I hope to see from this author40 out of 5 stars A read well worth the time November 15 2012A gripping spooky storyline surrounding well developed characters with whom the reader readily identifies and comes to care about It is laced with passages and anecdotes that provoke self reflection on personal values and what is truly important in a setting concurrently optimistic and forebodingIt is an easy stretch to see this effort translated to the screen I'm looking forward to subseuent efforts by this author50 out of 5 stars On Tenterhooks has it all November 5 2012Suspense the battle between good and evil characters that you care about and the power of love and faith I can't remember the last work of fiction I actually finished but I couldn't put this one down Take a chance with this new author you won't be disappointed and you will find yourself wishing there were of his works out there to download to your Kindle

  4. Linda Fast Linda Fast says:

    On Tenterhooks is a novel based on four strangers who have all lost loved ones They have all received a message from Say Goodbye to Me and as they search each other out they are plagued by a preacher The preacher is actually a disciple of Satan who wishes to claim them I'm not going to go farther in this review of what happens because I do not wish to spoil it for another reader The four who have lost loved ones are genuinally believable and you are drawn into their pain and loss As the four travel across the US and finally on to their end destination the reader is kept on the edge of suspense in wondering who will win the epic battle and what will be lost and at what cost If one is looking for a book that combines horror mystery and suspense or a book of good versus evil I reccomend this as must read I received On Tenterhooks for free in exchange for my review from Goodreads Firstreads

  5. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    I've spent days trying to figure out what I wanted to say about this book and I keep coming back to the same thing WOW The way Williams writes this story you can actually feel their pain and grief What these people survive is heart wrenching To see them come together to fight the evil that has caused them so much pain is just lifts your soul Steve is my favorite character but it's the team as a whole that I fell in love with You can't help but pull for them What they went though to help save the world from evil is something I hope none of us ever have to face And Preacher and Biker are really awesome too I highly recommend this book and I for one call for a seuel I will definitely be reading books by this authors KUDOS

  6. Sherry Sherry says:

    Great debut novel On Teterhooks had me hooked from the first page Being a scaredy cat to begin with I kept my reading to the mornings hours The final pages had me glued to my chair on a Sunday morning for two hours anxious to see the outcome Although there was a twist I didn't expect I loved the ending and it certrainly left itself open to a seuel Great work Greever and I hope to see of your creative talent out there

  7. Lillian M. Lillian M. says:

    I found this book to be a refreshing detour from books I usually read The characters were pretty well developed and I almost found myself caring about their troubles The plot was fine in an almost beleivable way I did however find that the book was a little preachy More so than was needed in spite of the plot

  8. Laura Laura says:

    This was a great read The author kept me enthralled throughout the story When I wasn't reading it I couldn't wait to get back to it The characters were well developed and changed as the story unfolded I hope to see books from Greever Williams

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On Tenterhooks[PDF / Epub] ❤ On Tenterhooks ✅ Greever Williams – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Imagine that the person you love most in this world died in a sudden horrible accident Your spouse your child your parent your sibling – gone in an instant with no chance at healing old wounds no cl Imagine that the person you love most in this world died in a sudden horrible accident Your spouse your child your parent your sibling – gone in an instant with no chance at healing old wounds no closure no sweet words of comfort to aid their passing What if you found a way to communicate with them one last time – a final chance to say goodbye Would you take that chance Of course you would Eventually we all would But what happens when they respond back Find out Get Hooked On Tenterhooks.

About the Author: Greever Williams

Greever Williams is by day a straight laced suit and tie government exec and a self proclaimed stylish geek By night or at least by the wee bits of the night when he isn’t chillaxin’ with his kids or DIYing it up with his beautiful wife he is a writer He’s released one full length novel On Tenterhooks and one novella Dust on the Mound available where all fine self published books are so.