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  1. Natasha Primaditta Natasha Primaditta says:

    I stumble across the works of Asano Inio sensei purely by chance Sometimes I did browse through graphic novels or comic books sections on a bookshop to take a breather from words These recent years I noticed the changing trends or dogma of comic books for kids into comic books for all ages by looking at the theme that was set as the core of the storyline From a hero who saves the day to the melancholy of adulthood and everyday lives I wonder sometimes why would they use a touch of reality as the core such as which Asano sensei did in his works Why would you switch reality from 'here' to 'there'? And if it did switched then which one should we believe as real?Erm Anyway I was fascinated by what Asano sensei put in this particular work Teenage angst curiosity dullness of life in an atmosphere of growth that envelops most of his characters within his universe I was a bit dismayed with some if not many of the profane illustration showed in the book but in the end I can't help to feel mixed feelings of tenderness curiosity and disgust which ends with serenity and some 'aww' moments I know it didn't make sense but that's what I feel It was raw and honest It was pure teenage adrenalines and hormones It kicked me in the head that I did have a rather dull and 'normal' teenage years

  2. Antonis Lamnatos Antonis Lamnatos says:

    One story by Inio Asano that I peeled through its layers in repeated readings The story leaves bits and pieces throughout to be connected later on I caught many subtle hints only during my second read through I really needed the hindsight to make things click You need to pay attention or you'll miss important connective tissue The two protagonists each carry different issues each one tries an approach that simultaneously abuses the other but crucially themselves as well In the end there is progress and a kind of salvation for all those involved call it surviving puberty call it surviving loveInio Asano's signature photo realistic images are once again used masterfully Probably his most daring depictions I've read so far yet never feel out of place or over the top Everything felt grounded on reality Characters are coupled with meaningful locations and an overarching song to bind them all together

  3. Paula Mendita Paula Mendita says:

    Stumbled upon this gem and read all chapters in one sitting It is one of the most realistic mangas that I have ever read in my whole 23 years It deals with social issues such as bullying toxic relationships and underage sex In the end I had a hard time sympathizing for the female lead She's manipulative and a user The male lead is no better though I know how hard it is to continue on with living with your life despite the unbearable loss of a loved one but such does not justify his actions In the end they are both at a loss and they only have themselves to blame

  4. Sara Sara says:

    Honestly? I think this is one of the most heartbreaking stories I've read Nothing really tragic happens but it's the selfish pushes and pulls of adolescent desires and insecurities as two teenagers struggle to figure out how to love each other and themselves It's not a happy ending but an ending we all carry with us how to wistfully live with our regrets

  5. Anh Hoang Anh Hoang says:

    Kaze wo atsumeteI still remember that summer vividly and sensually Shout out to Asano sensei for shaping my pseudo teen angst with this brilliant manga Kaze o atsumete Aozora o kaketain desu

  6. Sherry Sherry says:

    Bland Boring No thanks

  7. Nikelemen Nikelemen says:

    This rating stands for every volume of the series I just don't have the time to rate them all although I've read them all

  8. Brian Brian says:

    For a book about teenagers it's very adult The story itself is very textured and layered as the two protagonists try to get thru their teenage life Recommended

  9. Floriane Floriane says:

    I was waiting for something special and damn this is so freaking amazingly goodThis story is harsh and pure and sad true and genuinly perverse This is life written with beautiful drawings I was honestly completemy mindblown by this manga Once I had bought it I couldn't stop thinking about it though I hadn't read than a few pagesI look forward for the second part because so much drama at the end of this first oneLa fille de la plage the girl on the shore tells the story of two teenagers 14 years old i think that begin a sexual relationship they areboth a bit broken and lost But this relationship is to drag unexpected events and affect several persons around themI loved it However I wouldn't recommand it to people uneasy with sex scene escpecially with children bc there is a lot of them in this manga

  10. Nix Buttons Nix Buttons says:

    I find it really hard to review this manga I do love the realistic and down to earth style of the plot and the style It is a drama all right but a calm one that does not make me uneasy or annoyed like dramas often doI have a hard time understanding why most people find parts of this manga disgusting I mean I really do not want to try out what shit tastes like eww but I also know that there are lots of kids that age who try out uite a variety of sexual stuff and I do not find it absurd that the lead characters are like that too especially because those scenes are really short ones about one or two frames only not long enough or explicit enough to disgust me

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うみべの女の子 1 ❰Download❯ ➾ うみべの女の子 1 Author Inio Asano – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Koume Sato and Kosuke Isobe are two teenagers living in a sleepy seaside town After getting used and dumped by her crush the emotionally damaged Koume decides to start a sexual relationship with Kosuk Koume Sato and Kosuke Isobe are two teenagers living in a sleepy seaside town After getting used and dumped by her crush the emotionally damaged Koume decides to start a sexual relationship with Kosuke without any emotions involved However they both soon discover that sex with no strings attached do lead to unexpected complications not just for themselves but also the people surrounding themThe following content is intended for mature audiences and may contain sexual themes gore violence andor strong language.