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Road to Damnation Road To Damnation Is A Short Story Written By Evelyn Fredericksen And Published On The Old World Of Warcraft Community Site As The Precursor To Patch 1.11.

About the Author: Evelyn Fredericksen

Evelyn Fredericksen was previously Historian at Blizzard Entertainment s Creative Development team She worked on developing and maintaining the lore of all Blizzard games, books and various other media, alongside Chris Metzen when he was still part of the company She also wrote short stories for World of Warcraft Fredericksen left the company in 2016 to become Game Designer at Six Foot.

10 thoughts on “Road to Damnation

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    A rather underwhelming introduction to Kel Thuzad s quest for immortality and acceptance of serving to Ner zhul.

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    The nightmares that were described I could actually see Terrifying when he realizes he was at the point of no return.

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    Well that was just disturbing Kel Thuzad thinks he wants to make an army of undead until he is faced with what that truly means By then it is too late for him.

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