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Freedom to Harm How Much Economic Freedom Is A Good Thing This Book Tells The Story Of How The Business Community, And The Trade Associations And Think Tanks That It Created, Launched Three Powerful Assaults During The Last Quarter Of The Twentieth Century On The Federal Regulatory System And The State Civil Justice System To Accomplish A Revival Of The Laissez Faire Political Economy That Dominated Gilded Age America Although The Consequences Of These Assaults Became Painfully Apparent In A Confluence Of Crises During The Early Twenty First Century, The Patch And Repair Fixes That Congress And The Obama Administration Put Into Place Did Little To Change The Underlying Laissez Faire Ideology And Practice That Continues To Dominate The American Political Economy In Anticipation Of The Next Confluence Of Crises, Thomas McGarity Offers Suggestions For Comprehensive Governmental Protections For Consumers, Workers, And The Environment.

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    From the perspective and nomenclature of a law professor, this book catalogs the attacks by the conservative right on the regulatory power of the federal and state governments It tracks a history from the seventies to 2012 which I personally can verify because I lived it and watched many parts of it as it was occurring While I find no errors in the book, I did learn some new things I didn t read every chapter as the general point is well made in the areas of government with which I m familiar It s kind of a slog But it should be a resource book for anyone interested in ...