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that pesky rat Manchmal, Wenn Ich In Meiner Chipst Te Liege Und Zu Den Erleuchteten Fenstern Hochschaue, Frage Ich Mich, Wie Es Wohl W Re, Wenn Jemand F R Mich Sorgte, Wenn Ich Ein Richtiges Haustier W Re Ratz W Nscht Sich Sehnlichst, Zu Jemandem Zu Geh Ren, Obwohl Ihm Seine Freunde Berichten, Dass Das Leben Als Haustier Nicht Immer Das Reinste Zuckerschlecken Ist Doch Ratz L Sst Sich Sein Vorhaben Nicht Ausreden Und Gibt Eine Anzeige Auf Irgendjemand Wird Sich Doch Wohl Angesprochen F Hlen

About the Author: Lauren Child

Lauren Child grew up in Wiltshire as the middle child of three sisters and the daughter of two teachers She has always been interested in the many aspects of childhood, from gazing into toy shop windows to watching American children s shows from the 1960s After attending two Art Schools, where Lauren admits that she did not learn much, she travelled for six months, still unsure about which caree

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    Aww Don t let your tears get jerked until the end, though, as some of the text is obscured by the pictures and you don t want to miss any of it Not part of any of her series a stand alone story But it could be paired with her

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    Another one that requires a funny voice Plus you have to wrinkle your little ratty nose when you read Oh, come on, it ll be fun.

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    The pesky rat introduces himself by telling us how cute he is, that he lives in dustbin number 3, Grubby Alley, and that every now and again he returns home to find that someone has emptied all his belongings into a big van and driven off with them Not surprisingly he finds this very upsetting.He is known as the pesky rat because people say that he smells but he tells us that it is not his fault, it s the dirt He admits that he would love to have a name rather than that pesky rat and that he would like to belong to someone, to be an actual pet.He has a friend, Pierre, who is a chinchilla and who has a very glamorous life because he is looked after by Madame Fifi, living in the lap of luxury in a fashionable apartment When he visits he sits on a cushion but Madame Fifi does shampoo him once a week but he does not like having baths he says, I am allergic to soap.He also has a friend Oscar, who is a Siamese cat and who lives with Mr Washington, a business man who is always at work and therefore does not have time to wash fur or be strict Pesky says that if he lived there he would be able to do whatever he liked Oscar tells him that he gets his own supper, I m quite good in the kitchen, he says, but that he gets bored watching the same old shows on television And he hates to get bored, he says.A lop eared rabbit, Nibbles, that Pesky knows works in a circus with Mr Hoopla and has an exciting life, swinging ...

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    That Pesky Rat is a book that demands to be read aloud to do all of the voices of the characters and Lauren Child s illustrations are wonderful On the surface it is a story of a rat that finds his way to a new home, which is the level that it would be on for children, but if you scratch the surface, you can see there is to it than that.This book made me think about the way humans view cer...

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    I love this book It s so funny and also love the illustrations Reminds me of Cannonball Simp.

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    This is the story of a rat who longs to be a pet and have a real name, instead of That Pesky Rat He has many friends who are pets and although each one points out the pitfalls of being a pet weekly baths, embarrassing sweaters , the rat is still determined to be a pet At the pet store he puts up an ad in the window The rat s dreams are fulfilled when old and very blind Mr Fortesque adopts him as a pet and gives him a name So what if Mr Fortesque thinks he s ...

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    This book always makes me want to cry when I read it It s the touching tale of a brown rat who lives in a dustbin and sleeps in a crisp packet All he wants is to have an owner and a name He has lots of friends who have owners, so he decides to put an advert in the pet shop window for an owner of his own.Written in Lauren Child s trademark beautiful style and with her perfect collage illustrations, this was a deserved winner of the Smarties Award and r...

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    This is a touching story about a rat in search for a home All the rat wants is to be a pet He speaks to many other animals who have owners and finds it difficult to find someone to choose him Eventaully he is choosen and the rat is no longer refered to as a pesky rat and for the fi...

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    My two and half year old really liked this book so we read it many times I thinks it s funny and I love the pictures It s also a little unconventional because there is a little white lie at the end.

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    Really enjoyed it.Wonderful illustrations and clever use of collage,colour and word arrangements to create a lovely book.It has a moral that you don t need to compare yourself with others and believe the grass is greener there The rat comes to realise he wants the simple things ,he wants a sense of belonging and a name of his own.Hell wear a jumper if...

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