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Call of Cthulhu and Other Stories ➿ [Download] ➽ Call of Cthulhu and Other Stories By H.P. Lovecraft ➵ – This version there are others is 4½ hours long and contains four important Lovecraftian stories “The Call of Cthulhu” “The Hound” “The Dunwich Horror” and “Dagon” The narration is exc This version there are Cthulhu and eBook ¸ others is ½ hours long and contains four important Lovecraftian stories “The Call of Cthulhu” “The Hound” “The Dunwich Horror” and “Dagon” The narration is excellent; Mr Roberts’s voice and cadence helped evoke a suitably sinister ambianceFound here.

10 thoughts on “Call of Cthulhu and Other Stories

  1. Lisa Lisa says:

    I just really didn't love this Honestly I was a bit bored I am not sure if it was the text of the stories or if perhaps the narration just made me want to tune it out I had planned to write a useful review but honestly can't find the energy to devote time to it

  2. Skylar Phelps Skylar Phelps says:

    A very nice collection and gateway to the work of the king of cosmic horror and cosmic weird All four stories are very good weird tales I don’t care for the occult themes so much or the author’s rather racist viewpoints but I love the imagination and the strangeness It’s all very thrilling and much of the writing is uite lovely

  3. Joe Kraus Joe Kraus says:

    I understand that in some uarters these works have become canonical Lovecraft stands like a kind of Raymond Chandler or JRR Tolkien an inventor of a genre what we now call ‘horror’ And I understand as well that Chandler and Tolkien are also highly stylized that a lot of readers come to them and say “Is this all there is?”But seriously is this all there is?These stories are laughably bad This is at best second rate Poe and I have a lower opinion of the original first rate Poe than most For starters Lovecraft is a lazy craftsman These sentences are larded with adjectives Take away his favorite obscure ones – eldritch stygian cyclopedian – and replace them with their essential synonym “scary” and you have very little Then the plots themselves are clumsy and unfinished I do like the idea of getting to see Cthulu from the perspective of several different dreamers Maybe there’d have been something to it if Lovecraft had foreseen the postmodern narrative and managed to make a consciousness of storytelling part of the narrative itself Instead as with most of the others here we have a narrator who conveniently goes mad or kills himself just after finishing Cthulu is out there tentacle faced and fearsome or should I say tentacle faced and eldritch and we’re supposed to close the book go to sleep and have nightmares about himThe whole effect comes down to a cheap horror movie stunt let us catch only a glimpse only a sense of the shadow of what’s out there Then let us live in fear of what it might be I find it a cynical form of narration and a cynical aesthetic moveAnyway all that has made me wonder about the parallels between the horror genre in general and heavy metal music Each is probably the genre I least appreciate – one in literature and one in music Friends tell me Metallica is great and I do recognize the sophistication of their work Still I hear mostly just noise and anger a noise that seems intended to bully me into submission and an anger that seems to want to enlist me in causes I don’t shareAnd maybe it’s true that Stephen King is the analogue of Led Zeppelin each the most successful out of the genre Each supposedly competent in ways I can only distantly see And each spawning admirers who fall far shortIf all that’s true if horror is a genre predicated on an aesthetic that troubles me from the start fine I’ll leave it to others without judgement Except Lovecraft Really? I think his analogue may be SladeI have gone with two stars the second coming to acknowledge the influence and for the sheer stupid ambition of the work

  4. Tim Tim says:

    Overall I uite like this collection of short storiesnovellas First these are closer to psychological horror stories than anything else Second I found them to be creepy than scary That said listening to them in audio worked really well and I found they came across as excellent in audio as the narration was excellent Because of that I didn't want to listen when I often listened to audio right before bed The effect of the stories was magnified if I tried to listen in my bed in a dark room I really enjoyed the title novella Call of Cthulhu It's not too long only a few chapters but I liked the structure of the story where the lead is finding out bits and pieces by first reading notes but then confirming them with other sources It helped things unfold The short story The Hound I didn't particularly like but thankfully it was short This was followed up with the second novella The Dunwich Horror which I loved It's longer than the first novella and starts with a creepy family up to some strange things and everything slowly unfolds leading eventually to the Horror and its effect on Dunwich I uite liked the academics and their attempt to understand various writings left behind by the family view spoilerand their eventually resolution of the problem of the Horror hide spoiler

  5. Shawn Deal Shawn Deal says:

    Three crucial tales in the setting up of The Cthulhu mythos

  6. Cheri Cheri says:

    Ok I'm hooked I'm also glad I chose to do the audio because the narrator made the last few stories even better than they would have been if I'd used my eyeballs

  7. RJ RJ says:

    I listened to this on my commute and found myself tuning out freuently than I usually do with audiobooks Not sure if that's the material or the reader I will likely return to CoC in print if for no other reason than some of the specific references to Providence make me oddly homesick My relationship to the particular parts of the city he's writing about is such that when a tome bound in human skin was mentioned my thought was not Oh the Necronomicon it was legitimately Which one I wonder? The Hay library has two but maybe they acuired one laterMy only other solid takeaway at the moment is that I feel like I have heard plenty about Lovecraft's racism in the context of it being a well known historical fact about him and its presence in specific stories such as The Horror at Red Hook but I don't think I've really heard his fear and disgust of difference and savagery discussed as the fucking lifeblood of his mythos? It's hard to miss

  8. Joel Joel says:

    Creepy Horror FavoritesAudiobook FavoritesA great collection of creepy short stories I think my favorite out of the lot was 'The Hound' It's very short and uite chilling though all the stories are unsettling at times A perfect read for getting in the mood for HalloweenOctober 2017 UpdateI enjoyed this even the second time These are truly some chilling tales Again my favorite is The Hound along with The Call of Cthulhu Lovecraft is awesome and I look forward to trying of his work William Roberts also does a fantastic job with the narration

  9. Kelly Kelly says:

    Not sure I can say much about this that hasn't already been said but I will note my abundant amusement at the number of fear induced suicides and manly fainting spells Good stuff D

  10. Liz Liz says:

    I thought I’d try some HP Lovecraft just to see what it was Verdict nope

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