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Classic Christmas Stories Bestselling Author Frank Galgay Offers Up This Collection Of His Personal Favourites From A Wide Variety Of Canadian Writers Spanning Years, Classic Christmas Stories Includes Heartwarming Tales Of Christmases From Pastoral Canadian Towns, To Hustling And Bustling Cities Where The Christmas Spirit Can Often Be Woefully Hard To Find The Stories And Anecdotes Illustrate How The Season Has Changed In Meaning And Value With The March Of Time And Contain Allegories Of The Joys Of Gift Giving And Receiving For Readers Of All Ages

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    A valuable anthology for its preservation of Christmas traditions that in some cases may only have been shared by oral storytelling I respect Galway s efforts The stories are charming, though occasionally repetitive But it is a lovely snapshot of quieter times in rural communities when smaller pleasures were cherished and Christmas was truly a time of wonder and anticipation.

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    The best Christmas book to come this way, this year or any other, is Frank Galgay s Classic Christmas Stories PEI Guardian A valuable addition to the library of anyone interested in reading yuletide tales from the past Carbonear Compass