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    Clear, concise, and engaging, with entertaining asides, Ryan dares to consider questions that might make some Newfoundland nationalists squirm The Newfoundlander Ryan weaves together the theories of Newfoundland s most notable historians and adds his own data, research, and perspective His comparisons to other activities in North America helps to contextualize Newfoundland s unique history Canada s History Ryan s writing sparkles with historical insight The Compass...

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A History of Newfoundland in the North Atlantic to 1818 The Waters Off Newfoundland, In The North Atlantic, Held The World S Most Abundant Supply Of Codfish, Which, When Discovered, Was In Great Demand Unlike The Fur Trade The Other Major Early Commercial Activity In What Is Now Mainland Canada The Production Of Codfish Did Not Require Year Round Residence It Did, However, Require Numerous Men, Young And Old, For The Fishing Season, Which Ran From Spring To Early Fall.This Successful English Newfoundland Migratory Fishery Evolved Into An Exclusively Shore Based, But Still Migratory, Fishery That Led To The Formation Of A Formal Colony By 1818 Shannon Ryan Offers This General History As An Introduction To Early Newfoundland The Economy And Social, Military, And Political Issues Are Dealt With In A Straightforward Narrative That Will Appeal To General Readers As Well As Students Of Newfoundland And Labrador History.Finalist For The 2013 Atlantic Book Award For Scholarly WritingFinalist For The 2013 Heritage And History Award