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Spencers Face [Read] ➮ Spencers Face Author Autumn Brown – Taylor is a popular cheerleader at Buckeye Union High who has had a few boyfriends even though she has yet to find her perfect guy Spencer is a boy with a huge birthmark covering one side of his face Taylor is a popular cheerleader at Buckeye Union High who has had a few boyfriends even though she has yet to find her perfect guy Spencer is a boy with a huge birthmark covering one side of his face He plays football but tries to stay out of the limelight to hide his face He's shunned by most of the girls at Buckeye Union High Luckily Taylor isn't like most girls She sees Spencer for who he is inside Can he be her perfect guy even with his imperfections She falls for him deeper than she's ever fallen for anyone Convincing a shy insecure Spencer that he's the boy of her dreams isn't going to be easy This is an emotion packed high school story of two teens discovering true love for the first time This is Book in the Buckeye Hawks series.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 308 pages
  • Spencers Face
  • Autumn Brown
  • English
  • 14 August 2016

About the Author: Autumn Brown

Recently divorced and out on my own for the first time in years Sometimes it's scary and sometimes it's exciting Either way it's good material for my next books For years I have lived with characters and stories dancing in my head but never really had the time to develop them Now with this precious wonderful time that I have vowed not to take for granted I have at last been able to le.

6 thoughts on “Spencers Face

  1. Grace Grace says:

    I've been reading a lot of books with high reviews lately and being let down So I decided to go with something easy so I wouldn't feel disappointedThis is the first book written by this author and you could tell It was like she wanted to write about everything that interested her in one book This was about high school yet the h was top 5 in school just joined the cheer team but was the best naturally worked her parents dairy farm was good at everything had some old guy leave her money when he died drove a motorcycle can sing play keyboard speak Spanish played sports knew how to fight because her dad trained her every weekend wanted to study computers and had every guy in love with her The H was also extremely smart played football and basketball knew how to play drums keyboard and guitar wrote and sold songs etcs Then they are always making out or having sex rarely doing homework lolThere were some small errors and it was really long It took them forever for them to get together and to be honest I didn't really feel the love It was a lot about looks He had a birthmark on his cheek and was shy because of it and peoples reactions to it She didn't care about it and that's the reason I liked her She was never tempted to have sex before marriage until him and every other guy broke up with her after trying to change her mind The other thing that bugged me about this was the random 'gay' comments I just didn't understand why that was necessary at all I couldn't tell if this author has an issue with being gay or was trying to really make her book sound like teenagers Lastly it needed foreshadowing For instance we learn really early on that she lives in a small home that isn't fancy yet she drives a new mustang Spencer mentions in passing that she told him some old guy left her money but that was like 60 percent of the way into the book Its like the author needed an out to explain something so she wrote it in later I did enjoy some of this but I like shy virgin hero's so I might be biased SpoilersBook also includes fights lots of sex ed from older people car accident sexual assault religious parents break up pregnancy marriage baby and a HEA but why no sexy times after the baby? that's a little mean lol

  2. Sabrina Devonshire Sabrina Devonshire says:

    This is a very light and fun read about two high school students who fall in love Even though my high school days are long gone this book really took me back to my youth The first sexual experiences between the couple felt very realistic to me I also found it refreshing that the male protagonist is physically imperfect with a a birth mark on his face Most men in romance novels tend to be model perfect which gets old after awhileBrown also did a good job portraying how families react so differently to their teens' needs to explore and learn about sex with Spencer's family supporting and educating while Taylor's family chose to threaten and alienate their daughter Although most of the family interchanges seemed realistic I cringed when Spencer's aunt and uncle were so upset Taylor wouldn't go on birth control pills because it seemed so out of character with their typical see all sides personalitiesThe language and word use in this book is very unsophisticated which bugged me in the beginning But once I just let go and allowed the author to entertain me I didn't care any I look forward to reading of this author's work

  3. Monika Monika says:

    I loved both Spencer and TaylorTheir journey was exhilarating to readI did feel bad for Taylor for a certain incidentbut she was mature beyond her age but she had Spencer by her sidewho was unwavering in his devotion for heri loved them and their love for each otherGreat job by the author

  4. Auraya Auraya says:

    Dont get me wrong It was nice fluffy hopeful and I really loved the story My bitter cynical side just wont let me believe RL could happen this way I still gave it 4 stars because it was well written and even though Im obviously not the target audience I enjoyed reading it

  5. Deb Deb says:

    I liked it a lot I just love romances set in high school That time in your life when everything is new and innocent You would jump into situations usually without any regard for the conseuencesyouththis was a great read

  6. Tracey Tracey says:

    A beautifully sweet tale of young love and the journey of discovery that goes with it This story is sensitive and touching and well as sweetly sexy and the author has put much thought and effort into capturing the first time for this couple Thoroughly enjoyable eminently readable

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