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  1. Grace Grace says:

    Book Oh hey there I see your waiting for a coverMe YepBook Been waiting long?Me Shrugs I dunnoabout four monthsBook Chuckles How has that been for ya?Me To be truthful it's been torturousBook WELL YOUR JUST GONNA HAVE TO WAIT EVEN LONGER NOW BECAUSE I'M NOT GETTING PUBLISHED UNTIL 2014 AND YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANSMe Oh dear godNoBook Laughs madly YEP I'M NOT GOING TO HAVE A COVER UNTIL AT LEAST A MONTH BEFORE MY PUBLICATION SO HAVE FUN WAITING FOR ME FOR ANOTHER ELEVEN MONTHS LOLMe Sobs uietlyEDITWhat is this? Toxic Heart? I like Renegade Heart much betterEDITBook Sowhat do you think?Me Don't talk to me

  2. Devon Ashley Devon Ashley says:

    3514 Dude this still isn't out yet? Any day please any day 2014 Seriously? Little faster please

  3. Abida& Abida& says:

    My ThoughtsI waited over a year for this book to come out and I expected it to be soo much better than what I read Honestly there could have been a lot of things going on but nothing happenedSome of the things that I was looking forward to happeningMy Expectations Maybe a war between Mystics and humans Hunter and Aria's relationship builds up Find some hidden secret about the mystics More of the humans start to side with the Mystics Aria faces her parents and tell them off More experiments are being done on the mystics Unfortunately not even half of those happened The CharactersI think is one of the few books I've read where I hate every character except the main character and Turk I loved Aria in this book We get to see how strong and fearless she really is and how she stands up for herself Through out the whole book she just keeps getting better and better Then there's Hunter I don't know who got me annoyed Kyle or Hunter I really didn't understand howwhy Hunter came up with the idea of using Aria and thinking it was okay Plus Hunter was barely even in the book As for Kyle I didn't know if he wanted to be the good guys or the bad He was just a hot mess PlotEndingThe plot in this book was soo slow Nothing really happened in this book I kept waiting for something better to happen The whole pace of the book was like 2 3 weeks long Which isn't a bad thing but when there's barely any type of action in it what do you expect Seriously there was barely any suspense or drama in this book As for the ending was something that I enjoyed very much Out the whole entire book the ending was my favorite part It was all epic and edgy when Aria walked out on everyone Other than that nothing much happenedOverall ThoughtsHonestly this could have been better in so many ways Will I read the next book? Yes no matter what I have to know how it ends I just hope that the next book will be better than this one and actually has a decent plot Like we'll see some Hunter and Aria together and Turk and Aria Other than that this book was okay

  4. doctor doctor says:

    Actual rating 3755 starsToxic Heart has thrown me for the loop several times since its announcement First was the fact that it wouldn't be coming out as originally scheduled then the title change and finally the actual reading of the bookEverything kind of just rushed in together hoping to make some kind of point and readers were left staring at the wreckage It was kind of like modern art pretty cool if not weird looking and with almost no reasoning behind itTensions are high between every character in this book There's so much to lose and almost nothing to gain by the end of it I'm not sure what Lawrence was planning when he wrote this book given the fact that we um don't officially have a seuel announcedYou know what this reminds me of?UNBREAKABLE BY ELIZABETH NORRISThere was so much there and we COULD HAVE HAD IT ALLLLLL but no No We didn't get any of it and we're just standing there confused hoping something good will happen Please? Yeah

  5. Karissa Karissa says:

    I loved Mystic City and was eager to read Toxic Heart Unfortunately this was a disappointing book in so many ways Just about everything I loved about this series is gone in this book I listened to this on audiobook and it was a horrible audiobook The narrator has a lift in her voice at the end of each sentence which leaves every sentence sounding vaguely like a uestion It’s really really annoying and detracts from the story Some of the voices are completely wrong for the way the character is described in the book For example Elissa’s voice is described as cold and commanding but the narrator made her sound like a sultry porn star Aria’s voice is very breathy and ditsynot at all how I picture Aria I strongly recommend against listening to this on audiobookAria has gone into hiding at a rebel base while Hunter stays in Manhattan to organize the Rebels After certain events happen Aria finds herself back in Manhattan but she still barely ever sees Hunter because he is so busy Still Aria finds herself a symbol for the rebellion and is determined to do all she can to orchestrate peace between the Aeries and the Rebels Added to this is the strange mystery of what actually happened to the Mystic Heart of her former nursemaidAria is just plain stupid in this book She constantly lies makes rash stupid decisions and is just generally slow on the uptake I do not like her as a heroine Point in caseshe wanders out on her own when she knows people are trying to kill hershe also imbibes a uestionable substance on her way to a vitally important meeting Just one dumb thing after another The dialogue is childish and awkward and filled with wonderfully witty comebacks being sarcastic here For example when Aria is confronting one of her biggest enemies her wittiest comeback is “Well you’re a liar” Um is this a bunch of five year olds fighting? It is just sooo awkwardHunter has turned into a power hunger jerk focused only on revenge his epic love for Aria is missing He is also missing Hunter is in the story very little His place is taken by Turk who is assigned to protect Aria Turk is best thing about this book he is daring and fun yet caring and thoughtful Turk and Aria spend a ton of time together Turk ends up being the most supportive of Aria and the most sensible of the characters in this story by farAria’s brother Kyle remains a major villain in the story he really isn’t given much depth He yells “I hate you” a lot at Aria again super mature dialogue here and is just generally a generic bad dude that you are not supposed to like The other big villain is Elissa the turncoat Mystic from the first book who shows up in a glittery gold catsuit of all things no idea whythis was just bizarreThe plot is improbable and mainly focuses on the Rebels and Rose and Fosters families all using Manhattan as their battlefield Aria's only good idea is a Peace Summit which they all strangely agree to despite their vendettas towards each other This whole plot was clumsily executed and awkwardOverall I did not like this story not one bit Some of my dislike is probably added to by the absolutely awful narration of the audiobook The rest of my dislike is fueled by immature dialogue a “dumb as rocks” heroine and an improbable plot You know usually I try not to write scathing reviewsbut I was just sooooo disappointed by the book I will no longer be reading this series Not recommended

  6. Holly Holly says:

    OUCH I saw that date of April 2014 and I almost cried Honest What the? So sad I LOVED Mystic Citybut I'm not so sure I'm gonna remember stuff a year and a half after I read it sniff

  7. Hope Hope says:

    I have so many mixed feelings for this book but by my rating you can see they are all fairly good ones that made me love the book even I thought Mystic City blew away but this book gives me the same effect possibly even Excellent seuel Riveting action filled and full of romance deceit and just all those things that I crave in a good dystopian novel In Mystic City we thought it ended with her and Hunter finally going to be together and in a way overcome and beat her awful family and her crazy power hungry brother but we are easily wrong after reading this second book Anyone who reads this book if they didn't get mixed feelings about certain things I would love to sit down and have a chat Mystic City is one of my favorite books of all time and I expected Aria and Hunter to end up together and him to do everything in his power to save her and protect her and the first book just gave me such a thrill and the romance in it was just so powerful between the two that I could not wait to read the second book to see how it continues UGHHHH my desire to see the two united in a bond so strong that is so unbreakable not even her ruthless brother and family could ruin it was not fulfilled Sadly to say but I was not disappointed because the amount of action and suspense in this book overrides all of that In the beginning it's clear Hunter is super busy with working with the resistance and thinking of ways to overpower the ruthless leaders the Rose and the Foster families all to have mystics live in the free and peaceful world they were meant to all wishes and desires left to him by his mother who died in the previous book Aria is stuck at a secret compound with people that she becomes friends with well some of them Ryah Landon Jarek not really a friend of Shannon's but you know what I mean Turk I was so sad when she mad friends with that little boy Markus one of the people who didn't stare at her like she was the cause of the downfall was shot down Of course I expected some of these insane behavior in this book from reading the last one when the gondolier was shot with no mercy from Aria's father And there were other times in this book when the old lady was shot at the infirmary camp with the amputated leg I hated how wherever Aria went her brother managed to find her and used bombs and explosions to blow up the place she is in risking and taking so many innocent lives I literally hate Kyle and I am so sad to see no one has yet pierced his chest with a bullet I feel like I want to jump through the book and hop on Turk's motorcycle and trample the guy myself with it Seriously haha But anyway the way he keeps showing up there is bound to be tracking or some kind of thing that is detecting where Aria is at all times Now when Aria and Hunter reunited for the first time after being apart for so long I was disappointed Even on the TouchMe chat yeah it was cute they wanted to see each other but I did notice he talked alot about the resistance and I like as a reader was sick of it I didn't get that same feeling I got last book between the two as she defied her family to go visit him and from the looks of it they loved each other so much that nothing could pull them apart In this book it's different and the whole time I'm thinking Who is this Hunter? Like I know he was pressured by his mother's death to bring his people finally to peace and end their suffering and he was sort of clouded by that but knowing Hunter previously I didn't think he would be so clouded as to not care about Aria and her whereabouts Over the countless times that Kyle or Thomas caught Aria who is the number one person who pretty much 90% of the time possibly saves her? TURK Him on his heroic motorcycle with his mohawk and cool tattoos and stuff The whole time I was like why can't Hunter just pop out of whatever funk he is in for just a second and go rescue his lady? Turk is truly the hero always rescuing Aria and helping her when she needs him And basically throughout the whole book it is those two together not Hunter and Aria And its strange because my feelings have changed about Hunter I thought the relationship between Aria and Shannon was hilarious Definitely made the book entertaining Haha And about Jarek I knew something was up from the beginning about how he didnt think his power was enough and came even close to the other mystics He took the role as the power hungry untrustworthy character from the beginning so I knew something would be up later it was I loved the empowering moment when Aria and Turk decided to shave their head after they helped countless lives at the infirmary a moment that they shared together Over the course of the book she goes on so many adventures with Turk and their relationship grows She knows she has to find Davida's heart because it is the right thing to do to return it to her family out of respect But in the end she turns out not doing that and she eats it just like she did with her locket to get the full effect from it I thought it was so cool how once she ate it she seen glowing green sparks from her fingers and she was able to fly It was so interesting and I keep wondering Will it end? Or does she get the full effect forever? Did she just transom into a mystic? The whole journey finding the heart was pretty neat to I loved how she had to seek someone out who knew about the currents and where the heart would end up Im surprised she got exact coordinates and I should of expected Kyle and her father's men would already be looking at the spot It was pretty cool that they found the guy with the heart and only to find Kyle got there just in time I'm surprised Aria's father didn't show up in the book That man truly scares me But I think Kyle is just as bad The ending was literally the best I am sad the see that no one TRULY died I say this because I think Elissa is still alive for some odd feeling I think she did not die and she will be back in the third book I dont know though Landon's death I hope was for nothing And I thought that was really inspirational at the fact he died the way most mystics want to go The peace summit was a no go and there was no peace or alliance being made Kyle had to ruin it of course The whole thing with Jarek I have mixed feelings about He wanted power I get it but he still stole the heart that Aria desperately wanted I personally think the guy is crazy and never to be trusted but then there is apart of me that says he is just a kid who thinks his power is not good enough and simply wants of it But that is something to watch out for in a person But I think Aria and Turk know this I think I may or may not of just gave a summary of the book but I want to talk about my real mixed feelings toward this book The whole time I was hoping maybe just once Hunter would show up and save Aria whether it was at the infirmary camp when she was locked up with Turk while the steel mercury was getting injected into him Maybe even when she was swimming and on the mission looking for the heart Even like a little scene but that never happened He never showed up in any time she was in danger or she was locked away by Kyle or Thomas It was always Turk I mean really it was And it just made me dislike Hunter in a way I know he is busy planning and working with the rebellion but the Hunter I previously know I don't think would of done that It seemed as if he didn't care where she was or that she was in danger It was Turk that cared So the little moments when Turk and Aria were alone I like it I was happy the two were getting close and were so close to kissing I love how she touches him and she gets this jolt of energy I guess I was just really mad that Hunter basically did nothing he was so blinded that it seemed as if he didn't care about Aria and I sort of fell out of love with him just as Aria was possibly even before It all seemed weird though because the first book was just those most beautiful romance I have ever read in a book and then I get to read the seuel and it just all seems like nothing or like it didn't even happen And then there is Turk who we know from the first book he's got his motorcycle used to have a mohawk and now he is repeatedly saving Aria and he turns out to be the true hero Plus he really cares about her So i am thinking maybe the two are meant to be together Aria and Turk But then there is another part of me that is like if they end of together will he give her the attention and love that she deserves or will he became blinded too just like Hunter I don't know the whole book I had hope Hunter would wake up and go find Aria and just grab her and never let her go but it never happened I guess this is why I wasn't upset or even affected by the ending when she told Hunter she didn't know who he was and that it was over between them We all knew it but I think everyone who read they had to of had the smallest hope that Hunter would turn around and do something for Aria Any act to show that he still loved her and yet it never happened So that was my mixed feelings toward this book But I loved it despite my mixed feelings it was action packed and truly fun to read I cant wait for the third book to come up and I hope Theo Lawrence is writing it as I write this He is an extraordinary writer and I loved Mystic City and Toxic Heart I recommend this series to everyone I know Still my favorite books and I hope the third one will be the best

  8. Neyra ♦ Neyra ♦ says:

    It has a blurb? How did I NOT know about this?? I'm such a horrible fangirl I do not deserve you Toxic Heart

  9. Erin Erin says:

    3 out of 5 starsThe beginning of this book was probably 25 stars but luckily it redeemed itselfAria is an idiot Throughout the whole novel she did not see the conseuences of her wishful thinking She was immature and thought that everything would just work out She was also extremely selfish in her dealings with other characters especially with Hunter She did not seem to understand that he had important things to do than to be in a relationship with herHunter was also extremely rude to Aria He excluded her from his plans for no reason and was just an annoying character overall I think Lawrence was trying too hard to set up the love triangle between Hunter and Turk If you make Hunter annoying Turk looks a lot better Although Turk is the only consistently good character in the novel I would prefer that Turk and Aria remain friends The flirting seems very forcedIn addition to Hunter Shannon is just a horrible person for absolutely no reason I understand that she wouldn't have trusted Aria right away but the insults were just unnecessary It was obvious that her character was being set up for growth but this just made the change unbelievableWith the plot most of it was fairly good There was action and betrayal and whatever However a lot of points were not very believable especially with the stand offs between the good and bad guys There was the cliche I am going to tell you all of my plans so that the author can stall time before you kill me especially in the battle between Elissa and the mystics She could have easily killed all of them as soon as they walked in yet there had to be a 2 page explanation of how she was power hungry Besides these things the story was fairly good and the ending was definitely the best way it could have been handled Aria finally grew up and realized that she was not fighting for her relationship Thank god She broke up with Hunter who became extremely whiny at the end of the storyI think I will continue on with the series but I am not super excited for it

  10. Rebecca Rebecca says:

    I was absolutely disappointed by this book I read the first book Mystic City and loved it I liked the characters and the story I impatiently waited for the seuel and here it is And it left me wishing I hadn´t read it I could´t recognize the characters any Hunter sweet affectionate Hunter became a brutal ruthless leader of the rebels and doesn´t care how many lives he sacrifices to achieve his goals He uses Aria behind her back for advertisement and doesn´t tell her anything about his actions Aria on the other hand slowly becomes the face for a peaceful revolution beginning to act against Hunter Her development reminded me of Katniss in The Hunger Games but in a bad way Naturally Aria and Hunter have problems with their relationship all the way throughout the book like Why did you lie to me? Don´t you trust me I have to do this because people believe in me and are fighting almost all the time It was so annoying Also because Hunter is bossing Aria around all the time Other characters as well change so much you can´t believe they are the same persons as in the first book And that´s so unrealistic Nobody can change so much in such a short period of time It was absolutely disappointing and implausibleThe story itself wouldn´t be that bad if it wasn´t for the totally changed characters I often couldn´t think how stupid Aria acted and how extremely heart and mindless Hunter was And one thing I hate love triangles that was so not necessary It is really sad that the seuel came out so bad when there was so much potential in the first book I probably won´t read the third book

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Toxic Heart ❰Read❯ ➱ Toxic Heart Author Theo Lawrence – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk The second MYSTIC CITY novel it's  Romeo Juliet in a dystopic ManhattanA city in flames A trust betrayed A perfect love destroyed Has Aria lost Hunter her one true loveEver since rebellion broke out The second MYSTIC CITY novel it's  Romeo Juliet in a dystopic ManhattanA city in flames A trust betrayed A perfect love destroyed Has Aria lost Hunter her one true loveEver since rebellion broke out in Mystic City pitting the ruling elite against the magic wielding mystics Aria has barely seen her boyfriend Not surprising since Hunter is the leader of the mystic uprising and he'll do whatever it takes to win freedom for his people—even if that means using AriaBut Aria is no one's pawn She believes she can bring the two warring sides together save the city and win back the Hunter she fell in love withBefore she can play peacemaker though Aria will need to find the missing heart of a dead mystic The heart gives untold powers to whoever possesses it but finding it means seeking out a fierce enemy whose deepest desire is for Aria to be gone—forever.