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  • The People of Sand and Slag
  • Paolo Bacigalupi
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  • 03 May 2016

10 thoughts on “The People of Sand and Slag

  1. Peter Tillman Peter Tillman says:

    This is a memorable but horrible story I've read little of Bacigalupi's stuff and this is why Not for meMichele was elouent

  2. aPriL does feral sometimes aPriL does feral sometimes says:

    Most of us are aware of how plastic the human body is It uickly adjusts to whatever environment it lives in whatever the circumstances within limits However the 'average' person who rarely travels too far outside of his or her own experience and understanding believes those limits are very rigid Doctors and anthropologists have a bigger picture of how people adjust to various temperatures foods deformities injuries beliefs customs s etc especially if born into a particular environment When immigrants change countries with a completely different habitat aesthetics and foodstuffs some adults may never be able to adjust while children uickly adjust so fast they may completely lose all ability to return to their country of birth after they grow up But most people do adapt to some degree The scientists say the body basically grows new tissues and brain cells to deal with the new functions it needs to survive while literally absorbing and getting rid of the old unused cells Literally if you don't use it you lose itWhat would happen if a number of predicted future possibilities come to pass at the same time? Specifically body modifications which permit people to live on radioactive sludge metal leavings rocks and sand; bodies which feel no pain when injured; bodies which heal so fast even death is no longer a possibility and this is the human experience for centuries? Why would you care any longer about hurting yourself? Video games would no longer be important because everyone could easily have the excitement of war destruction deathless murder and change of physical attributes without penalty all in actual fact Whatever you could imagine for yourself is absolutely possible Rambo would be a pussy in this future environmentSo what we think of as 'humanity' and as being 'humane' today would it still be true of people with these kind of bodies impervious to all the agonies of pain environment and death? Where no one would have to care for anyone else ever again in their lifetime? Where people have forgotten that people used to have each other's backs beyond any personal gain except the emotional reward of being humane?Where would animals fit in this radioactive world? Where would farm animals fit if people ate rocks to live? Especially pets? Would military or business entities care to support creatures who do not add to the bottom line? If people worked in environments of toxic sludge or war with toxic weaponry with complete safety would they bring pets? After centuries of living for only one's security advancement and sensual desires would people lose 'humanity'? Three people live and work at a mining operation for SesCo Jaak Lisa and Chen They are happy enough protecting the Montana property watching over the bio robots mechanical euipment and computers They spend their off hours having sex and playing immersive war game video games Nuking unexpected visitors to the property is their hope Without violence life is boring So when their monitors show something moving within the perimeter of the company's territory they gleefully set out to destroy or kill whatever has wandered in or invaded; they don't care which Shockingly they discover a dog a REAL dog Jaak wants to keep it They take a vote after Jaak agrees to pay for it's food out of his pay because it needs specialized pellets of food which are only available for scientific experimental animals Something about the dog's aspect is vaguely appealing but soon the trio discovers it is a fragile being its natural abilities being of limited entertainment value Is the dog worth protecting and keeping alive? The trio will soon need to decide as the expenses of its food continue and it becomes obvious the friendly creature needs constant care view spoilerAs a person who adores pets I'm horrified at this future possibility However if we do not stop our current destruction of the Earth and if we use genetic manipulation to save ourselves from our despoiling of the Earth I think this horror could really happen hide spoiler

  3. Michele Michele says:

    view spoilerThe dog dies hide spoiler

  4. Althea Ann Althea Ann says:

    I've read this one at least a couple of times before and have shoved it into people's faces and insisted that they sit down right there and read it It's a 'Boy and His Dog' story It's a scathing rant against what humanity's doing to the world It's possibly an extension of the same future hinted as being to come in 'The Wind Up Girl' And it will make you cry

  5. Jack Jack says:

    Minor ish spoilersThis was an interesting little read and a very distinct one for its premise technological development has placed the human cast into a post mortality world and the events of the plot serve to discuss the potential ramifications of such a change The setting has elements of both utopia and dystopia and though some aspects of its plausibility are exaggerated I would think the desire for pets sociability beyond just other humans would not suddenly vanish and that the environmental treatment of the planets would not be so bad without a radical paradigm shift which to self criticise the book is essentially presenting; though its extent can still be critiued the main debate is handled well and I think an excellent subject given its relevance to us both past and presentThe story does throw some acronyms and terminology at you from the start without elaborating on their meaning which I think could have been better handled with terminology standard to the genre though it is not a major pointAll in all I thought this was a solid read and enjoyed the uestions it presented

  6. Anny Anny says:

    Interesting concept but I think the realization is a bit too convenient view spoilerA being so invincible it's practically a God how the hell immortality is ever this convenient? and yet still somehow look like a human and behaves like one If we ever reach such level of invincibility I sorely hope we will be doing better things than mining and nuking things hide spoiler

  7. Wazoo Wazoo says:

    475 The end could have used a little bit fleshing out but I really liked it A great short story set in a sci fi universe and warns us about not losing our humanity

  8. Gayathri Gayathri says:

    THAT ending just ensured that i will never rate this book EVER And that is not a judgement of the author or his writing style or the story itself It's that I didn't think anybody wrote devastating endings than Steinbeck and then this came along

  9. Tim Pendry Tim Pendry says:

    Bacigalupi writes in this short story about a militarised and corporatised trans human world where we have been engineered to feed off anything and so do not really care very much for nature Into this world a rare thing a real animal a dog appears unaccountably to a small suadThe story is about the responses of this suad to the animal It is perhaps the best story I have come across about what transhumanism might come to mean in terms of the loss of what makes us human now The suad are trans human but also post humanThe author writes well and imaginatively The irony of their near post human status is that he manages to present them so that they are recognisably still human in most of their attributes and yet by the end we know that humanity crossed some line although we are not sure whereThere seems to be an intuitive truth in this The trans human process is likely to be evolutionary and not revolutionary The passing from our human state to the next non human state is likely to be slow and Bacigalupi manages to chronicle this process as it happens

  10. Sara J. (kefuwa) Sara J. (kefuwa) says:

    I have read Bacigalupi's Windup Girl and so the ending of this story did not surprise me view spoilerI do have pets though and I find stories of people eating dogs disturbing But I think in a world desensitized from the world of caring for fur babies it is a possibility Yes I do know there a people who like eating dogscats I wonder now about how I don't feel bad about eating other meat creatures as I do about eating dogscats hide spoiler

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