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  1. Carl Alves Carl Alves says:

    The Burning Time is a supernatural thriller set in a small town in New York In an otherwise normal ho hum kind of town a preacher of sorts comes to town and when he does all hell breaks loose People start to die in horrific fashion Otherwise normal folk lose their mind The town is on the verge of complete chaos until a travelling mage comes to counteract the stranger He and his ancestors have battled the stranger before After befriending a woman and her younger brother he must do everything in his power to prevent the stranger from creating a passageway to the Elder Gods and letting all hell loose on EarthThe Burning Time combines strong elements of suspense and terror Author JG Faherty uses a slow build not making it clear what the characters intentions are The story builds tension and makes the reader crave for What mostly impressed me is the progression and maturity that Faherty has made as a writer The Burning Time shows a real mastery of the craft of writing with three dimensional characters that resonate It reminds me in many ways of Stephen King’s Needful Things one of the horror master’s greatest works Although there are a few logic holes to get past in the plot the story telling is of high uality This is a book that any reader will truly enjoy – a must read

  2. Frank Errington Frank Errington says:

    Review CopyExceptional storytelling from J G FahertyThere's an unbearable heat wave embracing Hastings Mills in upstate New York As if the heat wasn't enough stress on this small town of 15000 there seems to be a spat of strange suicides as well All young women all jumping from a bridge into the Allegheny belowFaherty has filled this tale with a number of memorable characters The new preacher in town Reverend Cyrus Christian Billy Ray Capshaw who returns to the town of his youth looking for a uick score Harry Showalter the rather crooked Chief of police Young Mitch Anderson and his sisterguardian Danni And then there's John Root the stranger in town Each one with a pivital role to play as the lives of those who live in Hastings Mills and the future of the town itself hang in the balanceThere's a good deal of action right from the beginning as the story pulls you in and continues to intensify right to the chaotic final scenesIt's no great secret that this story involves the Lovecratian mythos Something I've never been a big fan of but I must say in the hands of J G Faherty I very much enjoyed every bit of that aspect of the bookThe time approaches my friends The Old Ones prepare to wake For eons they have waited waited for the stars to align themselves in the heavens They are those who cannot die who always have been and always will be From beyond space and time they will come from below the seas they will rise from beneath the Mountains of Madness they will emerge Invulnerable and unstoppable And this just scratches the surfaceIt's been a while since I've gotten so caught up in a story I wanted to scream one minute and cheer the next but there were other family members in the house so I did my best to keep myself under controlThis is the first book I've read by J G Faherty and it won't be the last Although for adults only I can strongly recommend The Burning Time Look for it January 18th from the great folks at Journalstone Publishing

  3. Katy Katy says:

    Book Info Genre Horror; Lovecraftian Fiction; Cthulhuian mythosReading Level AdultRecommended for Fans of Lovecraft horror CthulhuBook Available January 19 2013Trigger Warnings Really? Lovecraftian fiction; do I really need to say any ? Okay details rape murder defilement of all that is right dawning of the darkness demons creatures of the Elder Gods Need I really go on? Not for the faint of heartAnimal abuse implied goat sacrifice two single sentence cat injuries with implication that they would probably end up dead However several dogs have their revenge including a toe chewing ChihuahuaDisclosure I was asked by the author to read and review this book prior to the publication date and provided an ARC for my honest review All opinions are my ownSynopsis An ancient evil has come to Hastings Mills and only one man can stop itWherever The Stranger goes evil follows Wild dogs roam the fields Townspeople turn on each other in murderous fury Innocent women throw themselves off bridges Swimmers disappear victims of a deadly beast that haunts their waters And the worst is still yet to come The Stranger plans to open a gateway to the nether realms and release the Elder Gods to bring forth Chaos on EarthOnly one man knows the truth a country mage whose family has fought The Stranger before But can he defeat his ageless enemy before Hastings Mills is nothing but a smoking ruin and the townspeople become unwilling blood sacrifices to the Old Ones? With only the help of a young woman and her teenage son he will have to use all of his arcane knowledge to thwart his adversary and prevent the final apocalypseIn Hastings Mills The Burning Time has arrived My Thoughts I had meant to read and review this book last weekend but I completely lost track of time and forgot However I am managing the review prior to publication so all is still well This is the second JG Faherty book I’ve read following Cemetery Club which I read and reviewed in December of 2011 after winning it through LibraryThing Early Reviewers and you can see my review here if you’re reading this review on one of the few sites that allows formatting with HTML This is a seriously creepy story strongly Lovecraftian and directly referencing the Elder Gods on several occasions R’lyeh even Cthulhu and Shub Nggurath Which especially startled me during the Reverend’s sermons not to mention that fact that not a single townsperson thought it totally strange that their Reverend was talking about “Gods” and “the Ancients” and such If a preacher pastor or priest in my tiny little hometown had started talking like that he’d probably have been tarred feathered and run out on a rail Just sayin’ it seemed a little weird that only John Root and Mitch seemed to have noticed that There were a couple of other weird inconsistencies that were than a little confusing First of all Christian was a “Reverend” and emphatically denied being a priest Despite the name of the church Our Lady of Perpetual Hope that tells me this was not a Catholic church of which he was the head Therefore he could not have been officiating at a Mass Note my husband has pointed out he believes that both Episcopalians and Anglicans do indeed celebrate Mass under a Reverend So take my concerns with a grain of salt on this matter Then there was the situation with the snakes when John Root saves Mitch from a beating—they are described as green but later Root says they were cottonmouth Cottonmouths are emphatically not green; I’ve seen one up close and personal like I’m talking about from less than a foot away when it was twined up on a road sign across the way and I being the person I am said “Cool” and walked right up to take a good look at it and from even a short distance they look black When you’re very close however you can see they have a very subtle pattern which is really uite lovely but they are not—I repeat—greenAs I mentioned I’m originally from a small town so to me the creepiest aspect of this book was how the normal exclusionary us versus them attitude of a small town is exaggerated and perverted by the Stranger to create overt suspiciousness I could so see that happening and so easily even in the larger area where I live now People have a distressing tendency to believe the worst about other people in too many instances At any rate other than the supernatural aspects the sheer horrifying plausibility of the whole thing is what really freaked me out

  4. Shirley Shirley says:

    Won this from the Library Thing Early Reviewers and I was not disappointed A great start to finish supernatural horror story with such life like characters It was difficult to put the book down

  5. Robert Krone Robert Krone says:

    NOTE This review is from the paperback ARC of this title won through LibraryThingI haven't read anything from Lovecraft yet but I am familiar with some of the basics such as Cthulhu and the Elder Gods though not the names so I suspected the links with the first mention of Gods which was then confirmed with the mention of Elder Gods and Cthulhu Since I am not very familiar with them I cannot attest to how faithful he was with these things so that will not play into how I rate this titleWhile this book was good it was definitely not the best I've read lately While I cannot blame the author for this as the publisher is responsible there were several errors with spelling consistency in referencing characters and other issues I have never seen so much of in a title I have read several ARCs in the past mostly from Cemetery Dance Publications and I've never seen these issues in them Those are usually at about the state they are published in I hope for both the author and publisher's sake that this ARC is not how it appears as published I also saw inconsistent references to Reverend Cyrus Christian including calling him Cyrus a few times only to be followed by calling him Christian There was even an instance of calling him Christian Cyrus Maybe this is how the author had it but it shouldn't have escaped the attention of editors Since this is just an ARC it won't impact my final rating If this were the final published edition and I paid money for it though it would make me nervous about purchasing from this publisher in the future Even though those issues won't be included in the overall rating I'm giving this title I did want to make readers aware of the issue with the hope that it isn't an issue in the edition people buy but with making people aware of what to watch out forOne other issue that I have that is caused by the publisher is the back of the book The info about the book is in a red font which is very difficult to read since it is on a red backgroundOne issue I had with this that do play into my final rating include being repetitive in the beginning when it comes to the women jumping off bridges that is mentioned on the back of the book The author describes the same thing with some differences of course three times I think in the early stages What I think would be a better idea is to mention it a couple times providing or different information each time until finally describing it in detail once This could prevent that from being repetitive and even create of a sense of mystery and dreadThe other big issue I had with this was with being realistic about the normal things At one point the author has the good guy going for a 2 mile walk to the store to pick up some things that he can 'easily' accomplish in under an hour The very next section of the book has the character arriving in 15 minutes While I was in the Army I had back problems so instead of running 2 miles for my fitness test I had to walk 25 miles While the slowest time I ever had around 30 minutes which means it is obviously possible to walk 2 miles in 15 minutes I also know it is not just a stroll to the store It is a work out especially in the heat and extreme humidity described in the story Add to that shopping for larger things in a store walking around to look at and find the items and then walking back another 2 miles in the heat and humidity and you have a very unrealistic situation being described The grand total is 4 miles in the heat and humidity walking around a store buying things and carrying them back halfway through those 4 miles and having it described as something he could accomplish in under an hour jarred me out of the story I did force myself to finish that paragraph before I stopped reading but it did keep me from reading anywhere past that for the day I likely could have read some but it wouldn't have been fair as I wouldn't have been able to concentrate on the story properly especially not for something I was going to reviewI am not an expert on Gods as I have not used any in my own writing but when I think of Trickster I do NOT think of something that in inherently evil Something that represents Chaos perhaps but not evil Chaos is also not inherently evil not is it inherently good Chaos represents both sides of the coin and doesn't really favor one over the other I would suggest the author do a lot of research of the Gods such as athe Trickster as well as things like the nature of Chaos I know if I delve into the Gods I will definitely do my research and might actually do that with no intention of writing about that as I am a nerd and they interest meOverall an enjoyable and passable read but one that could have definitely been better Overall rating from me is 3 12 out of 5 stars rounded up to 4 for Goodreads since there are no half star ratings here unfortunately

  6. Crystal Crystal says:

    My Rant Excitingly twisted I was horrified mortified and completely surprised by The Burning Time I really did not expect this book to be as good as it was The Burning Time kept me at the edge of my seat the whole way through The plot was amazingly written The Author took the time to draw out the vivid details of the story which kept me the reader constantly wanting to read knowing that I would be up all night doing so and would have to go to work so tired I could barely keep my eyes open but that’s the price you pay for reading a story that draws you in completely You begin to feel attached to the story and the characters and as the book progresses the plot changes and things are spiraling out of control and your eager to want to know what is going on On the other hand the book hits home because the plot reminds you of how evil and twisted people can be giving that they are influenced by negative spirits or beings When I began to read the book I thought I knew how the plot was going to play out It seems from the beginning that the man you thought should have been the villain was not and the one that was good turned out to be the villain Shaking my head I was so confused It pained me to see how the town’s people were brained wash so uickly At first it seemed that the villain was out to get money from the church but it turned out to be something sadistic The villain was out to cause discord in order to feed his own cause and the town’s people never stopped to realize that things were not as they should have been The Author takes you on this tormented ride that displayed the darkest events such as exploiting the weakness of people by showing that fear can turn us to be so wicked in the order of self preservation The author exposed how easy it was for the villain to manipulate the town’s people and before anyone could stop what was happening the towns people fed off of the villain’s words and began to adapt his behavior of influence I was fascinated at the fact that even though the town’s people actions were outrages what was interesting was how they circumvented their own conscious to make the deed look like they were completely innocent The battle between good and evil is present throughout the story and the weight of the battle drains you because you want the good to succeed I wanted John to succeed; it wasn’t just because he was on the good side John had struggles of weakness and the author displayed them and laid them bare to the audience John the hero of the story was an amazing character because throughout the story he is constantly tested on what he believed in and should stand up for But there were times just like anyone on else when you want to just give up and walk away and let someone else take on the burden of saving the world But when you thought John was going to give up somehow he began to get the courage to keep pressing on even if it meant the cost of his own life I completely fell in love with this character just because of his courageDanni and Mitchell added to flavor to the story because they had their own issues to deal with I like Danni but Mitchel also stole my heart He was so young and brave and amazingly smart for such a young character Mitchell and John kept me wound so tight that my emotions were all over the place John sadness ripped through me at times but Mitchell wittiness kept me grounded but I also felt fear Yes through reading this story I felt fear because the things that were happening in this town completely caught me off guard My Recommendation I rated this book 5 out of 5 purple rant hearts The burning time was one of the best horror and thrilling stories I have read It was like watching a movie in your mind I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a good horror story with an explosive plot FTC Disclaimer I received this book for free from the author editor publisher or Promo Host This is my honest opinion about this book and I did not receive any monetary compensation for writing this review nor was I obligated to write a positive one

  7. Ravencrantz Ravencrantz says:

    Not really what I expected but still very entertaining The only issue I had was why Billy Capshaw was immune to the Stranger's influence while so many others were not Considering all that could have gone wrong with this book that's really nothing to hold a grudge forI was entertained from beginning to end with only slight confusion when all characters were being introduced After you got to know who everyone was the story started moving I think what I really liked was all the gore At first I was wondering why some of these characters were hurting others The police do a lot of murdering random townspeople and beating the crap out of suspects I wondered how they got away with it and then once I realized it was just the influence of the Stranger I readily accepted it The general gore level was very high and very graphic and I loved it The average reader probably won't be okay with it but I have always loved gory stories and movies If I had to compare the gore level to a movie I'd say The Departed because of all the seemingly senseless violence and murder that goes onReally that's what kept me going I read it for the review but continued reading it for the gore Had it not been present I don't think I would have enjoyed it nearly as much The magical fight scenes were fun but since this is really just a Good versus Evil story line we all knew who would win The Stranger's attacks were so much interesting visual wise than John's were because John used mainly words and defensive spells whereas the Stranger focused on physical attacks and making the town fearful and hateful It was interesting that he brainwashed most of the town into killing each other and believing in ancient Gods of Chaos while they assumed they would be going to a normal church sermon I still can't get my mind off of Billy Capshaw view spoilerDidn't people wonder what happened to him? John never really wondered why he never saw Billy in the church and all we know is that he was killed as a sacrifice hide spoiler

  8. Charlie Charlie says:

    MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS PROCEED WITH CAUTIONThe Burning Time is a classic good v evil tale that pits one lone wandering white magician against the Trickster of folklore In this re telling the Trickster sets up shop in a small rural New York town with the purpose of concentrating enough negative energies to call forth the ancient godsI found the story at first to be very intriguing seeing how the townspeople were initially slowly and methodically brainwashed and brought into his power The timing of which coincided with the arrival of the white magician John Root and his befriending of a young man named Mitch and his sister Danni Shortly after this however the book took a base turn that moved it out of the realm of a classic psychological to a crass horror novel Extremely graphic imagery and language abounds as the town descends into chaos before the inevitable conclusionThere were many good points in the novel It is very fast paced and makes for a uick read and the overall plot and writing is well done even if the general story had been attempted many times before My only real critiues would be the fact that some background characters start developing side plots that seem to be abandoned but would have helped give the town much flavor and I am still confused about John Root's age and origins We are told that he had a family at one point but the timeline set forth in the book didn't mesh with some of the actions he takes including what seems to be a forced and hurried love story with Danni put in place as a plot device than as character developmentNone of these uestions kept me from enjoying the work however I did find it uite entertaining and would definitely look forward to reading works from this author in the future as he progresses through his career

  9. Heather Faville Heather Faville says:

    I greatly enjoyed JG Faherty's Cemetery Club so when the author approached me to read his latest I was rather excited and I was not let downThe Burning Time starts out as somewhat of a mystery as the reader is introduced to several characters as they enter the town of Hastings Mills The town's new priest Cyrus Christian a young man known for causing a bit of mischief who once lived in Hastings Mills Billy Ray Capshaw and the silver haired newcomer John Root We also meet and get to know various townspeople such as Marge Chilton owner of the Chilton Arms Mitch and Danni Anderson a brother and sister who have been left on their own due to the death of their parents and the town's sheriff Chief Showalter who definitely seems to enjoy his position of authoritymaybe a little too much Now I mentioned a mystery revolving around these characters didn't I? Well there is an evil in town and like all tales of evil there is also someone in the town who is there to fight the evil The uestion is figuring out who is who and how does the rest of the town react to these two people and what is happening in their townEventually we do learn the names of the two people who are going up against each other and the rest of The Burning Time is spent learning what will happen if the evil is not vanuished and how heshe will be defeated in order to save the town The story progresses at a fairly uick pace and keeps the reader engaged wanting to know what will happen next and howI do not want to go into any detail because The Burning Time is a tale that keeps the reader wanting just by the sheer detail and description given as the story unfolds A definite read for anyone who enjoys a fun yarn of good vs evil

  10. Amanda Amanda says:

    Disclosure I was given this book for free as part of the ARC giveaway program I liked the concept behind this book The problem though is in the execution This was not a well written book The good versus evil and Cthulhu mythos was a great concept It's interesting to see how good battles against evil time and again There were many problems with pacing time gaps and other unbelievable aspects in the story though Continuity is a continued problem throughout For example there is no realistic measure of time ex a four mile walk in 100 degree heat takes under an hour? Not possible There is little follow through on any action ex girls are killing themselves unexpectedly but there's little follow up on what's going on with that scenario and only a slight connection to how it's related to the story line overall Pacing rushes through and then dies off unexpectedly The main characters go through a whirlwind of emotions in a matter of seconds There is little dedication put into character development which makes all of their decisions seem illogical and off throughout the story Even knowing that there is an evil force pulling on the characters to make them behave in certain ways when they are reacting and interacting of their own volition that's where there are problems One of the biggest problems I had was the love story as a sub plot and theme It was an unbelievable theme much too predictable and wasn't strong enough to carry the plot the way it was meant Overall this story is not good The writing isn't good and the story line isn't very strong or engrossing

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The Burning Time ❮Read❯ ➹ The Burning Time ➼ Author J.G. Faherty – An ancient evil has come to Hastings Mills and only one man can stop itWherever The Stranger goes evil follows Wild dogs roam the fields Townspeople turn on each other in murderous fury Innocent women An ancient evil has come to Hastings Mills and only one man can stop itWherever The Stranger goes The Burning PDF or evil follows Wild dogs roam the fields Townspeople turn on each other in murderous fury Innocent women throw themselves off bridges Swimmers disappear victims of a deadly beast that haunts their waters And the worst is still yet to come The Stranger plans to open a gateway to the nether realms and release the Elder Gods to bring forth Chaos on EarthOnly one man knows the truth a country mage whose family has fought The Stranger before But can he defeat his ageless enemy before Hastings Mills is nothing but a smoking ruin and the townspeople become unwilling blood sacrifices to the Old Ones With only the help of a young woman and her teenage son he will have to use all of his arcane knowledge to thwart his adversary and prevent the final apocalypseIn Hastings Mills The Burning Time has arrived.