Lotto Lucy Kindle Ê Kindle Edition

  • Kindle Edition
  • 428 pages
  • Lotto Lucy
  • Kathleen Irene Paterka
  • English
  • 05 October 2015

10 thoughts on “Lotto Lucy

  1. Janine Janine says:

    It's everyone's dream to win Lotto and we all say that it would not change anything Lucy thought that too but having 70 million brings with it a lot of worries Lucy has just met Max who runs a summer camp for children she has a job she loves as a reporter for the local paper she has a best friend Kris and lives a simple life visiting her grandmother in the nursing homeShe is estranged from her mother but when her mother reappears she is in turmoil Kathleen has obviously done some research into coming into a lot of money as Lucy is now very vulnerable and makes some bad decisionsI have read all but one of her books and they all have a 5 star rating from me holding off reading the last one while she is writing a new novel Thank you for providing me with such enjoyment every time I read one of your books

  2. Meg - A Bookish Affair Meg - A Bookish Affair says:

    Lotto Lucy is the third book in the James Bay novels I've reviewed the first two books and while one was okay for me Fatty Patty and one I really liked Home Fires but out of the three novels I think that I liked Lotto Lucy the best While this book is also a romance like the previous two books it has a lot than just a good romantic story going for itA famous modern day philosopher once said Mo money mo problems That philosopher was of course named The Notorious BIG and as Lucy finds out in Lotto Lucy he may have been on to something Even though Lucy makes some major mistakes after she wins the lottery she is still a really endearing character She means well and half the time she doesn't seem to realize that what she's doing is hurting some people In the end she learns a really good lesson and you can see that she really means well She eventually realizes that she's changing for the worse and decides to mend her ways I liked following her journey I also really liked the love story between Lucy and Max They both go into the relationship a little deceptive towards each other but eventually they realize that honesty is the best policyI continued to really like Paterka's writing in this book as I did in the other two books These books definitely have good stories They are definitely fun and great for when you are looking for a book to get lost in She writes great characters and definitely knows how to capture a good conversation I can't wait to see where the James Bay novels go I really liked that in this book we get a glimpse of some of the great characters from Home Fires and Fatty Patty and what happens to them after their books ended

  3. Chantale Canadian Book Addict Chantale Canadian Book Addict says:

    I have now read all 3 books in this series and I have to say it is one of the best series of books I have had the chance to review This book is very well written and will have to hooked from the very beginning I am sure I will be reading this book again in the near future and if there are any other books in this series I will be reading them I highly recommend this book and this book series

  4. Marilyn Stears Marilyn Stears says:

    Excellent writingI'm a new reader of Kathleen Paterka books IHave just completed her last one The continuingOf characters book to book is excellent Looking forward to her next great read These books should be must for everyone who enjoys books with realistic characters that pull you right in

  5. Catherine Chant Catherine Chant says:

    I loved FATTY PATTY and HOME FIRES and couldn't wait to read the third book in the series LOTTO LUCY did not disappoint Lucy's voice in the story grabbed me right from the beginning and I sympathized with her on issues like her absent mother deteriorating grandmother and painful childhood I wanted her to find some happiness after all that anguishWhat I really love most about the James Bay novels though is the community shown in each book There is such an interesting cast of supporting characters in LOTTO LUCY just as there were in the previous books that it makes you fall in love with the whole town One of my favorite characters aside from Lucy was the real estate agent She jumped off the page at you and her subtle manipulations of Lucy made me want to dislike her at times but she was just so uirky I couldn't Lucy's mother is also another interesting character Getting to know her first through Lucy's eyes gives you one aspect of her and then you learn about her through her own actions and the juxtaposition between the two images was very well doneThe book has some romance in it Max is uite likable as the patient hero but mainly it's a women's fiction story that focuses on lessons Lucy must learn to find that happiness that has been eluding her for so longA great read I couldn't put it down I recommend this book to anyone who likes books with realistically flawed characters who must come to terms with serious issues to find their happily ever afters

  6. Claudia Guerra Claudia Guerra says:

    I loved this book The way the author gives the characters in her books both the good and the bad of being human really fascinates me The internal dialogues they have sound so much like the back and forth I do in my own head They know the right thing to do but are they going to be willing to do it because as we all know the right thing is so often the harder thing to do I can hardly wait for the next book

  7. Don Lazarus Don Lazarus says:

    Love of or Lack of Money Can Change YouLucy Carter Lila Carter Winnie Carter Max Graham and the many other characters in this story are proof that having or not having money does change you To her credit Lucy Carter eventually realized her error and made amends in her Life

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Lotto Lucy[Reading] ➿ Lotto Lucy By Kathleen Irene Paterka – Winning the lottery 70 millionMending family relationships PricelessWhen James Bay journalist Lucy Carter wins the lottery good fortune seems guaranteed But even 70 million in cold hard cash can’t h Winning the lottery millionMending family relationships PricelessWhen James Bay journalist Lucy Carter wins the lottery good fortune seems guaranteed But even million in cold hard cash can’t help Lucy when it comes to dealing with some cold hard facts No amount of money will buy back Grandma's mind nor buy Lucy a reprieve from a strained motherdaughter relationship After a twenty year absence Lila’s suddenly back in town Lila says she’s moved to James Bay to keep an eye out for her daughter Lucy or is it Lucy's money that Lila has her eye on instead When an auto accident forces mother and daughter together to live under one roof even a luxurious suare foot condo seems like a tiny bungalow and Lucy suddenly has her hands full with a whole new set of problems she never expected.

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Kathleen Irene Paterka is an author of Women's Fiction Her newest release SATURDAY NIGHT SISTERS will be available to readers in November Her bestselling novel THE OTHER WIFE was released February of while her novel SECRETS OF THE ROYAL WEDDING CHAPEL provides a fascinating glimpse into the world of Las Vegas wedding chapels royalty romance and brides Readers of women's fiction.