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  1. Debbie Seaman Debbie Seaman says:

    Perusing some of these reviews I have no idea why no one else seems to be puzzled by how very little information about the police investigation is given Yes Kolker does a good job of creating portraits of the Lost Girls and their families and the book's arguably best attribute is its portrayal of the new world of online prostitution and its pitfallsThat having been said I could have done with fewer family Oak Beach and FaceBook dramas in exchange for some good forensic information and analysis As an avid true crime reader I was shocked at the lack thereof The only part of the book that deals with this aspect is when Shannan Gilbert's relatives go for an interview with the medical examiners on the case only to be told that the cause of death is a mystery Clearly tests done on the remains were insufficient but Kolker ostensibly goes no further to find out why no one in charge challenged the superficiality of the report in light of the case's high profileThe police are represented as bumbling and while that may actually be the case it doesn't appear that Kolker tried to develop sources inside the investigation If he did do the prereuisite digging and was thwarted he made no mention of it Nor does it seem that he made any effort to get any crime scene details or find out if indeed the police were interviewing johns He implies that they have not but does not say how he has come to that conclusion This isn't CSI Kolker uotes a police spokesman protesting when grilled for details but an audience of CSI savvy readers dictates that true crime be reported accordinglyJust as prominent in their absence are photos of the victims the players in the drama such as Joe Brewer and Dr Peter Hackett and the lay of the land in Oak Beach and its surrounding area near the crime scenes The maps while graphically sophisticated and useful are not enough The necessity of crime photos even general ones if no others were available seems pretty basic True Crime 101Finally I join the other reviewers who found the casts of characters difficult to follow It was frustrating to see the List of Characters at the end of the book when it should have been right up front and easy to refer to Otherwise to be fair I don't know how I would have done it differently except perhaps to simplify the victims' stories by cutting out all but the most essential playersKolker has done a good job of humanizing the victims and shining a light on their working world If only he had succeeded eually in reporting the investigation side

  2. Caroline Caroline says:

    NO SPOILERSPossibly the truest thing that can be said about Lost Girls An Unsolved American Mystery is that it’s atypical for the true crime genre This is not 400 pages of mostly investigation twists and turns and speculation regarding the killers Lost Girls is primarily about each of the murder victims all of whom were escorts dismissed as mere objects in life Author Robert Kolker banished the stoicism from standard issue news reports about five murdered New York City prostitutes; he presented the victims’ backstories introduced their loved ones and laid bare their struggles and varied emotions He described how they looked as children and as adults He brought them back to vivid life This special focus in the finest detail on the uniue personhood of each of these women makes Lost Girls a stand out and welcome surprise in the true crime genre In certain ways Lost Girls reads a lot like a fictional mystery thriller There’s the always risky meeting of johns late at night in all corners of the city the constant watchfulness for police and most intriguing of all the uiet beach community just off Ocean Parkway in Long Island The police investigation zeros in on a well to do gated section called Oak Beach that seems to have than its share of secrets and possible cover ups Kolker smartly detailed this community’s history before delving into its sinister side A community history sounds dry but it’s completely riveting with each main character here depicted almost as distinctly as the murder victims Additionally because this area’s landscape plays a significant role Kolker took pains to paint that picture clearly By the end readers will long to drive slowly through Oak Beach and gawk Luckily a map of that area at the back of the book does satisfy to a degree The book is meticulously organized with each woman getting dedicated chapters with a sharp focus starting not from her birth but before with her mother’s life circumstances Clearly Kolker was determined to provide a very full and rich context for each woman show that she wasn’t “just an escort” and that possibly the point he wanted most to drive home her decision to escort was never really a choice He than succeeded He also repeatedly shifted the focus onto the decidedly unglamorous world of escorting shedding the strongest of lights on its dangers sadness and inherent sexism It’s all compulsively readable The pace does begin to plod during the book’s second half after the victims’ bodies have been recovered Here there’s a lingering on the victims’ families and their various dramas some of which although understandable are soap opera ish and make for exasperating reading before long Some of these sections come across as filler though fortunately not all so this misstep is minor Lost Girls deserves a space on the top tier beside Columbine and People Who Eat Darkness The Fate of Lucie Blackman Like the authors of those true crime novels Kolker was thorough respectful and thoughtful right down to his double meaning title choice

  3. Karin Slaughter Karin Slaughter says:

    As a kid I started reading true crime with Helter Skelter then went on to the master Ann Rule and never looked back Sometime in the last decade true crime took a wrong turn in my opinion of course The writing stopped focusing on the victim and started glorifying the killer Serial killers or just regular murderers are not sexy or charming They are violent killers I hate when writers get so caught up in the who that they forget the why of the victimLost Girls doesn't forget the victims In fact it explores the victims' lives and explains how exactly they ended up in such dire straits that they fell prey to a sadistic killer The book also explores the escort scene and how instrumental and dangerous Craig's List is to the sex trade I think for these pieces alone it's well worth reading

  4. Carol Carol says:

    Lost Girls An Unsolved American Mystery is a portrait of the women most in the escort business found slain on a remote stretch of beach in Long Island It was sad to read this story of mothers sisters daughters tossed away like pieces of garbage in burlap sacks by some depraved individual who remains at large The author Robert Kolker in this thorough investigative narrative gives these women a face and name if unable to bring them back to life at least dignifying the women they were This has been on my TBR pile for ages Not an easy read; it exceeded my expectations I will keep these women in my prayersShannon GilbertMaureen Brainard Barnes Melissa BarthelemyMegan Waterman Amber Overstreet Costello and as many as 15 possible victims of The Long Island Serial Killer

  5. Kelli Kelli says:

    Ugh What is happening here? How is this not solved? How are there no suspects? What is going on with the police investigation? Is this a coverup? You aren’t going to find any of those answers by reading this book but what you will find are very extensive histories of each of the victims and the victim’s mothers and a lot of extraneous information Wonderful that the author humanizes the victims devastating that he even has tobut the non linear structure of this narrative coupled with an endless number of friends and relatives made it challenging to follow at times There was no speculation but there were some shady characters with eually shady stories It’s baffling May these poor souls Rest In Peace For the book though it’s barely 3 stars

  6. Krystin Rachel Krystin Rachel says:

    Book Blog | BookstagramOpening Mystery Seriously WTF happened to Shannan Gilbert?Main Creep Peter Hackett has some attention issuesPlot Truthy ness A humanizing portraitI'm pretty fascinated by the Long Island Serial killer case It's been some time since we had an evil undetectable serial killer case to watch in real time Though it's faded from news and been replaced by well mostly Trump for fuck's sake this is certainly a story to keep a light on There are dozens of women whose lives have been cut short with zero progress towards justice of any kind The cynical side of me might say that because they were escorts and sex workers that their cases are deemed less important to solve compared to other things cops are coming across every day involving people with societal value I'm not saying that's what I think but what I think people involved in the case might think Don't me because of my shitty writing or your shitty reading comprehension I've seen a couple documentaries on this decades old unsolved mystery watched a few interviews and have a general idea of who is suspicious AF I'm looking at you Dr Hackett you shady motherfucker so I wanted to read this novel by an award winning investigative reporter because I thought I would be getting a really in depth overview of the case as it stood in 2013 and some theories about what the actual fuck is going on Maybe I was expecting a little bit too much from a novel about murders where there are exactly zero real evidence and zero real leads The logical side of me tells my cynical side that it's not that no one is concerned AF about an uncaught serial killer because he's only killing sex workers it's just that there is literally no evidence for the cops to go on so they really have nowhere else to take the cases It seems that because there is so little case to really sink your teeth into here that Kolker instead spends the first half of the book delving into the lives of the victims which I think is important when you consider true crime culture can sometimes focus too much on the twisted mind of the killer and less on the lives he's taken Kolker does a really detailed job of creating portraits of the lost girls and their families but it's really like the only thing he does for the majority of the book??? At times there were so many relationships and personal information being batted around so many explanations of who was fucking who and who was dating who and who was having kids with who and who was exes with who and who's mother was mad at who that I really stopped being able to keep it all straight It was like a domestic soap opera and I wasn't really into it There's even a cast of characters at the end of the book but that doesn't really help when you're at the beginning of the book That's not to diminish the fact that these are real people with real lives that were affected by tragedy but there was somewhat of a disconnect for me between what I was expecting the novel to be and what it actually was There's very little information for a true crime reader to take in that will answer uestions present theories make you think or uestion or cast suspicion Mostly after all the women are profiled this is a book that looks at the world of online escort services how it works what the motivations for doing it are what lives are like within that scene and how Craig's List has become an important tool of the industry I appreciate that Kolker never tries to draw any conclusions or steer the reader into one opinion or another instead he presents only real uotes interactions and timelines of events But I think there was a missed opportunity to develop connections with the police and other professionals involved in the cases and that resulted in very little information on the investigations into these women's deathsKolker instead connected with family members and friends and did interviews with boyfriends and alleged pimps The personal reflections and insights and denials of guilt from these people might be momentarily interesting and bring an important reality to the events but it lacks the psychological dark pull that true crime fans are generally looking for outside of the human elementsMaybe that makes me sound like a cold hearted bitch So be it But this was definitely not a balanced true crime novel because it had very little crime in it I could have done with less Facebook family court and rehab drama and information about forensics theories and police interviews I think we can do both when it comes to true crime shine a light on the victims while also exploring what is being done to find them justice ⭐⭐⭐ | 3 stars

  7. Bren Bren says:

    I do include True Crime in my list of genres I read Some are better then others This book is among the b est I have read so if you are a fan of this genre and have not read this put i t on your listIn some ways it is not even a book I would classify under that genre This book is not about the killer It is about the victims Kolker goes into their lives and writes their story with heart sensitivity and humility It is very different then the usual true crime book It is actually rather haunting and a tribute to these womenThe storiesmany of themall of themwill pull at your heart strings This book is consistently ranked on Best true crime lists but I hear about it through a friend in one of my former book groups I was really impressed with the in depth writing in this book and it is one I will not forget anytime soon 45 stars

  8. Kelly (and the Book Boar) Kelly (and the Book Boar) says:

    Find all of my reviews at was struggling a bit with insomnia back in 2010 when Shannan Gilbert’s bizarre 911 calls made the news a surefire way to get to sleep is some Nancy Grace – just sayin’ Although I didn’t intentionally keep up with the story I also recall when the burlap wrapped bodies started being discovered on Oak Beach and the fact that all of these women were escorts who advertised on Craigslist and were not local to Long Island yet somehow took jobs out of their normal territory that would ultimately lead to their demise Like all rating grabbing stories this one soon faded from the news and was replaced by some other shocking tale When I saw a book had been released I was immediately intrigued If you are like me and prefer your non fiction to read like fiction this is a great choice The story itself is hypnotizing and the research put in to this book is outstanding No stone was left unturned by Mr Kolker He does an amazing job of laying out the facts as they are known and using only individual’s own words rather than drawing any conclusions Amazing that at the end of it all so much seems to point in such a narrow direction and yet nothing has really been done to close these cases Are these girls worth so little just because of their chosen profession?

  9. ❤️ ❤️ says:

    The best true crime book I have ever readIt has all the makings of what one wants out of a true crime book an interesting case scandal gripping storytelling but what was especially great about the book is how Robert Kolker handled the life stories of the victims I read a lot of true crime and I watch a lot of true crime documentaries and unfortunately a lot of times a victim's humanity can be forgotten in the name of juicy sensationalism and drama That was not the case with Lost Girls In fact the book's title is apt than one might expect as it's almost entirely all about the young women's early lives their hopes and dreams how they found themselves in the world of escorting their final days and how their disappearances and murders impacted their families and loved ones rather than the unknown murderer who took their lives I'll be the first to admit that serial killers are among some of the most fascinating types of people in society and I find myself researching them often but it bothers me when their victims are treated as footnotes in their own storiestragedies It happens a lot just in general just look at the Amanda Knox case half the time Meredith Kircher isn't even mentioned but it's especially prevalent when murder victims just so happen to be sex workers and that's if they're lucky enough to even be given a second thought or media attention in the first placeRobert Kolker goes really deep into the Long Island Serial Killer case here His book is detailed unbiased haunting and overall humanizing It's evident right from the start that he cares about the case on a personal level and that he had no plans to devalue the victims because of the fact that they were sex workers When the women aren't the focus in certain chapters much time is spent detailing how society and eventually law enforcement may or may not have failed them and in which ways because of the stigma attached to their line of work They are in no way painted as saints believe me just as Kolker says himself they weren't angels but they weren't devils either but they are given a fair and well rounded portrayal which in turn helped to showcase the overall nightmare of a serial killer on the loose And it's done with extremely captivating writing which is just the cherry on top of the cake

  10. Hank Stuever Hank Stuever says:

    Felt like 25 stars; rounded up to 3The subtitle makes it uite plain this is an UNSOLVED AMERICAN MYSTERY So no matter how elouent or meticulously reported Lost Girls has a built in disappointment as far as a conclusion goes The book is uite often a fascinating study of what a terrible crime did to a small gated neighborhood It also takes a good long look at the outrage over how such a crime can happen when it happens to a group of people prostitutes that society cares little for especially in the context of coastal real estate and privacy minded middle upper income lifestyles When an investigative reporter digs this deeply into a story he or she has the tendency to come back with too much information It's up to an editor to help the reporter weed through his copious notes and prioritize the narrative into something of value to the readers of a publication Sometimes when a book deal then follows the reporter takes this to mean that his story now ualifies for unlimited space and tangential sprawl into which he can do what we in the business sometimes call a notebook dump Lost Girls is a notebook dump an absorbing and well written notebook dump but a notebook dump all the same It's hard to figure out what's most important here the unsolved crime? The suspects? The biographical details of each victim and how she came to be on Long Island the night she disappeared? The pain and suffering of the victims' families and friends?Lost Girls loses something in its organization and pace I think Robert Kolker should have sat on this material longer and worked harder to get inside the investigation to which he appears to have limited access judging from a lack of hard facts or official reports on the bodies and evidence As Kolker fills out the back third of the book with people's theories and speculations about what happened it doesn't feel as though the Gilgo beach murders were ready to be put to rest between hardcovers The story is far from finishedFinally on a trivial note I don't like the title Lost GIRLS Kolker is so careful to give these victims the dignity as women that they did not always have when they were alive and hiring themselves out as sex workers I'm one of those people who believes that a female over 18 is not a girl in any context except the context that would objectify her That's a losing battle in our present culture where even 45 year old women refer to themselves as girls It used to confine itself to beauty pageants where every woman contestant was a girl but unfortunately it's seeped out into everyday talk about women

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Lost Girls An Unsolved American Mystery [Read] ➵ Lost Girls An Unsolved American Mystery Author Robert Kolker – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Award winning investigative reporter Robert Kolker delivers a humanizing account of the true life search for a serial killer still at large on Long Island and presents the first detailed look at the s Award winning investigative reporter Robert Kolker delivers a An Unsolved Epub Ù humanizing account of the true life search for a serial killer still at large on Long Island and presents the first detailed look at the shadow world of online escorts where making a living is easier than ever and the dangers remain all too real Lost Girls is a portrait of unsolved murders in an idyllic part of America of the underside of the Internet and of the secrets we keep without admitting to ourselves that we keep them.

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