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  • The Lieutenants
  • W.E.B. Griffin
  • 12 October 2017
  • 9781101423127

10 thoughts on “The Lieutenants

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    5 stars.

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    What a fantastic ending This book was amazing and what a cast of characters set in the WWII time era I was so happy for the ending, it almost made me cry The book takes the reader all over Europe and of course the United States and what it might have been like for lieutenants in the U.S Army during WWII and after th...

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    When Joe recommended this book, I didn t want to read it because I thought it was another historical fiction book about war This book is not about war at all, but about the characters Griffin masterfully creates This book made me laugh nightly because of how it pokes fun of the military If you ve ever served, you ve met people like these guys in the military, and you ve been in similar situations as what they face My favorite character is Lowell, a snot nosed rich kid who gets kicked out of West Point only to get himself commissioned as an officer because a General wants him on his polo team Lowell ends up becoming the rebelious, daring , and combat savvy hero of Greece post WWII at age 19 Griffin s descriptions of Lowell at Officer functions, and interacting with desk off...

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    Captivating This book the first in the series grabbed me like a narcotic I knew I was hooked in the closing chapters and now own the entire series to work my way through I had just finished reading the Badge of Honor series so was lured to see if like most authors Griffin has spent himself and was now just making money Heck no this book s ...

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    Griffin is a hell of a storyteller and this is a carefully woven tale about several different American Lieutenants during and immediately after world war two Their lives criss cross and intertwine as they pursue their separate goals and yet somehow respect, support, and help each other through some turbulent times The former Nazi commander of a POW camp likewise offers aid to some of these Americans and, in the end, saving him becomes the focus of much of their efforts Griffin s a fine storyteller, but...

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    This book is absolute jingoist propaganda trash The plot is pretty good, but it was hard to make it through all of the RACISM I ve probably read this series two or three times while I was in high school It was definitely strange to return to this after fifteen years This would be a good book if you managed to rewrite it and take out all of the racism, sexism, anti semitism, and homophobia But even then, it wouldn t change the fact that this series is just conservative anti communist propaganda from the 1980s This is the kind of book that makes white people think that they can use racist terms with their POC friends, and that it s okay because they re friends Well, it doesn t change the fact that it s racist, you assholes If you d like to know what MAGA fools really think, read this book They think they re all noble, patriotic Americans with self respect haha And lets not forgot the glorification of the Good Germans This may have been my first introduction to the Katyn massacre, an inc...

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    When I started this book, I was hoping along the lines of a Shaara historical fiction, but found it along the lines of the epic scope and multiple characters of a Michener or Clavell novel I thought the verbiage was too technical However, the farther I got into the book I found that Griffin s characters were so mult...

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    This is the very first book that I ve read by W.E.B Griffin and I think it s the best one I actually like the characters of Craig and Sandy and how they bonded After this book, all the other books of Griffin has almost exactly the same romance theme It felt as though the main p...

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    I ll start by sating these are in general very well written books that paint day to day life for the central characters in the militaryor maybe that should be, life in the military for the central characters Sorry grammarians.Anyway I like them While I m not big on books that concentrate on the emotional and personal lives of the characters who loved who, how did they meet, what problems did they overcome, etc But in this case it doesn t ruin the book for me and I know some of you will actually like this part of the extended story best as it is so well balanced We start here with the Lieutenants who are the central players of the story and follow them We learn how they became Lieutenants See how their careers proceed, their successesand screw ups We see the women who will be their wives, the soldiers whom they interact with all couched in the history of living memory The story begins here, at the end of World War 2.I picked up a book that takes place later in the series The Berets The Berets first as it takes place in my own time period From it I knew I d not only like the series but get involved in it.I was right it seems While I identify with the enlisted man as I was one Griffin pulls no punches as he shows that officers have feet of clay Not only the good decisions and brave actions feature here but also the idiocy and the cowardice.I can recommend these books quite...

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    The armed forces, especially the army, isn t a profession, it is a calling Its members are treated like the favorite sons of the nation as the country covets peace and glorifies war Tom Clancy labels the Brotherhood of War as an American epic At this time I can only speak of the first volume, The Lieutenants This story begins in the North African theater of operations and soon concentrates on a post war army When five thousand Polish officers and cadets are discovered massacred and dumped into a mass grave, the German high command seeks international confirmation that the atrocities were committed by the Russian and not the German army We are soon introduced to the West Point cadet Stanford T Feller of the class of 1946 Cadet Feller, convinced that the war would be over before his graduation and commission, resigns his appointment in order to enlist Ex POW Sergeant Rudolph George MacMillan received a battlefield commission the day before ...

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The LieutenantsPDF Epub The Lieutenants W.E.B Griffin Jwdfitness.co.uk They Were The Young Ones, The Bright Ones, The Ones With The Dreams From The Nazi Prowled Wastes Of North Africa To The Bloody Corridors Of Europe, They Answered The Call Gladly It Was Their Duty, Their Job, Their Life They Marched Off As Boys, And They Came Back Those Who Made It As Soldiers And Professionals Forged In The Heat Of Battle