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The Poison That Fascinates [PDF] ✈ The Poison That Fascinates By Jennifer Clement – Abandoned by her mother as a child Emily now lives with her father in Mexico City working in the local orphanage When a mysterious cousin appears on her doorstep he brings with him family secrets and Abandoned by her mother as a child Emily now lives with her father in Mexico City working in the local orphanage When a mysterious cousin appears on her doorstep he brings with him family secrets and soon Emily finds desire and temptation have overturned her straightforward life forever.

10 thoughts on “The Poison That Fascinates

  1. ॐ Pixie ॐ Pixie says:

    This book was like a rich dessert It had a dark velvety feel to it with its superstitions saints and murderesses mingling into a web of intrigue mystery history and ancestry Jennifer Clement has a beautifully poetic turn of phrase and when the twist hits you at the end of the book it's like having a butterfly's wing brush your face only for you to discover that it's made of steel

  2. Jim Jim says:

    The Poison that Fascinates by Jennifer Clement is a fable a work dripping in symbolism It builds on ancient myths both pagan – the story of the god uetzalcoatl is fundamental to a deeper understanding of the book – and Christian – saints are everywhere and modern folklore specifically the tales told about murderesses such as Lizzie Borden Belle Gunness and Myra HindleyOur archetypical Red Riding Hood is Emily Neale a not very typical Mexican girl of English decent Her age is not given She is probably about nineteen although she acts younger But about her later The Poison that Fascinates is also a mystery novel We know whodunit Emily's mother Greta is the guilty party – she abandoned Emily when her daughter was six months old; what we don't know is why she did it And no one can seem to get their story straightI've written a detailed review on my blog here

  3. Keris Keris says:

    Some people have a morbid fascination with death others with the means of death Emily Neale half British half Mexican collects facts about women who poisoned others Abandoned as a baby by her mother she's brought up in Mexico City by her father and Mother Agata head of the orphanage that Emily's great grandmother founded and where Emily now often helps outWe hear that there are saints for almost everything in a devote Catholic Mexican society that isTo read the rest of this review and please visit Trashionista

  4. VeganMedusa VeganMedusa says:

    Meh Badly edited with youyour mistakes youryou're mistakes the wrong word used once instead of the church granting cousins who want to marry a 'dispensation' the book has the church granting 'compensation' All this would be bearable if the story was any good but it just wasn't very interesting Emily wasn't a real character and even though I'm usually terrible at guessing twists and big reveals I could spot both the big reveal and the conseuences a mile off On the plus side it was a uick read

  5. Stewart Stewart says:

    Working as a fable The Poison That Fascinates entwines well the lives of saints and sinners the past and present spinning in a dark thread of Catholic themes to pattern an enjoyable novel showing the extremes of womanhood leading to tragic circumstancesFull review can be read here

  6. John Feehly John Feehly says:

    Gripping Giving a majic sense of place; Mexico City Wonderful character studies

  7. Diana Skelton Diana Skelton says:

    Emily knows she is half an orphan As a child she used to think of things that were halves of other things She used to look up words in the dictionary half ripe half empty a half note half moon half hearted half light half truth half and halfArsenic is a grey metal Grey as grey clouds Grey as grey pavement At her confession she said 'If ghosts are in this room they're either drunk or sleeping'In Mexico City during the dry season everything in the city seems to turn into stone stone birds stone flowers stone butterflies The sun warms the red pockmarked volcanic stone and the cement buildings and pavements burn In the rainy season the city becomes molten streets turn into rivers that carry plastics newspaper dry willow leaves small shards of volcanic glass The volcanoes and mountains that surround Mexico City are like the walls of a fortress that keep everyone out and keep everyone in

  8. Lin Lin says:

    My 3rd J Clements novel And as enjoyable as always She is officially one of my favorite writersSPOILER ALERTThe ending What I am supposed to to make of it? Did she kill her father and made it look like her brother did it But why?Or she planned to get rid of her brother But why then in his own clothes? Has anyone an idea??

  9. Pascale De thaey Pascale De thaey says:

    Very special noveldark and intriguing It’s hard to put it down as you know something very bad is going to happena very nice girl turns into a murderer

  10. Marelise Marelise says:

    A story about emotional abuse and not even written that well

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