Valverde's Gold In Search of the Last Great Inca Treasure

  • Paperback
  • 368 pages
  • Valverde's Gold In Search of the Last Great Inca Treasure
  • Mark Honigsbaum
  • English
  • 07 March 2014
  • 9780312425180

10 thoughts on “Valverde's Gold In Search of the Last Great Inca Treasure

  1. Wayland Smith Wayland Smith says:

    I've read a few treasure hunting books this year by odd coincidence They seem to boil down to a lot of stories a lot of shady characters and a lot of people desperately clutching at secrets for no real good reason Treasure fever is another recurring themeIn this book the author heard of a supposedly lost great Inca treasure while researching a different book He gradually gets interested and starts looking into it Eventually inevitably he begins to work towards being part of an expedition to find itThere are the shady characters I mentioned before who either know than they are telling or pretend they do Why would you write a book try and get it published but refuse to let someone read it? Why would you hold back crucial data to prove background information about the treasure not even its location?It's a decently researched book that has convinced me I never want to go to this part of Ecuador What isn't mountain or river is mud and has near constant rain I think I'll passDoes the fabled treasure exist? I doubt it at this point But maybe someone down the road will actually find itIt was an interesting read which taught me that I didn't know about Ecuadorian history and the Inca people Recommended to people interested in that kinda thing

  2. John John says:

    The Llanganati mountain range is a strange extension of the Andes in Ecuador that heads East into the basin It is very different from the rest of the Andes both geologically and biologically and there is much mythology about the area The most persistent myth is that at the time of the conuest the gold treasures of the Inca empire from uito were taken into the Llanganati mountains and hidden in a secret cave Many many expeditions have gone looking for this gold based on many a bogus map Valverde's Gold is the story of yet another treasure obsessed individual who is swindled and misled and misinformed throughout his uest It is an interesting travel story but anyone who has spent much time in South America should know better than to take stories of cursed Inca gold seriously

  3. DropOfOcean DropOfOcean says:

    Having already read uite a lot about the famous Inca treasure this book still contained lots of new info to me and I really appreciated all the research author has put into it While adventuring was not in a very big role in this book the knowledge of all things related to the treasure is surely much greater now due to this book It's also a book about many individuals who have spent a big part of their lives looking for this specific treasure and naturally many of them thought they have got close to it for if nothing else than to feel that their life had some meaning

  4. Caleb Kleveter Caleb Kleveter says:

    I think the most interesting part of the story is the way the author describes himself digging up old documents I also think he does a good job describing setting Had he written novel instead I think it could have been very good as it feels like he skimps on the history to make the story excitingAs he tells the stories of other treasure hunters before him that meet dead ends and become disillusioned you can't help but think how they sound just like himself And you can never know if the people he is interviewing are telling the truth or not

  5. Jeroen Van de Crommenacker Jeroen Van de Crommenacker says:

    Typical uest for the lost civilisation Gold city type book Not bad but uite run of the mill Didn’t really inspire me

  6. Kara Jorges Kara Jorges says:

    Few topics fascinate me than the Inca Empire so when I found out about this account of a hunt for Atahualpa’s gold I had to read it Unfortunately this is not the first time I have come upon a book about an engrossing subject with only the subject matter to hold my interest Perhaps the fault is mine as I don’t often read nonfiction but when I’m reading a book that promises a riveting story I guess I’m looking for something wellriveting I believe that Honigsbaum did have a fascinating story to tell; he simply failed to tell itThe man took an expedition across uncharted inhospitable terrain and could have told anecdote after anecdote about his journey through the Llanganatis range in Ecuador in search of Atahualpa’s gold Instead he went on for 300 pages blathering about searching through archives reading journals and looking at maps I think that was all a vital part of the story just not 300 pages worth A better book would have contained 100 pages or less of the above and spent the next 228 on the expedition Any life threatening episodes or adventure were reduced to a couple of sentences rather than told in any sort of riveting way Biographies of some of the people he interviewed would also make much better reading While I appreciate the thoroughness of the author’s research I don’t think reading about it should be as tedious as the research itselfI also take issue with the book’s title as it is NOT Valverde’s gold for which they searched but Atahualpa’s It was his in life and hidden on his behalf after his death by the most cunning stonemasons the world has ever known It will be a travesty if anyone ever finds it and unleashes the type of greed from which it was righteously hidden in the first place I did find the accounts of the curse attached to the treasure and the number of lives lost in search of it to be interesting Atahualpa’s hidden gold is indeed an intriguing mystery but this accounting of it was disappointingly dry

  7. Alice Alice says:

    For a historian this book is great in that it tracks down the leads regarding the treasure to find out whether it truly exists I can imagine that a non historian might find it boring as there is uite a bit of Honigsbaum bringing in sources and discussing their validitywhat they contribute to the topicI read Peter Lourie's Sweat of the Sun Tears of the Moon shortly after and that gives a much personal narrative version of a hunt for this treasure I enjoyed reading them back to back to get a comparison of the books but Lourie's book is for people who don't want a discussion of sources

  8. Min Min says:

    This was a very interesting book I'm always up for a good treasure hunt and this delivered in several ways But Honigsbaum's tone can be uite dry and focus on very tiny things that don't always matter in the big picture However it gave a really nice take on the jungle and the perils of traversing it

  9. Samantha Jeffree Samantha Jeffree says:

    One of my favourites Captures the imagination

  10. Pascal Blanquer Pascal Blanquer says:

    So good Hard to believe it s all real It's like you become Indiana jones again Great readInteresting

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Valverde's Gold In Search of the Last Great Inca Treasure[PDF / Epub] ✅ Valverde's Gold In Search of the Last Great Inca Treasure Author Mark Honigsbaum – When Mark Honigsbaum discovers an ancient Spanish treasure guide buried in his research notebooks he cannot help but be drawn into the legend of Valverde a conuistador with a treasure trail that has p When Mark Honigsbaum In Search MOBI ☆ discovers an ancient Spanish treasure guide buried in his research notebooks he cannot help but be drawn into the legend of Valverde a conuistador with a treasure trail that has proven fatal for the past years Undeterred by the cursed history of the gold Valverde's Gold MOBI :Ê Honigsbaum embarks on an epic journey into the last uncharted range in the Andes the Llanganati Mountains of eastern Ecuador This is the story of how the lure of gold intoxicates even the most level headed of historians and of how men and women are seized with the desire Gold In Search eBook ☆ to claim treasure from one of the most inhospitable landscapes in the world Honigsbaum battles through mountains jungles and conflicting stories and as he draws closer to the hidden cache illuminates the allure of lost gold and the hold it has on our imagination.