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Hatred of Capitalism A Semiotexte Reader [BOOKS] ⚣ Hatred of Capitalism A Semiotexte Reader By Chris Kraus – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Compiled in 2001 to commemorate the passing of an era Hatred of Capitalism brings together highlights of Semiotexte's most beloved and prescient works Semiotexte's three decade history mirrors the his Compiled in Capitalism A Kindle Ô to commemorate the passing of an era Hatred of Capitalism brings together highlights of Semiotexte's most beloved and prescient works Semiotexte's three decade history mirrors the history of American thought Founded by French theorist and critic Sylvere Lotringer as a scholarly journal in Semiotexte uickly took on the mission of melding French theory with the American art world and punk underground Its Foreign Agents Native Agents Active Agents and Double Agents imprints have brought together thinkers and writers as diverse as Gilles Deleuze Assata Shakur Bob Flanagan Paul Virillio Kate Millet Hatred of Epub / Jean Baudrillard Michelle Tea William S Burroughs Eileen Myles Ulrike Meinhof and Fanny Howe In Hatred of Capitalism editors Kraus and Lotringer bring these people together in the same volume for the first time.

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  1. Maddy Maddy says:

    I was sitting in an Indigo in a particularly bourgeois area of Toronto The woman next to me was reading a guide book about The Greek Islands and taking notes I noticed a man standing behind me and very closeWho wrote that? he askedIt's a reader I said and turned the book so the back cover was facing both of us Want to see?I've got a meeting he says Have you heard of Noam Chomsky? he asks and I curtly reply YesGood he says and claps me on the back Keep readingHe then walks away and I realize we never once made eye contact

  2. heather heather says:

    this book makes me feel stupid actually the only time i can ever really understand it is if i've had a cocktail or two the ideas discussed are interesting but i can't help but think these writers all take themselves way too serious

  3. Jim Jim says:

    Semiotexte always puts out fascinating and frustrating books this one was no different ultimately a collection of thought pieces for me a few i skimmed as i wasn't really reading this for personal accounts necessarily a relative who's who of theory and thought Virilio confounding Foucault genius Millett whose piece is disliked strongly as it seemed amazingly idealistic and disconnected from reality Deleuze and Guattari complex to the point of confusion Lotringer Meinhof ahh resistance and Marxism and the state and purity of purpose plenty of ideas to chew on and digest the pages on genocide are fascinating and horribly pertinent and totally not what you'd expect a bit of a mixed lot possibly of a toes in the water test for the uninitiated if it makes you think it serves its purpose if it encourages you to read further even better it if scares you then you're probably alive and aware keep on

  4. MM MM says:

    Love the old fashioned polemical title and from poetry to French theory I love this collection

  5. eno fi eno fi says:

    crying at work because of that david wojnarowicz interview — strong finish

  6. Sinta Sinta says:

    I'll break down my review into reviews of each article that piued my interestWomen Homosexuals and Youth Latent Sexual Liberation Kate MillettI see myself as a pretty radical person but this article made me feel a little conservative I'm onboard with the sexual liberation of women and homosexuals I'm onboard to a degree with the economic liberation of children But when we turn to the sexual liberation of children I can feel myself transforming into a paternalistic grandpa Sexual freedom between children of approximately the same age sure fine Sexual freedom for children to engage in inter generational relationships? Alarm bells I am concerned that the author is fine with criticising the coercive and restricting role of the state in a child's freedom but doesn't clarify how they will be protected from exploitation in inter generational relationships in a world where these structures are deconstructed The phrase non exploitative inter generational sexual relationship is used throughout but it makes me wonder is there an age that if a child is under it that means the child can not possibly have the same understanding or conception of a sexual relationship as an adult and therefore can't consent? Are there certain ages where inter generational sexual relationships are implicitly exploitative? My intuitions say yes But perhaps I am thinking of a four year old being with a thirty year old when the author is thinking of a fifteen year old with a twenty five year old? Am I imposing an extreme view on a theory I am not comfortable with because I am prejudiced? Am I being ageist? This is an area of theory I know little about and this article has prompted me to explore

  7. Paulina Paulina says:

    To all the girls who never read enough Marx Hegel or just read the wrong books period C To think about anything for very long is deliriumTomorrow with the aesthetics and logic forcing the disappearance of the architectonic we will live everywhere Paul Virilio The Last Vehicle I doubt that by saying that directly you’ll change anything Language is corrupt Listen you are a creature artistic I can tell that somehow got hung up on the issue of language Forget it It’s thinking If you can think of a thought in a most pathetic language Look at what I have to do in order to think of thoughts I have to forget language All I can do with no education nothing no advice no common sense in my life an insane mother I mean no background nothing nothing and I have to make art but I know that under these conditions the one thing I had to find out was if I could think of a thought that has never been thought of before then it could be in language that was never read before If you can think of something the language will fall into place in the most fantastic way but the thought is what’s going to do it The language is shit I mean it’s only there to support a thought Look at Susan Sontag that’s a phenomenon that will never occur only in every hundred years Anybody like that She says things that you would never have thought of And the language is automatically uniue Whatever new thoughts you can think of that the world needs will be automatically clothed in the most radiant language imaginable Have you ever thought of another type of society I can think of billions of ways for the world to be completely different I wish they would invent a scalpbrush Do you realize that there is nothing on earth that you can brush your scalp with? I can think of other types of societies Like in the middle of the city should be a repository of objects that people don’t want any which they would take to this giant junkyard That would form an organisation a way that the city could be organised the city organised around that I think this center of unused objects and unwanted objects would become a centre of intellectual activity Things would grow up around it Jack Smith Uncle Fishhook and the Sacred Baby Poo Poo of ArtThe problem is not to discover in oneself the truth of sex but rather to use sexuality to arrive at a multiplicity of relationships What we must work on it seems to me is not so much to liberate our desires but to make ourselves infinitely susceptible to pleasure We must escape and help others escape the two ready made formulas of the pure sexual encounter and the lover’s fusion of identitiesMichel Foucault Friendship as a Way of Life ShameWhat you do to me is shameI’m only tryna ease the pain Deep in your armsIs where I want to beCause shame was what we always felt me and all my girlfriends for expecting sex to breed complicity “Complicity is like a girl’s name” writes Dodie Bellamy“Is that what you wanted?” you asked me on Friday morning It was nearly 10 We’d been arguing in bed without our clothes for hours And you’d just charitably generously told me a sad story from your life to make amends for calling me a psychotic To try and make things right “Is that what you wanted? A ragged kind of intimacy?”Well yes and no “I’m just trying to be honest” I’d confessed to you that morning and it sounded oh so lame “Whenever someone makes a breakthrough into honesty” David Rattray’d said in an interview I’d arranged for him with the editor Ken Jordan “that means not just self knowledge but knowledge of what others can’t see To be honest in a real absolute way is to be almost prophetic to upset the applecart” I was trying to promote his book and he was ranting in a way that made me cringe about his hatred for everyone who’d kept him down who were out to silence “every bright young person who comes along with something original to say” The interview was made just three days before he collapsed on Avenue A with a massive and inoperable brain tumor“Because after all” I typed following his deep and unmistakable patrician voice “the applecart is just an endless series of indigestible means and social commitments that are useless and probably shouldn’t be honoured and futile pointless conversations gestures and finally to die abandoned treated like a piece of garbage by people in white coats who are no civilised than sanitation workers that’s what the applecart means to me”Shame is what you feel after being fucked on uaaludes by some artworld cohort who‘ll pretend it never happened shame is what you feel after giving blowjobs in the bathroom at Max‘s Kansas City because Liza Martin wants free coke Sham is what you feel after letting someone take you someplace past control – then feeling torn up three days later between desire paranoia etiuette wondering if they‘ll call All acts of sex were forms of degradation Some random collections East 11th Street on the bed with Murray Gorman “Swallow this mother ‘til you choke” East 11th Street in the bed with Gary Becker “The trouble with you is you’re such a shallow person” Second Avenue the kitchen Michael Wainwright “uite frankly I deserve a better looking better educated girlfriend” What do you do with the Serious Young Woman short hair flat shoes body slightly hunched head drifting back and forth between the books she’s read?? You slap her fuck her up the ass and treat her like a boy The Serious Young Woman looked everywhere for sex but when she got it it became an exercise in disintegration What was the motivation of these men? Was it hatred she evoked? Was it some kind of challenge trying to make the Serious Young Woman Femme? Chris Kraus I Love Dick

  8. Simon Böhm Simon Böhm says:

    Had no idea what was going on most of the time A couple of really cool pieces were inspiring but mostlyidk Just stuff that's out there

  9. Drew Drew says:

    Delicious collection of left French American thought in the waning cold war and pre terror years So many many lines of flight

  10. Joseph Joseph says:

    Sort of insightful

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