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Spirit of the Cedar People (with CD) [Read] ➵ Spirit of the Cedar People (with CD) By Chief Lelooska – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Upon seeing Chief Don Lelooska's dramatic red and turuoise paintings and hearing the opening to the Northwest Coast folktale Raven Monster Halibut one can almost smell the cedar smoke and feel the coa Upon seeing Chief Don Lelooska's dramatic red and the Cedar Epub µ turuoise paintings and hearing Spirit of PDF \ the opening to the Northwest Coast folktale Raven Monster Halibut one can almost of the Cedar PDF ✓ smell the cedar smoke and feel the coastal spray When only the animal people lived in the world there appeared a gigantic halibut offshore He was as big as an island with a huge twisted jaw and two bulging eyes strangely located on the same side of his head This giant fish took control of the tides He pushed the seawater in so high that the animal people could not dig for clams or shellfish According to these Northwest Indian legends some animals such as the raven had special powers called dlugwee This power can be acuired by small but worthy animals or taken from the undeserving Therefore it is no accident that these stories appeal so readily to youngsters Children who often struggle to find and hold their own power easily identify with the moral lessons learned in the animal kingdom finding themselves in the spirited puffins the vulnerable mice and sometimes even the terrifyingly angry bears Like his first illustrated book of Northwest folktales Echoes of the Elders this gorgeous collection comes with a CD featuring the deep soulful voice of Chief Lelooska as he tells each story aloud Ages and older Gail Hudson.

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  1. Theresa Theresa says:

    Spirit of the Cedar People Hardcover by Chief Lelooska I know my adaptation and use of this book may have been an odd paring but having no lesson plans makes a teacher inventive We did sketches of superheroes as an activity in Art for a set of first grade classes I used the book and the stories within to show that heroes don't all have to come from comic books That native peoples use stories of animals to show heroic behaviors Reading the stories like the Bear and the ant talking about who is the hero and describing the super powers given to the animal characters made it easy for the kids to draw their own superheroes The book itself is a short collection of native american stories with art work that is inspiring on its own The use of native symbol and artistic license makes this a great book to teach aboriginal art forms and talk about symbol

  2. Bibimbee Bibimbee says:

    This book is a favorite in my 4th grade classroom The illustrations coupled with Chief Lelooska's dramatic retelling via the included CD immerse readers in short but engaging legends of the Pacific Northwest An important complement to studies of Washington Pre Statehood as well as indigenous traditions of our region Chief Lelooska was a spectacular human

  3. T T says:

    I picked this one out of the family library as we made journeys to see Lelooska performances in Washington State when I was a kid It brought back great memories and the art is wonderful It's uick reading for an adult and I may make a second pass soon

  4. Jeanette Jeanette says:

    Beautiful illustrations and we loved the stories

  5. Heather Heather says:

    I really liked this collection of Northwest folktales and the illustrations are absolutely beautiful there are bold blocks of reds yellows browns and turuoise There is also a beautiful wood engraving map of the people of the Northwest coast at the beginning of the book I would love to have similar prints to hang in my own apartment I think the stories and illustrations would even translate well for an older storytime group Oh and it comes with a cd narrating the stories which I haven't listened to yet but again I bet would be fantastic for a storytime or children's program at the library

  6. Elizabeth Elizabeth says:

    A set of Kwakiutl stories from the Pacific Northwest Spirit of the Cedar People and its predecessor Echoes of the Elders showcase the paintings and stories of Cheif Lelooska A CD of Cheif Lelooska telling the stories is provided with the editions I read Listening to Chief Lelooska telling these tales is a thrill unto itself He sings he chants he roars and students wake up and LISTEN to him It provides a very different experience for students to hear the Chief's voice rather than their teachers or the librarians

  7. Libby Libby says:

    This book is filled with many excellent stories I especially enjoyed the magic battle that went down between Raven and Monster Halibut

  8. Kate Kate says:

    Gorgeous illustrations

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