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  1. switterbug (Betsey) switterbug (Betsey) says:

    Reviewers who have read LITTLE BEE will feel compelled to compare the two books, not in subject matter, but in caliber or merit LITTLE BEE was a powerful, keen, fresh, and original story that remains one of my most esteemed of 2009 GOLD has a similar architectural structure and captive writing style but is in third person rather than first The breaks within chapters headed in bold font are familiar, the soaring, poetic, exquisite metaphors and fluent writing resonates, and a young girl engrossed in Star Wars in order to cope vs a young boy immersed in Batman in LITTLE BEE However, GOLD s story, while thematically ripe, is prosaic, as well as so implausible at its heart that I lamented at the reductive and ultimately predictable turns of events.Kate and Zoe have been best friends for 15 years they met when they were 19, as Olympic contenders in cycling, and now they are 32, both going for the Gold again, although Zoe has several from previous Olympics in Athens and Beijing, as well as National victories Kate is married to Jack, same age, same historical introduction all three met simultaneously , another Gold champ, and they have a daughter, Soph...

  2. Julie Julie says:

    An alchemist is needed to make this gold Such a disappointmentThe race was on For me it was a race between throwing it across the room or getting to the finish Only the fact that it was on my Kindle saved it being thrown And only the hope that it would improve got me to the finish.I had been so eagerly awaiting this I had read pre release review and interviews, so I knew that it was a change of pace to The Other Hand aka Little Bee and Incendiary But I did expect the depth, the empathy, the sharp observations, the bittersweet storytelling that I found in both of them But that was not to be.The storyline followed the rivalries of Olympic cyclists It gives backgrounds of the main protagonists via flashbacks But the storyline itself is predictable and saccharine, and the dilemma seems so contrived The language was often cliched and clumsy Characterisation is set out at the beginning and doesn t get any development.Where the child in...

  3. Aryn Aryn says:

    My screenwriter boyfriend tells me there is a certain way that stories are supposed to go, a certain formula of events, if you will Read enough books, see enough movies, and one begins to really believe that The trick to good story telling is to have stories go in the way that they are supposed to go without giving away, too obviously, where it is going Gold reads in exactly the way the story is supposed to go I could have told you from the first 50 pages where the story line should go, and away it went Kate, Jack, and Zoe aren t cookie cutter characters by any means and the plot isn t necessarily a cookie cutter plot However, the twists and turns that the story takes on it s track to the Gold, are like the strategic moves made by racers The tone is set from the starting line, and it can only go a limited number of ways with the choices made by the cyclists on their quests for the Gold Medal.Don t let the predictability of the story sell it short, however One cannot help but fall in love with eight year old, Star Wars obsessed, Sophie, who fights leukemia and tries with all her little might to keep her parents happy One cannot help feeling for and as a fairly bashful woman, also relating to Kate, her mother, who chooses to miss both the Athens Olympics and the Beijing Olympics for Sophie s health Zoe s harshness and betrayals, while terrible traits somehow make h...

  4. Elyse Walters Elyse Walters says:

    I really give this book 6 stars its sooooooooooooooooo GOOD I love the characters the story itself and the writing I personally have not had an athletic rush with the 2012 Olympics yet but I had a huge rush reading GOLD On the edge engaging reading Zoe Kate Jack Tom Sophie are each characters you ll feel you know well The author does an outstanding job with character development these guys become part of your own blood Biking is great sport to write about the author writes some scenes in this book you ll never forget the visuals become so very alive in your mindvery exciting This is a curl up and get cozy delicious novel I also like the different perspectives on the making of a TOP ATHLETE is their past driving them or are they seeking a future goal Both are powerful tools as the coach in the story has learned in his many years of experience but its sure important to know which one...

  5. Jackie Jackie says:

    This is the story to three top athletes, bike racers on the Olympic level, and what drives them This isn t really a sports story, though you do learn a great deal about the grueling training that these folks willingly endure It s about team mates who are sometimes friends and other times not, with a complicated past and an even complicated present It s about parenthood, relationships, priorities and the sacrifices that are made for love, or fear It s about celebrity and intimacy, of the trials of competition on your head and heart, and about figuring out who you are and remaining true to that As the story unfolds the reader is slowly given access to these three people shistories and mysteries and has a front row seat for their fight for...

  6. Rebecca McNutt Rebecca McNutt says:

    Uplifting and inspirational, this tale of love in the face of illness is as powerful as real life Gold is unexpectedly hopeful and avoids much of the depressing themes of most cancer books , and yet it still raises awareness of cancer itself in a tasteful and appropriate manner.

  7. Anne Anne says:

    I put off reading this book it was hearing it was about cycling at the Olympics that did it I really wasn t expecting to enjoy it, but I really should have known better I ve read Chris Cleave s other two books And I didn t just enjoy it, I absolutely loved it and didn t want it to end I don t have a sporty competitive bone in my body, but this book really isn t about sport it s about love and the things human beings do to each other I thought the characters were wonderfully drawn Sophie and her Star Wars obsession is an absolute tour de force, but so is damaged Zoe, Jack the consummate father, and Tom the trainer The only one I struggled with a little was Kate for a number of reasons, but mainly because she just seemed too nice to be involved in the competitive world Others have told the story in their reviews but I d urge everyone to read this book and defy your expectations Images will stay with me a long time Sophie s exper...

  8. Richard Brand Richard Brand says:

    In 2012 we had a Republican Senate Candidate make the claim that women who had been raped would not get pregnant because their bodies would emotionally shut down and reject the sperm Here in this story we have the same argument in reverse Zoe has everything wrong with her potential to get pregnant Yet because of her deep unadmitted emotional feeling for Jack she becomes pregnant So her emotional attachment could influence her body to become pregnant The argument did not work for the Republican and it did not work here for me I could not suspend my disbelief that Jack and Kate would take the baby.I could not suspend my disbelief that the Sophie would become critically ill at all the wrong times Right before the Olympics and right before the big race I could not suspend my disbelief when Zoe wins the second race after Kate had beat her in the first, nor that Zoe would demand that ...

  9. Carmen Carmen says:

    Sh t happens.Sometimes it s your fault You make bad decisions You decide to push when you shouldn t You sleep with the wrong person You have unprotected sex when you should have used a condom You say hurtful things to someone when you should have kept your mouth shut.Other times, the sh t is just the universe s random happenings Your child gets cancer Your mom commits suicide A car runs over the only person who ever really loved and understood you.This story of Chris Cleave s is personal I like personal His first two books INCENDIARY and LITTLE BEE used personal stories but had an overarching message In INCENDIARY it was Terrorism is bad, mmmkay And in LITTLE BEE it was refugees and immigrants are humans who deserve the same chances as natural citizensmmmmkay But this book had no message, and that made it better.Kate and Zoe have been rivals and friends in their quest for gold medal after gold medal in the Olympics They race bikes Kate is married to another racer and the third in their little triangle, Jack another gold medalist.What s important Family or winning Ah not so fast Sometimes winning and being a champion is the only thing that keeps a person going keeps a person sane Kate and Jack are watching their daughter, Sophie, die slowly of leukemia Zoe is battling demons from her past She either is crazy or is just a hairsbreadth away from crazy Her tenuous and touching almost friendship with Kate and Jack is frightening and realistic.Racing takes these people ...

  10. Michael Michael says:

    Zoe and Kate are world class athletes they have been rivals on the track from the very start but they are also friends Gold follows the story of these two cyclists life leading up the 2012 London Olympics Both women will be tested on and off the track, being pushed to their physical and emotional limits The book follows the two through most of their professional career, starting at 19 all the way up to training for their final Olympic event This is a strong character driven book, Kate is the nice one, she is a mother first and an athlete second who is always Zoe s heels Zoe on the other hand is driven purely by the need to win and will stop at nothing to gain the advantage Even the support characters are wonderful from the bitter coach Tom, Kate s husband Jack who also is an Olympic cyclist and can be very cocky about his constant lack of competition Not forgetting Jake and Kate s daughter Sophie, who while is suffering from leukaemia is constantly trying to remain strong to stop her parents worrying about her so much Chris Cleave writes a wonderful book, this i...

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Gold [Download] ➵ Gold By Chris Cleave – Building On The Tradition Of Little Bee, Chris Cleave Again Writes With Elegance, Humor, And Passion About Friendship, Marriage, Parenthood, Tragedy, And RedemptionGold Is The Story Of Zoe And Kate, W Building On The Tradition Of Little Bee, Chris Cleave Again Writes With Elegance, Humor, And Passion About Friendship, Marriage, Parenthood, Tragedy, And RedemptionGold Is The Story Of Zoe And Kate, World Class Athletes Who Have Been Friends And Rivals Since Their First Day Of Elite Training They Ve Loved, Fought, Betrayed, Forgiven, Consoled, Gloried, And Grown Up Together Now On The Eve Of London , Their Last Olympics, Both Women Will Be Tested To Their Physical And Emotional Limits They Must Confront Each Other And Their Own Mortality To Decide, When Lives Are At Stake What Would You Sacrifice For The People You Love, If It Meant Giving Up The Thing That Was Most Important To You In The World.

  • Paperback
  • 448 pages
  • Gold
  • Chris Cleave
  • English
  • 15 March 2019
  • 9780340963456

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