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The Judas List (Koski and Falk #2) PDF Epub The Judas List Koski And Falk 2 Author A.G Hayes Nature Explore.eu Between The End Of World War II And The Winter Of 1975, A 700 Year Old Prayer Book, A Key And A Faded Blueprint Came To Light In Vienna, And Began A 25 Year Search For Nazi Herman Goering S Treasure In Modern Day Vienna, American Agents Koski And Falk Must Go Undercover To Locate The Treasure And The Judas List A Compendium Of Individuals And Organizations Who Had Financed WWII, And, In It S Aftermath, Now Intended To Manipulate World Finances To Bring About The Fourth Reich But The Americans Aren T The Only Ones Looking For The List And The Treasure So Are Ex Nazi, The Bosnians, Russians, And, Most Recently, Muslim Militants The Second In The Koski And Falk Series, The First The Kindle Bestseller WHO S KILLING ALL THE LAWYERS And The Third, IMMINENT DANGER.

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    Do you like conspiracy theories, non stop action, and subterfuge How about intricately woven plot lines, unexpected twists and turns, and surprise endings Then A.G Hayes The Judas List is for you Set in the present, with flashbacks to covert criminal activities during WWII in Nazi controlled Austria, we learn of a Russian prisoner and five unlikely collaborators who harbor the knowledge of a cache of priceless museum artifacts buried in the bowels of Vienna Hidden with the treasure is a Judas list of organizations and individuals who secretly financed the war and continue to work together to control world finances, manipulate power, and undermine the U.S military As the number of collaborators dwindles we learn that they are not the only ones interested in the treasure and the list And so American special agents Joseph Falk and Susan Koski are sent to Vienna, cloaked as archeologists, to locate the treasure and recover the Judas list But many questions arise Was there ever really an art treasure Has it already been discovered and moved Does the Judas list exist Who s on it and how might current events be the results of these conspiracies If the treasure and list are m...

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    I enjoyed AG Hayes first book, Who is Killing all the Lawyers, but the Judas List was a snoozer 2 3 of the book was filled with the characters moving all over eastern Europe, narrowly escaping death or imprisonment, without much development of the story line.

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