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    The traditional term used to address black Africans, Moors, which always bore a certain fascination and kindled visions of brave warriors, Christian saints, and the riches of Africa, was replaced by that of the Negro, which alluded instead to a trading commodity a childish, cheap, and unskilled hand.This is surely an interesting book about a topic that has been mostly overlooked by history and especially the media.Here you find information on black people in European courts, the first black bishop in 1518 and former American slaves becoming Hessian subjects This book is pretty interesting, even if the usage of person of color when they clearly only mean Sub Saharan Africans is annoying and I would not totally share the author s interpretation of Bishop Maurice Ferber s complaint According to this, black Africans and their descendants have now been attested in various, and not always marginal, positions in northern, central, and Eastern Europe as seamen, missionaries, musicians, servants, members of guilds, and in lower social positions, but also as priests, officers of honor, and higher ranking noblemen.As a matter of fact, as subjects to a state in which status came with proximity to power, the moors were often seen as privileged, even pampered, individuals These Hessian images of black sainthood or of aristocratic and Oriental splendor clashed fiercely with the misery of the American slaves exploi...

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