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    This was a good chick read I think she also wrote The Perfume Collector which I really liked.

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    Ms Formidably Arranged Hair Tessaro has got a nice formula down pat Arty but insecure single female recovering from intense love affair usually involving some kind of bereavement has put her heart in the deep freeze and become a gutsy career minded expert in her field It will either be something menial but arts related, eg box office assistant, or something a bit glamorous but kooky, in this case bespoke seductive knicker seamstress She will be distracted by some kind of wide eyed toyboy, who may or may not turn out to be the man she really needs to get her heart out of that big chest freezer Throw in a practical rough and ready type who s a bit smelly and rude but will have curly hair or dimples, a gay godfather or best friend, some down to earth people from a grottier part of North West London, some posh but wounded people who live in Kensington, and of course a mixed up American lady or two Yes, the author s American and at least she can laugh at herself as she made...

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    The fluffiest, airiest, most straightforwardly entertaining Tessaro I ve read to date.

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    I like how silly the concept of the story was and how the author herself was not taking herself seriously at allThe characters were crazy, the stories behind them even so but i found that i was hooked, I had to keep reading to find out I am looking forward to reading from her now

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    This was a fun read I liked the idea of having men working as professional flirts where their whole job is to make women feel better about themselves The flirts all find romance but they have an interesting time of it along the way.

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    This was a light and goofy read that I really enjoyed I always love the characters in her novels Great beach read for sure

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    3.5 stars This book is silly and some of the characters and circumstances are ridiculous however this author writes with a charm that I really enjoy.

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    We all know not to judge a book from its cover but sometimes it s hard to avoid Based on its bright, visually appealing cover, I expected to love this book Instead, at page 80, I am abandoning it I tried to like this book, really At about page 40, I went looking for Goodreads reviews to see if it got better What I found were very mixed reactions I persevered but by page 80, I still don t know who the protagonist, The Flirt, actually is well, that s not exactly true, I figured it out from other people s reviews There are a lot of main characters in this book and we are introduced to a new one almost every chapter I imagine this has to stop soon, but it s left me uninvested in anyone s circumstances I kept waiting for something big to happen but so far, it s almost all backstory There has been some setup for future happenings but by page 80, I m not interested enough to find out what they are I feel pr...

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    Okay, I admit, Book of the Dead sent me into a not exactly classic literature binge And the next I picked up was this, by an author I had read before Although it is not the greatest literature in the world, Tessaro writes with undeniable charm there is something cheerfully old fashioned about her worlds, even when they are distinctly modern This book, about a good looking, good hearted guy hired to be a professional flirt, and the people around him this somehow effects, is exactly that charming The...

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    A laugh out loud fairy tale in modern times It s a rollicking look at a secret profession that if it doesn t actually exist probably should Is your wife girlfriend sister best friend feeling blue, unattractive, and just plain discouraged Hire a gorgeous stranger to flirt with her and get her imagination soaring heaven knows, you haven t the time or creativity...

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The Flirt PDF Epub The Flirt Kathleen Tessaro Brazilianportuguesetranslator.us From The New York Times Bestselling Author Of The Perfume Collector Comes This Charming, Witty Novel About A Professional Flirt Unique Situation For An Attractive, Well Mannered, Morally Flexible Young Man Hours Irregular Pay Generous Discretion A Must When Struggling, Out Of Work Actor, Hughie Venables Smythe Sees The Mysterious Job Description In The Classifieds, He S Convinced He S Found His Destiny For, Though He S Become Accustomed To Running Out Of Credit On His Cell Phone, Sleeping On His Sister S Sofa, And Begging The Waitress At The Local Caf To Let Him Slide Yet Again On His Bill, He Longs To Treat His Lover The Sexy, Sophisticated, And Amorously Ruthless Lingerie Designer, Leticia Vane, To The Finer Things In Life But How Is He To Win Her Heart If He Can T Even Pay For Dinner When He Learns That His Lucrative New Position Means Flirting With Married Women Who Have Been Neglected By Their Spouses, He Can T Believe His Luck.Soon Initiated Into The Extraordinary Secret Fraternity Of The Professional Flirt, Hughie Promises To Have An Exceptional Career Ahead Of Him However, The Life Of A Flirt Is A Curiously Lonely Calling And There S One Absolute Rule His New Employer Has He Must Remain Single Only How Can He Live Without The Delicious Leticia Vane Surely, There S Nothing Wrong With Using A Few Of His Newly Polished Romantic Skills On The Side To Quietly Seduce The Woman He Loves Is There As Clueless As He Is Handsome, Hughie Gamely Decides To Throw His Already Complicated Life Into Utter Chaos And Discovers Exactly Why A Flirt S Professional And Personal Life Should Never Mix.